Monitor your Moodle Site Performance, Quick & Easy

Edwiser Site Monitor lets you stay on top, tracking everything that matters to your Moodle, all at one place.

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Ever Wondered why your Moodle site was loading slow? And had no idea what to begin with?

There has always been a need for a tool to monitor the important performance parameters of Moodle sites. Edwiser Site Monitor does exactly that for you!

5 Ways in which Edwiser Site Monitor guarantees a hassle-free and smooth Moodle experience

Always Stay Updated with CPU Status Monitoring

Monitor your CPU Usage constantly, and get email notifications every time the CPU usage enters the danger zone. Set threshold values of CPU usage as per your wish.

Keep a Watch on Memory Usage with Memory Usage Tracking

With Edwiser Site Monitor, be updated on the memory usage of your system. Continuously track available system memory, and the memory being used.

Monitor the Status of your Plugins Anytime Anywhere

Never miss out on any plugins that need your attention. Now keep track of all your installed plugins and their pending updates, from Edwiser Site Monitor itself.

Update Moodle Plugins with Ease

Move towards a smarter plugin update experience. Update all your plugins, with a simple One-click download.

Keep LIVE Track of User Status

With Edwiser Site Monitor, keep constant track of the number of active, suspended and deleted users. Edwiser Site Monitor also lets you know the number of users currently logged-in to your Moodle site.

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CPU Usage Monitoring


Memory Usage Monitoring


User Status Tracking

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Plugin Overview


One-click Plugin Update


Recommended Plugins

24-hours Usage Monitoring


Instant Email Notifications


Graphical Interface for Point-in-time Tracking

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