Edwiser Lifetime Kit

Get the best that Edwiser has to offer (Edwiser RemUI, Edwiser Bridge Bundle, Edwiser Forms) to sky-rocket Moodle to the next level.

Edwiser Bridge Bundle

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The Edwiser Bridge Bundle is the ideal eCommerce solution, for anyone looking to sell their Moodle courses with ease.

Edwiser RemUI

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 Edwiser RemUI is a Moodle theme that completely transforms Moodle’s clunky look into a clean, sophisticated yet easy to use.

Edwiser RapidGrader

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Say goodbye to grading headaches in Moodle with Edwiser RapidGrader. With a smart grading process and a single screen grader, the plugin helps you evaluate your students swiftly.

Edwiser Forms

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Edwiser Forms lets you create multipurpose forms in Moodle. With features like Conditional Logic and Drag & Drop Builder in the mix, Edwiser Forms is the forms solution you need.

Edwiser Site Monitor

Edwiser Site Monitor is an Analysis & Diagnostics solution for your Moodle. Now keep a track of everything that matters, to keep your Moodle site up & running always!

Edwiser Bridge

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Edwiser Bridge is a plugin that integrates your Moodle & WordPress sites together. Clubbed with its extension plugins, you can create an automated e-commerce solution in Moodle.

Single Sign-On

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The Single Sign-On extension for Edwiser Bridge facilitates simultaneous login to your WordPress and Moodle System by entering login credentials only once.

WooCommerce Integration

Use the power of WooCommerce to sell your Moodle courses from a WooCommerce store with this extension for Edwiser Bridge. Now create a course marketplace easily.

Bulk Purchase

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The Bulk Purchase plugin lets you buy more than one Moodle course through WooCommerce at one go and enroll each student of your class.

Selective Sychronisation

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Selectively synchronize Moodle courses or courses belonging to a particular category using the Selective Synchronization extension for Edwiser Bridge.