Edwiser Bridge PRO vs. Arlo vs. Enrolmart COMPARED – Pick the Right Platform for Selling Moodle™ Courses Online

Edwiser Bridge PRO vs Arlo vs Enrolmart COMPARED

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Want to sell your Moodle™ courses online in an e-commerce store but you’re confused about which platform to go for? This choice is important as it will transform how you sell your Moodle courses and run your e-learning business. In this article, we will be comparing three leading course selling platforms for you. So go ahead and pick the right one.

Edwiser Bridge PRO, Arlo and Enrolment – Which one to choose to perfectly set up, manage and sell your Moodle courses? You’re about to find out.

Before we head to the comparison, here’s some information about these platforms that can come in handy.

Key Features of Edwiser Bridge PRO, Arlo and Enrolmart

 Edwiser Bridge PRO

 It is an upgraded version of Edwiser Bridge and a powerhouse of features. It is a complete WordPress-based e-commerce solution to sell your Moodle courses with automated course selling, offers, payments, listing, invoicing etc. You can even manage courses, students, shopping carts, online registrations as well as payments. It even allows you to offer or sell webinars.


  • Automated invoicing
  • One-click student enrollment
  • Easy Course and User synchronization for Moodle and WordPress
  • Multiple courses on one page
  • Easy access to courses
  • Multiple payment options
  • Automated management of offers and coupons
  • Set up custom user redirections and user roles


Arlo is a cloud-based training and event management software created to sell, deliver, promote courses as well as events. It offers automated custom reporting, communication, payments and invoicing. With Arlo, you can also sell and manage your Moodle and face-to-face courses along with management of CRM, leads, marketing campaigns etc.


  • Online registration
  • Event and course Management
  • Custom courses and private Events
  • Certifications and licenses management
  • Marketing tools, reporting & analysis
  • Accounting System Integration


Enrolmart is an eCommerce shopping cart for Moodle that integrates with Moodle. This integration helps users purchase products, courses, webinars and face to face sessions. 


  • Sell online courses, classroom sessions, and physical products
  • Responsive
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Advanced payment gateway integrations
  • Auto-enrollment of users
  • Integration with CRM 

Comparing Edwiser Bridge PRO, Arlo and Enrolmart


The Edwiser Bridge PRO offers a complete automated e-commerce solution for selling Moodle courses on WordPress. It is high on power and customization and integrates efficiently with more than 165 payment gateways, including support for all the WooCommerce payment gateways. Some of them worth mentioning are – Paypal, Stripe, ANZ, 2CO (2Checkout), Authorize.Net, etc. Your website, as well as the data, are 100% secure. Moreover, you have complete control over them.

The Edwiser Bridge PRO allows you to auto-enroll students in one click. This e-commerce solution for your Moodle provides the following functionality – 

  • integrates Moodle-WordPress and create a fully digital shopfront of courses
  • automate course selling, registrations, cart management, invoicing and payments, offers, etc
  • Provides your learners with the same set of login credentials for Moodle as well as Wordpress
  • Synchronizes Moodle courses of your choice to WordPress
  • Allows selling courses as subscriptions or include courses in memberships plans for more selling
  • Allows purchasing multiple courses or multiple copies of the same course, easy enrolling multiple students to a purchased course
  • Seamless integration with leading payment gateways, CRMs etc.

You can read more on this here.

Arlo is an intuitive, cloud-based training and event management software. This platform is great for marketing, selling, and delivering face-to-face or web-enabled courses as it can integrate with Moodle to form a comprehensive LMS. However, Arlo owns all the data so it’s a good idea to have some back up here. Some other features of Arlo are:

  • Moodle integration can be used to include quizzes, SCORM objects, forums, videos, and other online activities within the training
  • Live online course delivery via video conferencing
  • Customizable and has flexible registration forms
  • Built-in CRM to track sales opportunities
  • integrates with numerous payment gateway systems

Enrolmart is a responsive e-commerce application for selling live classroom sessions, physical goods, ebooks, photography, audio, documents, and other downloadable products. Just like Arlo, Enrolmart too owns all the data, so it’s a good idea to be equipped with back up here. Some other features include:

  • User-friendly  dashboard with insights and reports
  • Integration with Moodle and automatic creation of student accounts, auto-enrollment and email notifications with login details
  • Integrates with industry-leading payment gateways, Zoho CRM, MS Dynamics etc.
  • Bulk pricing and bundling of courses
  • Customization of the logo and images for branding
  • One-time free setup


Edwiser Bridge PRO is a smart and dynamic, responsive, easy-to-use platform. It is 100 percent customizable with any WordPress theme including 3500 GPL- licensed themes. You can integrate multiple WordPress website-types with Moodle expanding the scope of multiple shop fronts. It integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, one of the best e-commerce platforms.  You can easily access multiple courses on a single page.

