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Here’s What You Get



  • Installation and configuration of Edwiser Bridge plugin, WooCommerce Integration, Single Sign-On, Selective Synchronization, Bulk Purchase, and Custom Fields (Edwiser Bridge PRO)
  • Installation and configuration of plugins on one WordPress and one Moodle Site
  • Edwiser Bridge PRO set up by professionals


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This is all we will need from you for the setup



  • Moodle Site URL
  • Moodle Site Admin Credentials
  • Moodle Site FTP Credentials
  • WordPress Site URL
  • WordPress Site Admin Credentials
  • WordPress Site FTP Credentials
  • License keys/Purchase key of Edwiser Bridge PRO

Please note:

  • It will take a minimum of 2 working days to complete this setup process.
  • The package is only for setup assistance and does not include the License cost of the Edwiser Bridge PRO
  • The setup service includes a one-time setup on one WordPress and Moodle site.
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Does the plugin work with MoodleCloud?

Edwiser Products/Plugins works perfectly on any hosting instance. However, if MoodleCloud or your hosting provider does not allow 3rd party plugin installation then you won’t have the ability to install any 3rd party plugin including ours.

How much time is required to complete the setup after providing required details?

It takes a minimum of 2 Working days to complete the setup once the required details are shared with us.

Which WordPress and Moodle themes are recommended to be used with Edwiser Bridge plugin.

We recommend using Flatsome or Divi theme on your WordPress site. If you face any theme compatibility issues with other WordPress themes then you can refer to this documentation. For Moodle, the Edwiser Bridge plugin will work irrespective of which theme is being used there. However, we recommend using the Edwiser RemUI theme for the simple, intuitive, and beautiful interface on Moodle.

Does the setup include Payment gateway setup or setup of other 3rd party plugins?

The setup package only includes the installation of the Edwiser Bridge plugin, WooCommerce Integration,
Single Sign-On, Selective Synchronization, Bulk Purchase. It does not include a payment gateway setup or 3rd party plugin setup.

Which payment gateway is supported by the Edwiser Bridge plugin

Edwiser Bridge plugin has PayPal payment gateway integrated out of the box. If you want to use other payment gateway then we would suggest you to go with the WooCommerce integration add-on so that you can make use of several other supported payment gateways. If you have already purchased Edwiser Bundle, then it includes WooCommerce Integration and therefore you can use any payment gateway that is supported by WooCommerce. However, installation of the same is not part of the setup package.

Does the setup package include the License cost of the Edwiser Bridge PRO?

No, the setup package ($199) does not include License cost of the Edwiser Bridge PRO.

On how many WordPress and Moodle sites will the plugins be installed?

Edwiser Bridge PRO which includes premium extensions of Edwiser Bridge will be installed on One WordPress and One Moodle site



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