5 Ways to Sell Moodle™ Courses Online

5 Ways to Sell Moodle™ Courses Online

Planning to sell Moodle™ courses online?? Considering its popularity for e-learning, there are a lot of learners who may find your courses useful. 

Then why limit it to just a fraction of students? 

You may have also realized the value of your courses if you’re using MoodleTM for more than a couple of years. The number of learners enrolled in your courses might just be increasing day by day! 

Does this sound like you?

If yes, then it’s time to awaken the Moodlepreneur in you.

This means that your courses have great value. I’m sure you might have thought to sell MoodleTM courses at least once. 

If you know that your courses have a good demand, then why aren’t you selling them? Probably you didn’t know how to!

We have some solutions! Let’s teach you how to make some money! ?

Can you or Can you not Sell Courses in Moodle™?

Let’s first answer this question quickly!

The Short answer is – YES and NO, both

Yes, because you can integrate your MoodleTM with:

  • a payment gateway plugin or 
  • a MoodleTM eCommerce plugin that serves as a platform for your courses.

No, because…

  • Moodle™is not really designed for eCommerce or selling & marketing courses
  • It only has a PayPal plugin for selling courses and accepting payments

Moodle e-commerce Protip:

Edwiser Bridge is one of the most easy-to-use MoodleWordPress integration plugins for effortless selling of Moodle courses on a fully-automated e-commerce site powered by WooCommerce. You could sell your MoodleTM courses on a sleek WordPress+WooCommerce store to:

Easily import your MoodleTM courses to WordPress

Sell them not just via PayPal but also through 160+ payment gateways

Automate student enrollments, manage discounts, and do much more

Now let’s take a look at the different options you can integrate your MoodleTM with: 

#1 With PayPal

Since MoodleTM falls short on e-commerce and payment capabilities, you need a payment plugin to sell your courses online. So, if you’re trying to market a single course or a limited number of courses with a simple marketing structure, MoodleTM has PayPal integration built-in, so you can sell access to a course. 

You’d really only need e-commerce software if you want more complicated commercial stuff – subscriptions, group purchase, etc. Otherwise, for basic e-commerce, PayPal enrolment works well. 

Why PayPal, you ask? It’s because PayPal is the only payment method MoodleTM supports to sell your courses online.

Takeaway – if you are just selling a single course, then use the built-in Paypal which will only cost a small percentage of sales for credit card processing which you will have to pay someone.

#2 Link your CRM to Moodle™

  • Have a separate CRM system that handles your user data, transactions, course enrolments, publishing of marks etcetera. It doesn’t have to be a complicated system, some simple Java or PHP system would work as well.
  • Link the CRM system to MoodleTM so that you can manage the following from the CRM system:
    • User creation in MoodleTM (use web services for this)
    • User enrolment into a course on MoodleTM (Use web service for this)
    • User unenrolment from MoodleTM (upon completion of the course – and again, use the MoodleTM web services for this)
    • Extract marks from MoodleTM to your CRM, to track the progress of your students and general reporting needs for your business. You can use MoodleTM grade book API to get this done.
  • Integrate some payment systems (Paypal, payfast, etc) with your CRM system to manage students’ payments, invoicing

#3 I am a DIY King/Queen

If you’re pretty excited to get started NOW! You can host your MoodleTM course by yourself and process payments to see if things are going right. But I suspect you will need to build up some volume before it can start to be financially sustainable.

Although you might have to put some time and effort into coding, you can build a digital store for your courses the way you like it. 

#4 Busy as a beaver BUT I can Spend??

If you’re busy, you can simply hire a consultant to set it up for you on MoodleTM. In the long run, I think this could be a good option as you pay once to get it set up and then just use it with only the applicable service fees.

