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7 Best Moodle Themes to Bring in 2021 with a Bang!

A new year is all about new beginnings and adding more value, and rightfully so.

In this upgrade process, why should your Moodle miss out?

Treat your Moodle this New Year’s.

Welcome 2020 in style, with these 7 Best Moodle Themes!

#1 Edwiser RemUI

Best Moodle Themes 2019 - Edwiser RemUI

Edwiser RemUI is best defined as a User-friendly and Visually Functional Moodle Theme.

Your students can focus entirely on learning, while Edwiser RemUI takes care of the rest.

Two slick course formats ensure a sublime user experience for your learners. Your courses can be displayed either in the form of neatly stacked cards or in the form of lists.

Tracking Course Progress and Student Performance have been made easier with features like graphical stats for quizzes, course progress bar, course overview and so on.

Edwiser RemUI also keeps in mind the convenience of Admins & Teachers. The Drag & Drop Dashboard Customization feature is just a glimpse of it.

Significant Features:

  • Readymade demo templates for homepage and course page
  • Multiple Course Formats
  • Live customization option
  • Distraction-free mode for learning
  • Drag & Drop Dashboard Customization
  • Quick Enrollment Option on Courses

#2 Fordson

Best Moodle Themes 2019 - Fordson

Fordson is a Moodle theme that primarily focuses on taking students quickly from login to learning.

The quick enrollment plugin further adds to a faster enrollment process for the learners.

Fordson’s minimalistic approach and clean design ensure students are always focused on learning.

This theme also offers a plethora of customization options, helping you with branding and marketing opportunities within the theme.

Significant Features:

  • Easy Enrollment Plugin
  • Smart Activity Module
  • Top Navigation Bar
  • 3 Column Panel
  • Custom Course Category Display

#3 Lambda

Best Moodle Themes 2019 - Lambda

With Lambda theme, you can create a visually appealing and modern website for your eLearning needs.

Lambda’s bootstrap framework effectively scales your website and applications, ensuring on-demand across devices, using a single codebase.

You can fully customize your website with easy-to-use theme options, to change fonts, colors, layouts, and much more!

Lambda Theme also comes with a customizable header login form, ensuring a quick login process.

Significant Features:

  • Fully Responsive
  • Fully Customizable
  • Social Media Icons
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Header Login Form

The more you read, the more you learn – Edwiser RemUI vs Lambda Theme

#4 Adaptable

Best Moodle Themes 2019 - Adaptable

Adaptable is a responsive moodle theme, that is based on the popular BCU theme. It is highly customizable, featuring two columns.

You can efficiently carry out marketing and branding activities, by using up to 60 custom blocks with different layouts.

Adaptable Theme simplifies the website building process with the drag & drop feature for Front Page, Footer, Dashboard and Course page.

The best part about this theme is that it can be used for large University installations as well as small training companies.

Significant Features:

  • Drag & Drop Layout Builders
  • Fully Customizable
  • Background Image Uploader
  • Activities
  • Login Form in Header

#5 Klassroom



Klassroom image


One of the top educational themes for your website, Klassroom is completely responsive. A fluid user experience further ensures a royal feel while using the theme.

You can pick and choose amongst a plethora of colors and styling options. A dedicated  Teacher Profiles section displays the profiles of course teachers with their rating, designation, and other such important details.

The theme goes beyond boring course category designs to a brand new custom category design. You can also upload relevant pictures in the gallery section for better engagement.

The theme offers a separate custom section that you can use to market your brand or any other offerings of your brand.

The theme creators have also included an event section in the front page, that lets your students keep track of upcoming events.

Significant Features:

  • Predefined color skins and styling options
  • Flexible customization
  • Custom course category design
  • Custom section for marketing your e-Learning brand

#6 Academic

Best Moodle Themes 2019 - Academic

Academic is a modern and responsive Moodle theme that can be used for Educational Courses as well as Corporate training.

You can set any color combination through the theme settings page.

This theme lets you choose between the standard login page & a popup login setup. You can add a custom background image to the login page.

The photo gallery section lets you add images, including campus photos, student photos, course content and so on.

Significant Features:

  • Easy Setup
  • Responsive Layout
  • Dual-Login Page
  • Customizable Slider
  • Gallery Section

#7 Moove

Best Moodle Themes 2019 - Moove

Moove is a modern theme optimized for online learning, with a clean environment.

Its intuitive layout focuses on the things that matter – your learning activities and content.

You can collapse both side columns to indulge in a distraction-free fullscreen experience.

Moove has an easy and user-friendly login process.


A revamped calendar means you can simply drag & drop events, click to view event details, and so on.

Significant Features:

  • Intuitive Layout
  • Distraction-Free Collapsible Sidebars
  • Easy Login Process
  • New Moodle Calendar
  • Admin-Only Dashboard

Final thoughts on picking the right Moodle theme!

It is absolutely critical for you to understand what your users need and what is best for them.

Choosing the correct theme will determine your website’s student engagement and enrollment rate.

TL;DR?? In a nutshell, here’s what you should look at!

Moodle Theme

Key features


Edwiser RemUI 

  • Professional, modern layouts
  • Simpler navigation
  • Distraction-free learning mode
  • Live Customizer
  • Readymade homepage and course page templates from the demo
  • Customizable dashboard

$99 ??


  • Multiple customization options
  • Quick login to learning
  • Easy and quick enrollment plugin
  • Smart Activity module
  • Minimalistic & clean design

Free Theme


  • Responsive, attractive look and feel
  • Fully customizable
  • Supports Bootstrap framework
  • Social media icons
  • Multi-Language support

$59 ??


  • Highly customizable with drag and drop builders
  • Multiple front-page course styles
  • 60 front-page marketing custom blocks
  • Adapts to different setups/ institutions

Free Theme


  • Visually appealing, fully responsive
  • Flexible customization options
  • Multiple colors and styling options
  • Custom course category design

$59 ??


  • Good color schemes
  • Easy setup
  • Dual-Login page
  • Customizable slider and gallery section

$59 ??


  • Elegant, easy-to-use theme
  • Distraction-free full-screen experience
  • Easy Login Process
  • Admin-Only dashboard
  • Fonts to improve readability for dyslexic learners

Free Theme

It’s time you said goodbye to mundane, and take steps towards a more engaging and sublime Moodle Experience.

Moodle Themes like Edwiser RemUI, go a long way in ensuring effective student engagement and knowledge transfer.

Apart from increased learner performance, Edwiser RemUI also opens up the scope of branding and customizations throughout the website.

Next Steps?? Find the right theme for your Moodle, we’ve compared a few of them here:


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