Moodle™ LMS Customization: Top 5 Premium Moodle™ Customization Services

If we ask you what’s one thing that separates Moodle™ from other eLearning platforms, what would you say? 

Open-source? Scalability? Integrations? 

Well, they’re good answers!

But there’s one more thing that separates Moodle™ from other platforms and gives it a major lead over them – a network of reliable 3rd party service providers who are willing to customize it and provide prompt support to all Moodle™ users. 

If these service providers did not exist…. Moodle™ would probably not have been as successful as it is today. That’s why Moodle™ HQ also awards many of them a tag of Premium Moodle™ Service Provider every year, to honor their commitment to the development and expansion of the Moodle™ community. 

In this article, we shall take a look at 5 such award-winning Moodle™ Customization Services or service providers. Let’s see what they offer, and why they are rewarded by Moodle™. 

The Winners: Best Moodle™ Customization Services

#1. eLearning Co. Ltd.


Based out of Japan, this is one of the most reputed Moodle™ Service Providers with a proven track record. 

It’s the only premium Moodle™ service provider in Japan, and it has built that position on the back of two decades of expertise. Here’s everything it has got to offer:

  1. Hosting: eLearning Co. Ltd. provides cloud-based hosting services for Moodle™ and Moodle™ Workplace installations. They utilize the infrastructure of AWS, which is one of the most reliable cloud hosting providers in the world.
  2. Customization: Custom plugin and theme development are two of the key offerings in this company’s portfolio. For all of their clients, they provide customized Moodle™ Workplace or Moodle™ installations with the help of custom plugins or themes. 
  3. Integration: eLearning Co. Ltd. provides multiple integrations to enhance and improve your customized Moodle™ offering. Basically, all the integrations that are supported by Moodle™ can be added to your eLearning platform by them. 
  4. Implementation: The company also provides Moodle™ installation and implementation services for all of its customers. 
  5. Support: eLearning Co. Ltd. provides detailed documentation in form of tutorials and videos, so people can learn their way around Moodle™ in an easy and quick manner. However, if that’s not enough for you then the company has a paid support plan as well for priority support. 
  6. Consulting/Advice: Consultancy and advisory services on how to use Moodle™ for your needs are also provided by the expert team of eLearning Co. Ltd. In fact, that’s one of the key features of their offering.  
  7. Course Design: eLearning Co. Ltd. provides all the assistance that you may need in designing your course material.
  8. Themes:  eLearning Co. hasn’t built any themes to provide for its clients, but based on your needs they can certainly develop a custom theme for your Moodle™ installation. 

#2. Titus

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This is a UK-based Moodle™ Service Provider working with both educational as well as corporate clients. 

The company provides customized Moodle™-based eLearning solutions that can cater to the needs of any specific business. Some of their clients include The Royal College of Surgeons, The University of London, British Weight Lifting, Britain’s National Health Service, and Network Rail. 

Here’s how they fare on various important parameters of Moodle™ service:

  1. Hosting: Titus provides assistance and hosting services for both self-hosted as well as cloud-based Moodle™ installations. For cloud hosting, they utilize Amazon Web Services, which is undoubtedly one of the cloud best service providers in the world. Therefore, it’s no surprise that their offering provides a scalable and reliable hosting solution on a budget.
  2. Customization: The offerings of Titus are highly customized by nature. So much that they put the emphasis on this aspect of their business while selling their services. No matter whether you’re a corporate or a university or just a regular eLearning website starting up with few resources, Titus can provide solutions tailor-made to you.
  3. Integration: The Moodle™ platforms offered by Titus integrate very well with various 3rd party services and systems for accomplishing a number of goals. For instance, they integrate with student information systems like iSams or SIMS, Google Workspace, Office 365, and a variety of front-end CMS platforms (i.e. WordPress).
  4. Implementation: Titus claims to have managed the implementation of Moodle™-based eLearning solutions for many businesses having more than 100,000 users. Therefore, they have developed some serious expertise in implementing Moodle™ solutions for businesses of all sizes and scales.
  5. Support: Over the years, Titus has built a team of industry experts who have been using Moodle™ for more than 10 years. Their team also includes members from all geographical regions, so the support provided by them is obviously robust. The company has built its solid reputation on the back of the great customer service that they provide. 
  6. Consulting/Advice: Titus also provides great consultancy or advisory services for those who are just starting out in the field of eLearning. Whether you’re building a full-fledged eLearning business or just want a solution to train your employees, the company’s team of experts can give you the right advice according to your needs and your budget.
  7. Course Design: Titus also assists its customers in designing high-quality course content by offering a number of services related to content generation. From professional voiceovers to video animations to text content to gamified assessment tests, they can generate virtually any kind of content for their customers.
  8. Themes: Titus has a large collection of themes for Moodle™, and there’s a good chance that when you hire them for your business they can readily suggest you a theme that goes well with your branding. However, they can also generate themes customized as per your needs.

#3. Entornos Educativos

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This is a Spanish Moodle™ Premium service provider based out of Argentina. The company has got some major clients like FiberCorp, UCASAL, Universidad Kennedy, and many others. 

