Best Tips to Ace Moodle™ e-commerce Integration

Best Tips to Ace Moodle™ e-commerce Integration

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  • You have an eLearning business in Moodle™ that you wish to extend to your online Learners 
  • You have an eCommerce business on WordPress/WooCommerce and want to turn great profits by selling your Moodle™ eLearning courses online

But how do you go about this??

It’s simple!! Let me give you some Moodle™ e-commerce integration tips

Before that..

Let’s help you understand the basic process first.

That was simple, isn’t it??

So, what is more, important to know?

Moodle™-Payment Integration Vs Moodle™-eCommerce Integration

You need to understand the difference here

Many Moodlers may be confused between selling Moodle™ courses and running an e-commerce store of Moodle™ courses.

Yes! The ultimate aim, OF COURSE, remains the same, that is selling Moodle™ courses and earning more money. 😀


Moodle™ and Payment integration is only limited to adding a payment plugin on your Moodle™ site so that learners are able to purchase a course. 

Some options available are Paypal, Stripe, and, etc.

However, when we talk about Moodle™-eCommerce integration. It goes way beyond course selling. 

It’s essentially about adding all eCommerce capabilities to your Moodle™ LMS, establishing synchronization & common sign-in process between the two platforms, and eventually implementing a seamless integration of Moodle™ and WordPress. 

It is getting the best of both worlds than a mere Payment integration.

Moodle™ itself doesn’t directly have any built-in e-commerce system. BUT, you can integrate it with popular eCommerce platforms – like Magento or WooCommerce.

If you’re only looking for course selling, payment gateway integration is all you need. There are a bunch of Payment Gateways supported by Moodle™ through extensions

Ways to Achieve Moodle™ e-commerce Integration

If the requirement is about setting your Moodle™ courses on an eCommerce platform as virtual products, managing discount coupons, and users, selling courses as variable products, memberships, or subscriptions, establishing Single-Sign-On between the platforms – Moodle™-WordPress integration is the key.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to integrate your Moodle™ LMS with WordPress.

You could try out the free version of Edwiser Bridge and extend it later for advanced functionality if it’s a good fit for your needs.  

Now, why should you pick Edwiser Bridge?? That’s a fair question!!! There are 7 good reasons why you should go for it

Moodle™ e-commerce Integration with Edwiser Bridge PRO

Edwiser Bridge PRO bundles FOUR handy Moodle™ e-commerce plugins for effective and easy course selling around the world.

It not only automates course selling for you but also lets you sell them via 160+ payment gateways.

Here are the add-ons included in the package:

Single Sign-On 

Single Sign-On gives end users an option to enter login credentials only once on WordPress, to simultaneously sign in to Moodle as well.

It even helps with automatic redirection.

For example: When your student logs in to WordPress and purchases a course, he will not have to log in to Moodle all over again.

You have the flexibility to decide the Moodle™ page you want to redirect your users to.

eg: dashboard, site home, my courses, course archive, user profile, etc

If you want different types of users to be redirected to different pages, Single Sign-On lets you decide which user-role will see which page first, after being redirected from the WordPress User-Accounts page.

Also, for an even smoother login experience, this plugin lets users directly login with their FB and/or Google IDs

WooCommerce Integration 


This is a great plugin if your aim is to generate a constant stream of recurring revenue. It essentially integrates WooCommerce with Moodle™.

WooCommerce Integration plugin lets you set up an automated e-commerce store of your Moodle™ courses, letting you easily sell more and earn more.

It lets you sell your courses the way you want – as memberships, subscriptions, variable products, or as multiple course bundles.

And gone are the days when PayPal was the only online payment option available. 

This add-on supports over 160 payment gateways allowing you to securely sell your courses without any geographical barriers.

Selective Synchronization 

With the Selective Synchronization plugin, you can easily import Moodle™ courses of your choice to WordPress for selling them online. 

When you manually enroll/unenroll/delete users in Moodle™, this extension automatically enrolls/unenrolls/deletes students in the course on the WordPress site as well.

Similarly, user creation and deletion can also be synced easily.

Also, it’s very simple to set default user roles for the newly created users if they are created from the Edwiser Bridge user account page.

You can also easily keep track of their progress in a course from WordPress itself, without logging into Moodle™.

When it comes to processing refunds, as an admin, you can make sure people other than you are notified whenever a refund is issued to your learners/customers.

A bad refund process can kill your e-commerce business.

52% of Shoppers Don’t Buy Online Fearing a Difficult Returns Process. So, this plugin can not only give you a competitive edge but also ensure a trouble-free refund experience for your course-buyers.

Bulk Purchase 

This plugin allows you to sell courses in bulk at a fixed price. Courses that were earlier bought individually,  can now be purchased in one go.

You can even enroll or register multiple students all at once. And it’s fully compatible with WooCommerce.

Now here comes the best part – you can also keep a track of how many enrollees are active, and for how much duration each of them is studying the course.

For example:

If a Corporate Training Program wishes to purchase one course for 50 employees and another for 55 employees at Coursera, Bulk Purchase will help you sell it together- as a package. It is fairly convenient at the buyer’s end as well. Even if the site owner doesn’t want to enroll students in the course immediately, they can simply buy it and keep the course disabled until required.

Alternatively, you could also use  MooWoodle

Moodle™ e-commerce Integration with MooWoodle

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MooWoodle is an extension of WooCommerce that bridges or connects WordPress/Woocommerce and Moodle™. It fetches all the courses from your Moodle™ LMS and makes them available for sale, for users/course buyers on WooCommerce.

It essentially has the same functionality as Edwiser Bridge. But the only difference is that MooWoodle is open-source software.


So, there you have it! Some great, easily doable tips to achieving a profitable and smoothly working automated Moodle™ e-commerce business of selling courses on WordPress/WooCommerce

Time to figure out your e-commerce needs!!

Now go ahead, use these tips and SLAY your Moodle™ e-commerce goals.

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