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What Teachers Like You Had to Say

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Melissa Lobo

"Few months back, we decided to switch to e-Learning in our school, for assessment purposes. Now grading quizzes was never an issue for us. We had a tough time evaluating scenario based questions, which need a flexible marking scale. The existing grading interface didn’t help much."

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Rachel Gayle

"I grade at least 3 quizzes every month. And trust me, grading takes up so much time, that I have often ended up working overtime. This led me to ignore other important activities like reviewing my course content."

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Jason Roberts

"As a part of my language training institute, I have to assess their grammar skills. So I naturally use essay type of question, which involves a lot of scrolling and opening multiple tabs. Hate to admit it, but I often refrain from sharing feedback, just so that I can save on time, and grade all students."

Like pointed out by Jason, Melissa & Rachel, the default way of grading in Moodle lags behind in many ways. We looked into these problems and this is what we realized. Using the traditional ways of grading in Moodle, you miss out on the following things


Time Saving


Cost Saving


Efficient Grading

Edwiser RapidGrader redefines and rules out the common problems with grading in Moodle, as a solution that's Smart, Quick & Easy.

What Makes It Smart?

What Makes It Smart?

Edwiser RapidGrader lets you grade questions with a much-needed flexibility.
You can either grade all questions of one student, and then move to another student, or even grade all students question-wise, whichever grading style suits you more!

What Makes It Quick?

Edwiser RapidGrader makes the grading process extremely fast for you.
With Edwiser RapidGrader, you no longer need to open a new tab for every new question.
You have everything you need in one window, thereby speeding up your grading process.

What Makes It Easy?

By bringing everything in one window, Edwiser RapidGrader ensures a simplified grading experience.
You can now share your feedback easily while grading a particular question, without juggling tabs.

Edwiser RapidGrader, with the right blend of Smart, Quick & Easy, transforms the way you grade in Moodle!

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Edwiser RapidGrader - What’s in it for You

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Smooth Grading Process

No more recurring tabs for grading. Grade students in a flow, within a single tab.

Single screen Grader

One Single Screen, for all your grading needs.

Multiple Grading Techniques

Grade your students’ performance the way you want, with seamless convenience.

Filter Questions

View only a specific category of questions with Filters for questions

Smart Toggle for Graded Status

A toggle bar to display Non-graded/All questions, as per your requirement

Visual Grade Chart

Get an overview of your students’ performance in a graphical representation.

Reports & Analysis

Download Performance reports for analysis.Export the data for use in other analysis tools.

Theme Compatible

Simplify the grading process, that too on your favorite Moodle theme!

Translation Ready

Use Edwiser RapidGrader in your preferred language.

Improved Feedback System

(Coming Soon)
More Structured Feedback of quizzes for your students.

Assignment Grading

(Coming Soon)
Assignment Grading to be included as part of ERG.

Rubrics Grading Method

(Coming Soon)
Rubrics - advanced grading method to be included as part of ERG.

You are one step away from revolutionizing the way you grade in Moodle!

Annual License
Billed Yearly
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates
  • Translation Ready
  • Downloaded Reports
  • Compatible with all themes
  • Multiple Grading Technique
  • Graphical display of Grades
  • Single Screen Grading Interface
Lifetime License
No Recurring Payment
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates
  • Translation Ready
  • Downloaded Reports
  • Compatible with all themes
  • Multiple Grading Technique
  • Graphical display of Grades
  • Single Screen Grading Interface


Which Moodle versions does Edwiser RapidGrader work on?

Edwiser RapidGrader works best with Moodle versions 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 and above.

Does Edwiser RapidGrader come with support?

We believe that Edwiser RapidGrader should work well out of the box.

But if things don’t work then we are there for you. We provide support through email and live chat.

And Support is provided exclusively to all Active License Holders.

How many users can use this tool simultaneously?

For any plan that you purchase 100 teachers will be able to use the tool simultaneously.

If your institute contains more than 100 teachers in it then we can devise a custom plan specifically for you.

Can I use Edwiser RapidGrader on Multiple Moodle Sites?

Yes, Edwiser RapidGrader could be installed on multiple Moodle sites at once. It depends on how many teachers can access the solution.

Say you have purchased Edwiser RapidGrader for 10 teachers across 3 Moodle sites you could install it in them and assign up to 10 teachers in it. 

How is your License Policy like, for Edwiser RapidGrader?

Every license you purchase is valid for one user, for one year, during which you will receive free support and updates.

You have to renew the license to continue avail free support and updates related to the product.

You won’t be able to use the solution once the license has expired. 

Know more about our license policy in the terms & conditions section.

Do you have a refund policy?

Please refer to these terms & conditions to know more about our refund policy.

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