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How to integrate Moodle and WordPress to sell Moodle courses [Video Tutorial Included]

Hey Moodle folks

This article takes you through the simplest way to integrate your Moodle with WordPress, to effectively sell and market your Moodle courses online.

Combining the best of both worlds

Moodle and WordPress are two of the most dynamic platforms in the world.

31 Test connection between Moodle and Wordpress

Now Moodle is a supremely feature-rich LMS that offers powerful functionality and a high-quality learning environment. So, Moodle is spot on when it comes to fulfilling your eLearning requirements. But, it does not provide an option to sell and market your courses.

Talking about WordPress, it has definitely carved out a niche for itself when it comes to growing your eLearning business.

It continues to dominate with an impressive CMS market share of 54% 

Therefore, the bottom line is if you plan to sell your Moodle courses online through multiple payment gateways then WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best solutions.

Course Selling on WordPress

Individually handling Moodle and WordPress itself involves a steep learning curve.


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So, connecting the two for the sake of effective management and convenient course selling makes sense.

By now, you most probably have your two different independent learning and course selling platforms all set up, so, you might want to know how to integrate the two platforms for better user and data management, reach, and the most important of all – REVENUE!!!

Let’s look at how you can do this the EASY way…no fact, the EASIEST way 🙂

The Simplest Way to Connect Moodle and WordPress

What will be the first few things you’ll look for when integrating your Moodle with WordPress? We vote for simplicity and ease of use, given that both these platforms are ginormous and a bit complex to understand. 

While there are many solutions in the market to bring Moodle and WordPress together. What if we tell you the two leading platforms can be easily connected for FREE and the new integration is ready to use in a SNAP!

Yes! You can effortlessly integrate Moodle and WordPress using the Edwiser Bridge plugin.

The best part is, you can even make it fully compatible with your Moodle theme, in case it’s not. 

Now, you might be wondering why Edwiser Bridge of all and how has this plugin managed to make the cut above the rest. Read on!

Connect them with Edwiser Bridge…

But what’s so special about this plugin? 

There are a number of reasons why Edwiser Bridge takes the cake, here are some, to list a few:

  • Edwiser Bridge is a FREE plugin – no strings attached
  • It provides an instant payment gateway to safely sell Moodle courses on WordPress
  • It offers plenty of customization options
  • It is translation ready and offers a top-notch support service 
  • It can be readily integrated into a variety of plugins to help with bulk selling, easier sync of users and courses, simple user data management, accessing Moodle and WordPress simultaneously, etc.
  • It supports seamless integration with WooCommerce – one of the top-rated e-commerce plugins 
  • It lets you build a wholesome storefront of Moodle courses 
  • It allows you to sell a wide range of digital and physical products
  • It helps you earn more by selling courses as subscriptions, memberships, and variable products
  • It helps a great deal with upselling, cross-selling and with payment as well as discount management

Now, you’ve reached the crux of the article!

Let’s quickly run you through the steps of configuring this plugin for you, the Moodlepreneur in you is going to love it!

First things first, install Edwiser Bridge and check the initial configuration to get started in the right direction.

Here are some important settings to begin with:

#1 General settings

  • Go to Edwiser Bridge –> Settings –> General tab in the WordPress website back end
  • Check the ‘Enable Registration’ field if you want the students to be able to register for the courses from the front end
  • Select the page you want to display as ‘User Account Page’ when a registered user signs-in to the WordPress website
  • Enter the language code in ‘Moodle Language Code‘ (Remember – the language code in your Moodle and WordPress site must be same)

#2 Moodle-WordPress integration

Once your Moodle LMS and your WordPress site are connected, you can easily test this connection to make sure if it’s working without any interruptions. In order to achieve this, enter your Moodle site URL and add the Moodle Access Token as required. Follow these steps to ensure nothing goes wrong.

  • Go to Configuration tab > enter your Moodle site URL in the format  > enter the Moodle Access Token generated on the Moodle site by setting external service 

Follow this format while entering your Moodle site URL to avoid a cURL error – or or or etc

  • Test connection and save changes

#3 Moodle and WordPress Synchronization

You can easily migrate already-existing users, synchronize users, courses, and course categories with WordPress. 

The Synchronization setting tab helps you to sync the existing course categories in your Moodle LMS with WordPress. You simply have to import the already existing categories! 

Also, if needed, it is pretty straightforward to create a new course category. You can follow the steps below in case you wish to create a new one. No stress here!

  • Go to Edwiser Bridge > Course Categories
  • Enter a name for the category, a URL friendly slug, assign a parent category if applicable, and description of the category
  • Click the ‘Add New Course Category’ button. The category just created will be displayed in the table alongside
  • The category will also be available in the category widget on a single course page

The connection is ready for use. Now, all you need to do is set up the required course selling options to begin selling your Moodle courses like a pro. Navigate to the settings under Course Options and you will come across multiple options to easily configure your course selling.  

#4 Moodle WordPress payment gateway settings

Edwiser Bridge allows you to sell your Moodle courses securely via PayPal.  You can also extend your access to several other payment gateways of your choice by extending Edwiser Bridge plugin and adding WooCommerce to the mix. 

For now, here’s how to set up PayPal: 

  • Enter the email id which will be used to accept payments in the ‘PayPal Email‘ field.
  • Select your currency of transaction from the ‘PayPal Currency‘ drop down box.
  • Enter the country from which you will be operating the transaction in the ‘PayPal Country‘ field.
  • ‘PayPal Cancel URL‘ field – enter the link of the page to which the buyer should be redirected.
  • ‘PayPal Return URL‘ field – enter the link of the page to which the buyer should be redirected after the payment of a purchase has been completed.
  • ‘Use PayPal Sandbox‘ field should only be checked at the time of making test transactions. Uncheck the field once the website is made live.

And that’s about it! That’s how you integrate Moodle and WordPress in the simplest possible way. It cannot get easier than this!

Feeling Too Lazy to Read???

This video covers everything, let’s watch it!

In a Nutshell

So, get ready to build a dynamic Moodle-WordPress course selling platform with a premium user experience for FREE, with Edwiser Bridge.

Don’t just read, you need to try once to believe it. And also because:

#1 – it does not cost anything 🙂 and #2  – it’s great, you won’t be disappointed! 

Oh..and before I forget!

Another reason why Edwiser Bridge is so popular is that it supports an awesome bunch of powerful extensions and a staggering 160+ payment gateways around the world, all thanks to how beautifully Edwiser Bridge integrates with WooCommerce. 

You definitely would want to add these to your kitty to supercharge your course selling game! So, go ahead and hit the ground running with Edwiser Bridge.

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