Edwiser RemUI Course Format Plugin Installation and setup

The Edwiser RemUI – Course Formats plugin will be available as part of the Edwiser RemUI files.

Simply extract the main zip file and you will get the course format plugin named “format_remui.zip” available as part of it.

Follow these steps to install this plugin:

  • Login to your Moodle site as an admin and go to Administration → Site administration→ Plugins→ Install plugins.
  • Upload the “format_remui” ZIP file. You could be prompted to add extra details (in the ‘Show more‘ section), set it under the “Course Format” category.
  • If your target directory is not writeable, you should see a warning message.
  • Check the plugin validation report, to verify if the plugin has been successfully installed.

Follow these steps to setup new course format:

  • Go to Create new course > Edit Course Settings > Scroll down to “Course Format” section,
  • Inside this “Course Format” section, Select “Edwiser RemUI Course Formats” from the “Format dropdown”
  • After you have selected “Edwiser RemUI Course Formats” from the formats section you will find additional dropdown of “Choose Format”
Screenshot 1
  •  Under this “Choose Format” dropdown you should select “Card format or List format”
  • Once you have decided on the format that has to be applied you can upload a course image from the image uploader.

Follow these steps to display images on the section card (card layout only)

Go to the course > click on the course setting > Course format setting > Format – Edwiser course formats > Choose layout – Card Layout > Section background image – Show background image to sections in card

Now navigate back to the course > Edit a section/topic > Add any image to section summary.

Once the images are added to each section, the section cards will look like this:

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The images uploaded to the “Course Summary Files” section will be visible as the feature image of the course on the archive page.

Whereas images uploaded to the “Choose a course image” section will result in the image being visible in the single course page. This image will be visible only for the “List Layout” of the “Edwiser RemUI Course Format” plugin.

In the “Card Layout” of the “Edwiser RemUI Course Format” plugin you won’t be able to give labels inside Moodle activities.

Just in case you already have labels created in a course then we would suggest you to remove it in order that course gets displayed well.

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