Login Page Settings

Site Administration → Appearance Themes Edwiser RemUI Login Page Settings.

Enable / Disable Login Pop-up

You can disable login pop-up in the site home by clicking on this checkbox.

screenshot mdltheme.wisdmlabs.net 2017 06 13 18 30 09

Upload Background Image

You can upload a background image of your choice using this option.

screenshot mdltheme.wisdmlabs.net 2017 06 13 18 34 16

Login Page Layout

Choose where to display the login card on your login page. You can choose between left, right, and center (Only available in Moodle 4.0 and above). Here is an example of right login card.

Edwiser Log in to the site 2 1

Show Logo on Login page

If enabled, Brand logo will be visible on right sidebar above the login form.

Site Description

Here you can text you want to display on the login page. For example you add login related instructions for your users here.

Signup description color

Here you can select the text color of your choice which will be reflected on the Login/Signup panel.

Enable / Disable Social Login in the Pop-up

Follow these steps to enable social login on your Moodle site,

Go to Site Administration > Server > OAuth2 Services > Setup Service Providers

OAuth 2 services

Click on any Service that you want to implement and you will be redirected to a page wherein you could implement the setup,

OAuth 2 services 2

Click on the first link just in case you need detailed information about how to set up this service.

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