Basic Settings

Site Administration → Appearance Themes Edwiser RemUI.

Site-wide Announcement

Site-wide Announcement

You can use this setting to display any announcements to all users in the organization.

  • Click on the ” Enable Site Announcement ” checkbox,
  • In the Announcement editor, add the text of your announcement.
  • Choose the ” Announcement Type ” of your choice from 4 different styles for the announcement.

Tip: The colour of the announcement depends on the Announcement type. For example, the “Success” type announcement will be displayed in green background.

SEO Settings


You could upload any image of your choice as Favicon for your Moodle site.

Choose Site Logo Format

You can select one out of the three formats on offer,

  • Icon – Add an icon as the site logo
  • Icon and Site-name – In this format, you can add an icon and it will be displayed along with the site name.
  • Logo Only – You can upload an image of your choice in the given uploader. Use Mini-logo for smaller logos.

Site Loader

Site loader

Here Site loader image can be added
to add an image simply drag and drop the image file into the box

Click on the “Add” to choose the files directly from the folders

Site Name or Icon Color

If the logo format is set to Icon or Icon and Site-name then you can choose a color for the same from here.

Google Analytics Tracking ID

Add your Google Analytics tracking ID here in order to track its results. This is also GA4 compatible.

screenshot 2017 06 12 16 08 18
Google Analytics Tracking ID in Edwiser RemUI

Site Customization

Font type selector

  • With this option you can set the default font for the theme or select and choose from Google font
screenshot 2017 06 12 15 56 49
Font Selector in Edwiser RemUI

Theme Layout

You can choose between a narrow width (800px) or full width across all the pages on Moodle site. Note that narrow width means the content is focused in the more central area of the page.

Custom CSS

You can add custom CSS in this section but do note that the changes will be reflected through out the Moodle site.

screenshot 2017 06 12 16 04 33
Custom CSS block in Edwiser RemUI

Advanced Features

Enable Dictionary

Now your user could detect the meaning of any word on the site by selecting the word using cursor.

Simply enable Dictionary by enabling this setting and we will take care of rest of the things.

Moodle Administration Appearance Themes Edwiser RemUI Version 4 0 10

Enable Usage Tracking

Enable this setting if you wish to share anonymous data with Edwiser to help improve the overall experience of our products.

Enable Edwiser Support & Feedback

Enable this and a floating icon will appear at the bottom right corner. Click on it to share your suggestions & Feedback with us. Check the screenshot for reference at the end.

Enable Quick Menu

Enable this to have a floating quick menu in the left bottom corner to have important links handy. Check the screenshot below for reference.

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