General Settings

Site Administration → Appearance Themes Edwiser RemUI.

Enable Site Announcement

You can use this setting to display any announcements to all users in the organization.

  • Click on the ” Enable Site Announcement ” checkbox,
  • In the Announcement editor, add the text of your announcement.
  • Choose the ” Announcement Type ” of your choice from 4 different styles for the announcement.

Tip: The colour of the announcement depends on the Announcement type. For example, the “Success” type announcement will be displayed in green background.

Set Site Logo

You can select one out of the three formats on offer,

  • Icon – Add an icon as the site logo
  • Icon and Site-name – In this format you can add icon and it will be displayed along with the site name.
  • Logo Only – You can upload image of your choice in the given uploader.

Add a Favicon

You could upload any image of your choice as Favicon for your Moodle site.

Set the Font

Font Type Selector

  • With this option you could use default fonts given in the theme for your site.
  • Or go for Google Fonts if you want additional fonts for your Moodle site.
Font Selector in Edwiser RemUI

Custom CSS

You can add custom CSS in this section but do note that the changes will be reflected through out the Moodle site.

Custom CSS block in Edwiser RemUI

Google Analytics Tracking ID

Add your Google Analytics tracking ID here in order to track its results.

Google Analytics Tracking ID in Edwiser RemUI

Enable Dictionary

Now you could detect the meaning of the word that you are typing in during your course creation on the go.

Simply enable Dictionary by enabling this setting and we will take care of rest of the things.

Enable Focus Mode

Navigate to Edwiser RemUI setting > General setting > Scroll down to find the option to enable/disable Focus Mode
( Available for Moodle 3.7 and above )

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