Moodle 3.6 Compatible Moodle Theme Edwiser RemUI 3.6.1

Moodle 3.6 Compatible Theme Edwiser RemUI v3.6.1 Released!

For Edwiser RemUI as the World’s Best User-Friendly Moodle Theme, 2018 has been a year of milestones.

With a game-changing drag & drop customization functionality, a brand new Course Formats plugin, two fresh new course layouts, and much more, it has been all about adding extra value to your Moodle experience!

What’s New?

Edwiser is now out with a brand new update to Edwiser RemUI – Edwiser RemUI v3.6.1. This update introduces Edwiser RemUI compatibility with Moodle Version 3.6.x.

Adding more value to your Moodle experience, Edwiser RemUI 3.6.1 also comes with some smart tweaks.

P.S. We’ve also included these features in Edwiser RemUI v3.5.6 & Edwiser RemUI v3.4.8. 😉

#1 Enhanced Navigation Experience with Improved Sidebar and Messaging Feature

Edwiser RemUI Right Sidebar Messaging

Edwiser RemUI ensures an enhanced user experience by replacing the two right sidebars in Edwiser RemUI with an integrated right sidebar.

This sidebar includes the Blocks section, the messaging window as well as the color customization page.

The clubbing of sidebars and messaging icon placement was done primarily to give a uniform look to our messaging section as well as the blocks section.

Edwiser RemUI v3.6.1 also offers an upgraded messaging experience in Moodle, with significant improvements in the User Interface.

After the recent update to Edwiser RemUI (v3.6.0), Tobias Sanders, from our Moodle Community Moodle Tips & Tricks had a suggestion for us.

Tobias spoke on behalf of the teachers he works with. They found the messaging section of Moodle 3.6 very useful and convenient for messaging.

Hence, in Edwiser RemUI v3.6.1, we have given an option to choose between the default Moodle 3.6 messaging layout, and the clubbed sidebar layout.

Edwiser RemUI Messaging Icon in Header Bar

#2 Indulge in Distraction-free Learning with the All-New Pinned Sidebar

Edwiser RemUI Pinned Sidebar

Edwiser RemUI v3.6.1 guarantees a uniform and distraction-free Learning experience.

Other than being used as a normal sidebar, an All-New functionality also lets you pin this sidebar as an Overlay. Once “pinned”, the sidebar remains visible throughout, across the entire course in one user session.

This is particularly useful in cases where you need to access the sidebar on all pages in your course.

This feature can be used by Admins, teachers, managers as well as students.

#3 Minimalistic Experience with Kebab Icon for Header Options

Edwiser RemUI Kebab Icon For Header

In some scenarios, a relatively long page title ends up overlapping with the header buttons.

You can turn on this option and club the header options in a single drop-down menu using the Kebab Icon (3 vertical dots).

This ensures a neat and clutter-free experience, irrespective of the length of the title breadcrumb.

#4 Course Stats added to Course Page

Edwiser RemUI 3.6 Course Stats

A ‘first’ introduction in Moodle as well as Edwiser RemUI – Course Stats on Course Pages is a significant addition to Edwiser RemUI.

You can now choose to display important course stats in the top section, across all course pages.

This feature makes it easier for admins, teachers, and managers to track course progress and important stats.

#5 Ability to embed Edwiser Forms in Home Page & Course Page

Edwiser RemUI v3.6.1 introduces an enhanced Edwiser Forms compatibility with Edwiser RemUI.

You can now embed your created forms in your Moodle seamlessly.

Forms created using Edwiser Forms can be displayed in the Home page as well as the course pages across the course.

Summing Up

With the introduction of Moodle v3.6, there have been some noteworthy changes and inclusions in Moodle.

In our efforts to go further, adding more value and upgrading your Moodle experience, Edwiser RemUI 3.6.1 is just a glimpse of better things to come!

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