Edwiser Ratings and Reviews

Please note that the feature is only available in RemUI Version 4.0 and above. To use the Edwiser Ratings & Reviews Block make sure the Edwiser Ratings and Review plugin (block_edwiserratinrgreview.zip)is installed. You will find the above-mentioned plugin in the main Edwiser RemUI file downloaded from the Edwiser My Account page.

How to install the Edwiser ratings and reviews plugin?

  • Log in to your Moodle site as an admin and go to Administration → Site administration→ Plugins→ Install plugins.
  • Upload the ZIP file. You could be prompted to add extra details (in the ‘Show more‘ section), set it under block category.

How to use Rating and Reviews Block?

As soon as the plugin is installed on the Dashboard page you will see a notice to “Add the block to all the courses available on your Site”

image 1
Edwiser Rating and Review Notice

If you click on YES, the block will be added to all the courses and students can start adding ratings & reviews to the courses enrolled in.

You can click on cancel if you do not wish to add the block to all the courses. To add the block to a specific course navigate to the course > Enable the edit mode > Click on add a block > Add Edwiser Rating and Review block.

Once added the enrolled students can give ratings and add reviews to the course. The added reviews need to be approved by the Admin or the Manager on the site to be displayed to all users.

How to approve Ratings and Reviews?

Ratings and Reviews can only be approved by Site Admins and Managers. To approve ratings and reviews navigate to Site Administration > Plugins > Blocks > Edwiser Rating and Review Approval Page.

image 3
Edwiser Rating and Review Approval Page.

Site Admin and Managers can Approve, View, and Delete the ratings from the Action tab on the extreme right. The Approved ratings and reviews will be displayed on the Course Page, Enrollment page, and Course Card.

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