Reasons why Edwiser Bridge is the best WordPress-Moodle Integration Plugin

Reasons why Edwiser Bridge is the best WordPress-Moodle Integration Plugin
August 8, 2017 Rucha Gotarkar

Edwiser is well known in the eLearning community for its revered theme- Edwiser RemUI for Moodle. However, how many of us really know that Edwiser Bridge is also a strong contender for being one of the best providers of Moodle-related services?

We have plenty of reasons, not without proof, to say that Edwiser Bridge leads the army of WordPress-Moodle integration plugins.

What makes it so popular?

Let us enlighten you.

EB is free!

Who doesn’t like things for free?

Especially when it comes with a plethora of opportunities for your Moodle LMS which will spoil you for choice.

Especially when you can avail the best of two worlds- the ultimate combination of a CMS with an LMS- of WordPress and Moodle.
Edwiser Bridge is the perfect package that seamlessly bridges the gap between the two powerful platforms. Also, did we mention it’s free?

Edwiser Bridge Extensions

What if every good thing was followed by a bundle of more good things- just like Edwiser Bridge comes with its own collection of extensions! These extensions are built to take your experience a few notches higher than the current one.

  • The Bulk Purchase plugin lets you buy or sell more than one course at a time for a single site.
  • Single Sign-On will let you log into WordPress and then be directly connected to your Moodle site, eliminating the need to remember two sets of credentials at once.
  • Selective Synchronisation gives you the power to manually select which courses you want to sync with your WordPress site.
    edwiser bundle

What’s more? You can buy all of these together at a discounted price using the Edwiser Bridge Bundle!

Hop on to the bandwagon already.


WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce Integration is what allows a Moodle LMS owner to completely commercialize it for selling eLearning products. There is no better integration plugin which gives full-fledged functionalities that every eCommerce site has, bar a few, and that too is covered by Edwiser Bridge Extensions.


Our documentation is lucid proof of how we like to keep facts easy and transparent.

Having a tough time remembering all the multi-step procedures?

You can blindly depend upon the rock solid documentation which has been carefully designed by our team to guide you without hassle. It covers almost everything that you may possibly have trouble with.

When we say ‘almost’, it’s because the Support Team takes care of everything else.


Did you meet with a glitch in the layout? Find an error while making a payment?

As rare as that is, if there’s anything that needs our personal attention- if the documentation or FAQs did not solve your predicament, we have a concrete support base equipped with all the answers you’ll need.

Call us, email us, meet us…we are always there for you at [email protected]


We believe in doing it your way, all the way. Therefore, when you approach us with a special need, we put our best foot forward (read best team) to deliver on your expectations. We treat customizations like tailored clothes- we will listen to your requirement, take appropriate measures, allot a dedicated bunch of people to do the little tweaks and come up with a finished product that suits you to a tee.

To let us know about your request, go to Services>Customization Request>Contact Form


Edwiser Bridge shells out updates like candies from a vending machine!

Before you get too familiar with the previous update, a new version with irresistible features and bug fixes will appear on your shelf.

These timely updates materialize out of the drive to serve you value for money and implement ideas that that will enrich your experience- with the vision of creating an honest customer-client relationship.



Edwiser Bridge is as good as it sounds- there is no doubt in that. If you’re looking to integrate your Moodle site with WordPress, EB should be your preference hands down. We have experience, we have the strength and we have the dynamics to deliver a noteworthy performance.

If you would like to contribute to the Edwiser Blog, contact us at [email protected] We would love to hear from you!

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  1. Julia 1 year ago

    I get the error when testing the connection with the Bridge plugin (WordPress)

    I tried to generate a token two time and the second time I got connection success, but after that it failed again.

    the error : cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 5000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received
    and: Check the Moodle url

    How can I fix this ?
    my moodle site is

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