Course Page Settings

Site Administration → Appearance Themes Edwiser RemUI Course Page Settings.

Follow this path to reach this setting Site Administration > Appearance > Themes > Edwiser RemUI > Course Page Settings

Enrolment Page Settings

1) Enrolment Page Layout

To have the brand new RemUI enrollment page as shown in the image below enable Enrolment Page Layout 1

2) Show Course Pricing

Enable the show Course Pricing settings to display pricing section on the enrollment page.

3) Course Payment

Under Course Payment, you can select between if all the courses require payment or some courses are free according to your preference.

4) RemUI Custom Fields

To configure these settings navigate to any course > Edit settings > RemUI Custom Fields

  • Course Duration in Hours – You can add the number of hours required to complete the course and the same will be displayed on the RemUI Enrolment Page
  • Course Intro Video – Just add a video URL (embedded) in this filed and it will be displayed on the new RemUI Enrolment Page
  • Skill Level – You can select between three skill levels Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Note: You need to add embedded video URL only, in the Course Intro Video field. For example, Navigate to youtube > open a video > Click on share > click on embed > copy the link in the src attribute from the entire iframe. For reference:

PS – The Enrollment page is displayed only when the student user role navigates to the course and the user is not already enrolled in that course. The enrollment screen is not available for guest access enabled courses.

Course Archive Page Setting

Manage the layout and content of the Course archive page

You can select between the new layout and default layout of the course archive page.

Default Cour Archive Page
New Course Archive Page Layout

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