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WordPress Moodle Integration Solution

Integrating Moodle with WordPress Made EASY with Edwiser Bridge

Why Edwiser Bridge is the RIGHT plugin for your Moodle-WordPress LMS

One Click WordPress Moodle Integration

Linking Moodle with WordPress has never been so simple! Post-installation it’s just a matter of including the Moodle Access Token to the back-end and saving the settings following which the integration is ready to use.


Synchronize Moodle Courses and Users with WordPress

Importing Moodle data just became dead simple! Moodle courses and enrolled user data can be linked automatically between the two systems using the synchronization option provided by Edwiser Bridge – the WordPress Moodle Integration plugin.

Sell Moodle Courses from WordPress

Need to sell Moodle courses without having to go through the hassle of customizing the closely knit Moodle learning management system? Edwiser Bridge allows you to not only import courses from Moodle but also sell them using PayPal on WordPress


There's MORE!

Available for Free

How much will you have to spend on the plugin? Nothing! It is available for download on wordpress.org.

Developer Friendly

The modular architecture along with all the hooks and filters makes Edwiser Bridge easily customizable.

Translation Ready

With the inclusion of necessary language files, the plugin can be translated into any language.

Easy to Use

With logical settings, extensive documentation and prompt support, using the plugin is absolutely simple.

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