And if the above options don’t sound like a good idea to you then you can consider setting up a full-on automated Moodle e-commerce website, which is the next option…

#5 By setting up a full-on automated MoodleTM e-commerce website

For more flexibility use a dedicated MoodleTM e-commerce solution:

Solution – Use a proper MoodleTM eCommerce platform/package and hook it together with MoodleTM. Popular solutions include WooCommerce + MoodleTM but there are also other options available. 

This means a WordPress frontend for course selling + WooCommerce for seamless e-commerce functionality integrated with your MoodleTM website.

The course front(Course-storefront) will be available on WordPress and MoodleTM will host your courses. WordPress can be used to market your courses through various marketing channels as WP is quite diverse.

WooCommerce is best when it comes to e-commerce and is the go-to plugin for serious Moodlepreneurs. With WooCommerce you get a cost-effective extension available for every needed functionality.

And with WordPress, you get a search-engine-optimized, marketing-ready platform to help you sell your courses.

Although WooCommerce isn’t built especially for Moodle, there are plugins available to integrate the two platforms and offer a seamless interaction experience to your learners such as single sign-on, enrolment on course purchase, synchronization of user data.

If you’re looking for a full-fledged solution that’s cost-effective and easy to use go with WooCommerce.

When you integrate MoodleTM with WordPress, it can make a world of difference. Moodle is the World’s most popular Open Source Learning Management System with more than 100 million users all over the world! 

And WordPress is a leading CMS with a market share of 61.8% and has more visitors than Twitter! 

Just imagine the impact these two platforms will have on your course selling business. 

Pro tip: With WordPress, you can create forums, add a blog section, or create a social network for students. There is a lot you can do with WordPress and its plugins to market your courses.

Almost 28% of global e-commerce runs on WordPress and WooCommerce (E-commerce plugin).

WooCommerce is an excellent solution because of its support for multiple payment gateways, various powerful plugins, add-on features, and a big community…

With WooCommerce, you can sell the courses through full-fledged e-commerce free software. It allows you to use a WooCommerce subscription with which you can charge monthly or yearly subscription fees for the courses. 

Edwiser Bridge PRO will help you sell your MoodleTM courses on WordPress through WooCommerce with multiple payment gateways and will also help your students have a seamless experience between WordPress and MoodleTM through Single Sign-On.

Edwiser Bridge PRO is a bunch of cool extensions specially designed to sell courses online. It helps you build a wholesome digital shopfront of courses to sell your MoodleTM courses in a holistic e-commerce setup. 

With Edwiser Bridge PRO, you can effortlessly sell your MoodleTM courses with automated course selling, payments, invoicing, offers, listing, and so on. 

Moreover, you can easily sell your courses without any geographical barriers with the support of over 160 payment gateways!

Get yourself a complete package that can take care of your course selling business. It’ll make your life easier!

Read this article to know why having an automated e-commerce site would be worth it in the long run. 

Other solutions

There are many options that can help you sell your courses online, and we think you should be aware of them before getting started. In this article, we have compared the three best platforms to sell courses online. This might help you pick the right one.

And if you need some more information to pick the right payment gateway for MoodleTM, this article can be really helpful.


Education has always been a great business model which is successful and profitable, be it online or offline. The value of education is always higher than you can estimate, as it does more than simply provide knowledge. 

And when you have worked so hard to educate people by creating courses then you deserve to make some good money by selling your valuable courses online. Don’t you?

But, selling courses online isn’t easy, you need to manage payments, enrolments, reporting, and analytics, marketing, and the list goes on… That’s why you need an advanced course selling solution to make things easier. 

A lot of moodlers own a solution especially to sell courses online because having an automated course selling system helps you focus more on the content and marketing aspects of your courses. 

One of the best platforms to sell courses online is Edwiser Bridge PRO

So, create that initial buzz by offering your best-performing courses at lower prices. And then scale up or go premium gradually as you get more leads.

With an automated e-commerce solution, you can reach out to more people online and sell your courses more efficiently. Let your courses speak for you and you’ll be amazed by seeing the results! 

You could follow this guide to help you sell courses globally like an expert.

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