Arlo is intuitive and responsive. It allows you to create beautiful looking course websites to promote and sell your courses. It is fully customizable but the customization needs to be done at your end. It has a real-time dashboard for complete classroom course management. The application works on all iOS and Android devices.

Enrolmart is responsive and customizable. However, the customization needs to be done at your end. It also has a user-friendly dashboard as well as options to customize logos and website colours for better branding.


Edwiser Bridge PRO being WordPress-based has many options for effective reporting and analytics to gauge how your Moodle courses are performing. Some reporting plugins are  – Advanced Sales Report plugin, Metrilo, Divvit, Metorik etc.

Arlo offers reporting tools for users to better understand their operations. They can gauge which training and events are highly profitable. It also has an integrated LMS solution to record interest in courses and activities. These tools are premium offerings of Arlo.

Enrolmart does not have tools for reporting. However, it does have a powerful dashboard where you can access insights and performance in the form of reports. The dashboard displays Orders, Waitlisted Orders, Users and Potential Leads to help you glean important insights.


Edwiser Bridge PRO offers you the Basic Plan to start with, which is for free. It also provides the following pricing plans:

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Edwiser Bridge PRO pricing

Arlo offers monthly, yearly or quote-based subscriptions. It provides a free trial and the following pricing plans:

Arlo Pricing

Enrolmart offers the following pricing plans

enriolmart pricing
Enrolmart Pricing


Edwiser Bridge PRO offers a dedicated support service with all the three pricing plans, along with other resources and help via the Moodle community.

Arlo offers good support service via email and phone only with the premium plan, starting at $222/mo/100users.

Both Starter and Basic plans of Enrolmart do not offer any dedicated support service. It offers priority web support only with their Enterprise Plan ($699) supporting 500+ transactions

All three platforms offer prompt and responsive support. Edwiser Bridge PRO also custom develops and offers professional tweaks and customizations in order to fulfill your specific requirements or business objectives. We can custom develop as per your business needs. To discuss your requirements, get in touch with us here

In Conclusion

There’s no single best platform when it comes to selling your Moodle courses. The best one for you is the one that best matches your needs. The right thing to do is to figure out your requirements and evaluate each of them against the ones mentioned in this article. This way, you will be able to make the correct choice of platform for selling your Moodle courses and maximizing your e-learning profits.

Here’s the table of comparison for a quick glance, in case you missed anything:

Automated WordPress based e-commerce solution and WooCommerce CompatibleAdvanced e-commerce software, multi-purpose, not just Moodle-specifice-commerce shopping cart for Moodle
Full CRM compatibility – upgrade as you growIt has a built-in CRMZoho CRM and MS Dynamics for enterprise installation
165 Payment Gateways supported and all WooCommerce payment gateways supportedCustom Payments and integration with PayPal, Payment Express, Stripe, and Authorize.Net Only Stripe and
Other payments on a premium plan
Sell with WordPressOwn hostingOwn hosting, hosted and managed by Lingel Learning, one-time free setup
Easy, One-click Moodle-WordPress Integration, no technical knowledge requiredability to integrate Arlo to their websites hosted on WordPress and other hosting technologies through plugins, JavaScript Web controls, and its comprehensive API – technical knowledge requiredEasy integration with Moodle
Complete data control and storage at your end, 100 percent data securityData owned by Arlo so data loss can be a source of concernData owned by Enrolmart  so data loss can be a source of concern
Customize the way you like, choose any WordPress theme
50,000 plugins and over 3,500 GPL-licensed themes
(Premium available)
Need to create on your own
Need to create on your own
Integrates with WooCommerce, MoodleIntegrates with WordPress websites, MoodleIntegrates with Moodle
Free and paid tools availableAll reporting tools are premium offeringsBuilt-in reporting feature on the dashboard
Start for Free (Basic Plan for free) Unlimited Transactions, Unlimited Users
Upgrade only if needed
Starting plan – $102/mo/100 paid usersStarting plan – $299/mo/100 transactions
Dedicated support via Email with all plans and additional support from Resources/Community of 2000+ MoodlersEmail, Phone (only with the premium plan, starts at $222/mo/100users)Paid support via Email with the Enterprise Plan ($699)
Detailed documentation is availableDocumentation available for Arlo for Moodle supportNo documentation available

Which platform have you decided on? Let us know your thoughts or anything that you would like to add to this in the comments.

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