Edwiser RemUI

 Edwiser RemUI is a Moodle theme unlike any you’ve ever seen before. The user interface has been completely remodeled to transform Moodle’s clunky look into a clean and sophisticated design.

Edwiser Forms

Edwiser Forms lets you create multipurpose forms in Moodle. With features like Conditional Logic and Drag & Drop Builder in the mix, Edwiser Forms is the forms solution you need.

Edwiser Bridge

Edwiser Bridge is a plugin that integrates your Moodle & WordPress sites together. Clubbed with its extension plugins, you can set up an automated e-commerce solution for your Moodle.

WooCommerce Integration


Use the power of WooCommerce to sell your Moodle courses from a WooCommerce store with this Extension for Edwiser Bridge.

Selective Sychronisation


Selectively synchronize Moodle courses or courses belonging to a particular category using the Selective Synchronization extension for Edwiser Bridge.

Bulk Purchase

Edwiser Bridge-Bulk Purchase

The Bulk Purchase plugin lets you buy more than one Moodle course through WooCommerce at one go and enroll each student of your class.

Single Sign-On


The Single Sign-On extension for Edwiser Bridge facilitates simultaneous login to your WordPress and Moodle System by entering login credentials only once.

Edwiser Site Monitor

Edwiser Site Monitor is an Analysis & Diagnostics solution for your Moodle. Now keep a track of everything that matters, to keep your Moodle site up & running always!

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