Here’s everything that they offer:

  1. Hosting: Entornos provides a secure cloud hosting service to all its clients for setting up their Moodle™ installations. They don’t have local hosting on offer – they set up your campus on their cloud server only.
  2. Customization: Custom theme and plugin development are available for all customers of Entornos to customize their Moodle™ installation. Brand identity and logos etc. can also be incorporated into the theme for giving a unique experience to all your users and learners. 
  3. Integration: Entornos claims that their Moodle™ installations can be integrated with all the necessary systems that are used by a university or company for their needs. And the company actually does these integrations itself at the time of installation.  
  4. Implementation: Installation and implementation of both Moodle™ as well as Moodle™ Workplace offerings is done by Entornos in a highly customer-centric manner. 
  5. Support: Customer support of Entornos Educativos has earned it many accolades. The company has a proven track record of providing robust customer service to all of its clients over the years.
  6. Consulting/Advice: Entornos provides training and advice to your trainers on how they can start using the new online Moodle™ campus once it’s live. Every customer is assigned a specialist with the responsibility of training your trainers.  
  7. Course Design: All your course material can also be put together by Entornos Educativos if you allow them to do that. They create information-rich courses with videos, infographics, animations, text content, evaluations, and certifications. You just need to define and explain the course structure to them, and they can take care of the rest. 
  8. Themes: Entornos doesn’t offer many themes to its customers, but custom themes can be designed by them as per your needs.

#4. SmartWay

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Based out of Saudi Arabia, SmartWay provides a wide range of Moodle™ services for the smooth operation of your eLearning business. Here’s everything that they offer:

  1. Hosting: SmartWay provides cloud hosting, local hosting, and shared hosting solutions for Moodle™. For cloud hosting they provide two options – either you can host on their local server, or on Amazon Web Server. For local or shared hosting, of course, they offer hosting on their own server and infrastructure.
  2. Customization: Custom theme development, plugin development, and module development – SmartWay provides almost everything 
  3. Integration: SmartWay’s Moodle™ offering integrates with a wide range of virtual classrooms and SIS/HR systems. Not much is known, however, about the other 
  4. Implementation: SmartWay installs, implements, and maintains Moodle™ installations for all its clients. It has been involved in the eLearning space since 2001, so the company has some serious expertise in this domain. The maintenance includes regular updates, security fixes, and other routine maintenance tasks.                              
  5. Support: SmartWay provides 24×7 customer support based on Service Level Agreements done with their customers. Like other service providers on this list, the company has established a reputation in Saudi Arabia as one of the most reliable Moodle™ service providers on the back of their customer service.
  6. Consulting/Advice: SmartWay also provides consulting services to help its customers choose the right kind of Moodle™ installations for their needs. 
  7. Course Design: SmartWay designs course content in line with international standards like SCORM and TinCan for universities and other educational institutions. They also keep gamification and other important learning aspects in mind while developing the course material.
  8. Themes: Not much information is available about the number of these that SmartWay provides to its clients for building their eLearning websites, but you can definitely ask them to build a theme customized as per your needs and brand identity and they can do that very well. 

#5. Moodle™ US

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Finally, we have Moodle™ US, which was formed by the merger of 3 major Moodle™ Premium Service Providers: E-Learning Experts, Moonami, and My Learning Consultants. Since it has been formed by a merger of 3 major service providers, its offerings are obviously much better than the services of anyone else. Here’s everything it offers:

  1. Hosting: The company offers widest range of choices when it comes to hosting solutions for Moodle™. On-premise hosting, cloud hosting, shared hosting, dedicated server – they have got it all. You just name your requirements!
  2. Customization: Custom themes, custom plugins, and even custom Moodle™ features can be built by this company as per your needs. 
  3. Integration: All 3rd party Moodle™ integrations can be integrated by Moodle™ US team and if needed, they can also build custom integrations for you. 
  4. Implementation:  Moodle™ US can install and implement any kind of Moodle™ software for your business. Whether it’s open-source self-hosted Moodle™, Moodle™Cloud or Moodle™ Workplace – they can implement everything. 
  5. Support: 3 premium service providers coming together under one roof obviously means robust customer support. So it’s not surprising that they provide best of the best support to their customers. 
  6. Consulting/Advice: The experts assigned by Moodle™ US team to your business can also advise you on almost any kind of issues related to your Moodle™ usage. 
  7.  Course Design: Total assistance is also provided by Moodle™ US for developing and designing learner-friendly course material. Both Moodle™’s own course development tools or 3rd party software can be used by them to develop course material as per your requirements. 
  8. Themes: Moodle™ US offers a number of free as well as premium themes for your requirements. But if you say, custom themes can also be developed by their team. 


So this was our list of the Top 5 Moodle™ Premium Service Providers. 

You can choose any of them as per your geography and requirements.

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If you still have any questions about them, feel free to share them with us in the comments. Also if you’ve already worked with any of them, share your experience so others can also benefit from it.