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Easily with

Edwiser Bundle

Easily with the Edwiser Bundle

Make Moodle™ Modern & Beautiful

Edwiser RemUI Pro

Design an attractive, user-friendly, and intuitive Moodle™ without worrying about coding or other tech hassles. Instantly engage your students & ensure a pleasant elearning experience with a beautiful LMS

Instantly create and sell Moodle™ courses worldwide

Edwiser Bridge PRO

Easily create and sell courses globally via 160+ payment gateways with an automated e-commerce store of courses. Set up everything by yourself in just a few clicks & efficiently grow your Moodle™ elearning business

Get visual Moodle™ reports to measure the success of your courses

Edwiser Reports Pro

Ditch complex reporting in Moodle™! Get visually appealing Moodle™ reports to uncover key actionable insights. Easily analyze them with the help of a single comprehensive, customizable dashboard. And create visual custom reports without SQL knowledge.

Build and embed No-Code Forms

Edwiser Forms Pro - $99

Say Goodbye to Forms API in Moodle™. Because that’s a lot of coding and stress to build great forms. The Edwiser Forms plugin helps you create epic-looking and working forms. And gives you the freedom to embed them anywhere on your LMS.Learn More

Simplify grading with a single-window grading layout

Edwiser RapidGrader - $99

This single-window grading tool makes the task quick and easy with an intuitive grading layout. With Edwiser RapidGrader, sharing constructive feedback with your learners will no longer be stressful. Let the relationship with your learners evolve through better grading.Learn More

Create Clean and consistent course layouts

Edwiser Course Formats - FREE Plugin

Modern course presentation ensures effective student engagement. You can experiment with 6 different course formats to present and organize your course content for better e-learning. It’s a sought-after extension for Moodle™ helping more than 3000 users add a modern and well-structured design to their courses.Learn More

Monitor your LMS site performance at all times

Edwiser Site Monitor - FREE Plugin

Make sure your LMS site speed doesn’t fall below the best-practice benchmark of 3 seconds. The Edwiser Site Monitor helps you keep a check on all site performance stats with centralized access to CPU usage, memory usage & storage usage, etc. It even points out potential red flags LIVE as well as for a specific day.Learn More

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Edwiser Forms Pro-img

Build & add forms anywhere without coding


Edwiser Forms Pro

Edwiser RapidGrader-icon

Quick & easy, stress-free grading in Moodle™


Edwiser RapidGrader

Edwiser Course Formats-icon

Clean and attractive course layouts


Edwiser Course Formats

Edwiser Site Monitor-icon

Monitor your Moodle™ LMS Performance at all times


Edwiser Site Monitor

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All Products Work With Moodle 4.0.2

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By purchasing lifetime license you get 3 years of support and lifetime updates.
Edwiser Bundle
Edwiser RemUI Pro
Edwiser Bridge Pro
Edwiser Reports Pro
Edwiser Forms Pro
Edwiser RapidGrader
Edwiser Course Formats
Edwiser Site Monitor
By purchasing lifetime license you get 3 years of support and lifetime updates.
Edwiser Bundle
Edwiser RemUI Pro
Edwiser Bridge Pro
Edwiser Reports Pro
Edwiser Forms Pro
Edwiser RapidGrader
Edwiser Course Formats
Edwiser Site Monitor
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Note: ‘For Multi-site licenses change “License Quantity” after Clicking Buy Now’.

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Edwiser SuperTeacher Kit works best with Moodle™ software versions 3.9 – 4.0(Latest version).

Yes, absolutely! If you face any issue you can always contact us.

Edwiser Products/Plugins work perfectly on any hosting instance. However, if MoodleCloud or your hosting provider does not allow 3rd party plugin installation then you won’t have the ability to install any 3rd party plugin including ours.

License Related FAQs

Yes, you can always choose to upgrade your plan from Annual License to Lifetime License after Initial purchase by just navigating to Edwiser My account page and click on the ‘View Upgrade’ button to upgrade from Annual License to Lifetime License.

One Business License(2 sites License/Staging+Production) can be activated on 2 Moodle™ software/WordPress sites. It could be 2 Staging (Test) or 2 Production (Live) or a Combination of Staging + Production site [Recommended]

With an Annual License, you get access to Product support and updates for 1 Year. After the License expiry, you need to renew your license to continue getting Product Support and Updates. 
Note: If the purchase is made from our website then you are subscribed to auto-renewal when you purchase Annual License. You can always opt to cancel auto-renewal by canceling the subscription from your PayPal account.

With a Lifetime License, you get access to product support and updates for Lifetime. And you do not have to renew the subscription every year.
Note: The number of licenses/sites on which the product can be activated does not change depending on the License type (Annual/Lifetime)

The activation count is reached most of the time when you take down the site/uninstall Moodle/WordPress without deactivating the License keys. To reset the activations, navigate to My Account page > Click on the Key Icon > Manage sites > Here you will find the option to reset the activations.

Any Business License(2 sites/Staging+Production license) can be used to activate the license on Staging/Test Site and Production/Live Site i.e the same unique license key can be used on both the instances.

Firstly, you have to choose the plan from the pricing table and then click on Buy Now. Now when you are on the Checkout page, you will find the option to choose between 1 Business, 5 Business, and 10 Business License.

Yes, you can always deactivate the license key and reuse the license key on a new instance.

We provide support to any user who has a valid and active license. You can email us here ([email protected]) or you can chat with us using the chat icon on the right bottom corner.

Every license you purchase is valid for one year(for annual license), during which you will receive free support and updates. After the license expires you will still be able to use the plugin, but will not receive support or updates. To continue receiving support and updates, you will have to renew the license at the current price of the theme.
Know more about our license policy in the terms & conditions section.

Please refer to these terms & conditions to know more about our refund policy.

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Posted 2 days ago


Amazing products, support is very fast and effective

Posted 2 days ago

Compact and simple.

It's compact, and simple to use yet it's pretty difficult to install or upgrade. However, the support provided is very good.

Posted 2 months ago


I would like to thank Edwiser for their amazing products & support!!!! They really go out of your way to assist me. I really appreciate the support. Kind regards Nolan Damon

Posted 2 months ago

Amazing products!

We would like to appreciate Edwiser for its continuous integration with the latest moodle version!

Posted 2 months ago

Excellent products and the best customer service

Edwiser Team has provided the Best customer service I have experienced in a long time! Keep up the great work with the excellent products...

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