Automated e-Commerce Solution to Sell Your Moodle™ Courses Online

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With the Internet world rapidly expanding, it has given rise to numerous ventures going online.

Not just educational institutes, but even hobbyists and independent teachers have come on board, for setting up online access to their course content.

Integrating a payment gateway might seem to be the solution, but it doesn’t completely solve the problem.

Aspects like payments, invoicing, taxation and user enrollment often end up taking a lot of time. Time, that you could use and invest in creating more course content, or even marketing it.

There’s a dire need of an e-commerce solution for Moodle™, that not just lets you sell Moodle courses online, but even manages your business on your behalf.

Let’s look at 6 Reasons why you need an automated e-commerce solution to sell your Moodle courses online!

Sell Courses Online Easily

The boom in the online space has led to a widespread increase in the popularity of studying online.

Teachers, hobbyists, and even professional institutions have begun latching onto this trend, hoping for more enrollment and higher returnsFrom a guitar teacher, wanting to give guitar lessons to students to a motivational speaker wanting to reach out to a larger audience, people are switching to ‘online’.

An automated e-commerce solution only opens up the scope for you to reach out to more people online and sell your Moodle courses easily.

With a digital shopfront, you can sell your product/services to a much more diverse audience, and also give out discounts and offers, if any. By clubbing this with your own branding and marketing activities, you consequently instill trust in your users.

Accept Payments Online Seamlessly

Entering a global market involves a plethora of currencies. Not just that, it also brings multiple payment portals in the mix. In a global market, you have to keep in mind a few things. Will a student’s payment platform sync properly with your Moodle site? Or will you be able to receive payment in a different currency?

All of this would need you to take out enough time from your daily schedule. This would mean giving less time to creating courses, less time to attend to students, and less time to invest in things that are way more important for the long run.

Including an automated e-commerce solution in the picture will make sure the payments process is completely smooth and automatedThis also means your users can pay for the courses, in whichever currency, and by whichever method they want! 😉

Another point to note here is that not everyone prefers to pay the whole amount of course in one go. With such an e-Commerce solution, you can implement the subscription model for your Moodle courses.

This makes it easier for more students to enroll in your course.

Enroll Students Automatically

The next step that follows a successful course purchase is user enrollment. Every time a student purchases a course, the teacher has to enroll him in the course.

In the case of a large institution/coaching class, a teacher might have to do the same process for hundreds of students.

Automating the process of student enrollment would end up saving a lot of your time.

You can use this saved time in working on creating more course content, marketing the courses, and so much more.

An ideal e-commerce solution should enroll students automatically, once the purchase is successful.

Effortless Student User Management

Now that course sale and enrollment are taken care of, let’s look at another major aspect.

A good e-Commerce solution should let you stay on top always when it comes to managing your students.

You must be able to seamlessly manage your students and enrolled users. Not just that, the e-commerce solution should also let you view all enrolled students, carry out role allocations and so on.

With user-redirection in the mix, you can also redirect different users to different landing pages.

All of this, in one place!

Complete Data Control

Most LMS & CMS services in the market provide a cloud solution to store data.

Having a cloud solution, you can store your data on the cloud, as well as your end server.

However, in case of any failure or technical glitch, there’s a possibility that your data might be open for the outside world to see.

A good e-Commerce solution ideally lets you store your data only at your end server.

This, in turn, ensures maximum security for your learners’ data.

Easy Access to Courses

Time wasted is time lost.

And no one likes to waste time (unless you’re a procrastinator, of course).

Attention is a precious entity. You wouldn’t want your students to lose interest, because of a tedious login process, or extended load time for the course to start.

With an automated e-commerce solution, your students can easily access your Moodle courses, and not spend too much time in the login process.

Final Word

Edwiser Bridge PRO, constituting of the plugins – WooCommerce Integration, Single Sign-On, Selective Synchronization, and Bulk Purchase – covers all aspects of an automated e-commerce solution for your Moodle.

Being able to automate your course selling process helps you focus more on content and marketing aspects of your courses.

Further, Edwiser Bridge PRO also guarantees a hassle-free user management experience on your Moodle site.  

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