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Guide: Activating and Controlling Dark Mode in RemUI

1. Activating Dark Mode:

To activate the Dark Mode in RemUI, follow these steps:

– Click on the “moon” icon located on the top right corner of the screen.

Activating dark mode

2. Controlling Dark Mode Settings:

To control the Dark Mode settings, follow these steps:

– Navigate to RemUI Settings By going to Site admin> Appearance> Theme> Edwiser RemUI> Basic>

– Select Dark Mode Settings.

– Enable the dark mode functionality.

Dark mode settings

3. Options to Control Dark Mode: In the Dark Mode settings, you will find the following options:

Dark mode options

a. Allow All Pages: Dark mode will be applied on all the pages.

b. Allow on All Pages Excluding These Pages: Dark mode will be applied on all the pages except for the pages for which specific URLs are provided.

c. Allow Only on These Pages: Dark mode will be applied only on the pages for which specific URLs are provided.

To include/exclude dark mode simply add the complete URL of the page

OR dark mode will be included/excluded on any page whose URL matches the specified path value, for instance:

Dashboard: %my/%

Homepage: [Site_URL]/?redirect=0

Category Pages, Course View Page, Section/Topics:

  • %course/%: This part of the URL points to general course pages like the category listing, course view, or individual sections/topics.

Course and Section/Topic Pages:

  • %course/view.php%: to match all courses
  • to match a specific course (e.g. the course with id=2)  %course/view.php?id=2.

Course Enrolment Page:

  • %enrol/%: This section leads to the course enrolment page.

Activity Pages:

  • %mod/(activity_type)%: This format applies to various activity types within a course.
    • Replace (activity_type) with the specific activity type, for example:
      • %mod/page/view.php%: Page activity
      • %mod/assign/view.php%: Assignment activity
      • %mod/quiz/%: Quiz activity

Specific Quiz Pages:

  • %mod/quiz/view.php%: View the quiz.
  • %mod/quiz/attempt.php%: Start or attempt the quiz.
  • %mod/quiz/summary.php%: See quiz summary after attempt.
  • %mod/quiz/review.php%: Review submitted answers.
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