New Learning Theme vs. Edwiser RemUI

New Learning Theme vs. Edwiser RemUI

We know you are always on the lookout for new Moodle theme comparisons to improve your Moodle experience. In this article, we are back with yet another comparison for you. 

New Learning is a relatively recent theme in the Moodle space. With unique layouts and modest customization options, it makes for a good theme. But how does it compare to Edwiser RemUI, here’s what our research tells us

#1 Layout

Edwiser RemUI

Edwiser RemUI not only changes the look and feel of your Moodle website but is also high on power and functionality. This enhances the overall Moodle experience. When it comes to course display and layouts the theme offers some unique features.

Some features worth mentioning are:

  • 150+ customization options
  • Page builder with 15+ ready-to-use custom Moodle blocks
  • Demo Importer
  • Multiple layouts for course archive and course enrollment pages
  • Unique course formats and Course analytics/Custom Course Progress Reports
  • Live Customizer
  • Course progress reports, customizable footer & homepage silder
  • Homepage Builder with 9 ready-made sections
  • No Distraction reading mode
  • Compliant with WCAG standards for differently-abled learners

When a student chooses the Only-Learning or the No-Distraction mode the screen changes – the browser toolbar is hidden, the screen space is optimized for reading, the navigation bar is minimized – to offer an app-like reading experience.

homepage remui 1
Moodle Homepage with Edwiser RemUI

dashboard remui 1
Moodle Dashboard with Edwiser RemUI

profile page boost 1
Moodle Profile Page with Edwiser RemUI

New Learning

When you check out the New Learning theme, you’ll notice it has two layout options – Full Width (default) and Boxed Layout. You can use either of these layout options to meet your needs.

Boxed layout => your content fits in a narrower container and you can change the background color and image
Full-Width layout => your e-learning content will occupy the whole page without any background, the standard background color is white.

Similar to Edwiser RemUI, the New Learning theme supports multiple course formats such as Grid, Button, Collapsed Topic format, and so on. These options allow you to give your course structures a personal touch. 

In the layout settings section, you also have the option to set the sidebar’s position (left, right or classic) and show/hide the sidebar buttons. 

However, there is no provision to personalize the dashboard and course analytics. So, it needs some improvement on the customization front.  

#2 Responsiveness

Both themes are completely responsive. Therefore, no worries about content readability on different devices. Regardless of the device, your learners will be easily able to access course content and continue learning seamlessly. 

#3 Color Palette

Both Edwiser RemUI and New Learning themes have exhaustive color palettes to create engaging website elements. You can pick from a preset color scheme or create your own that suits your brand.

#4  Navigation 

Edwiser RemUI

Edwiser RemUI supports one-click course creation. Course and course category management is hassle-free. The theme allows custom course navigation for students – making the navigation smart, dynamic and learner-oriented.

To make for quick information access, Edwiser RemUI also provides ready-to-use reporting blocks and simplified Moodle workflows. Apart from this, there is a task management tool for efficiency in your Moodle dashboard itself, using which, you can enlist your things-to-do that align with your schedule and be right on track.

New Learning

New Learning has custom bookmarks to add/edit shortcuts to the frequently visited pages. Therefore, it is easier for teachers and students to navigate to the most important pages. Also, it uses an A-Z index custom plugin for quick searching.

It supports various course formats such as Topic format, Collapsed Topic format, Button format, Grid format etc – to help you build a refined course structure.  

Where New Learning theme lacks is the number of shortcut options available. For example, unlike Edwiser RemUI, the theme does not have a create course shortcut. 

Both themes are equipped with smart course filtering to ease navigation.

# 5 Customization

Edwiser RemUI

Edwiser RemUI comes with 150+ customization options, a live customizer to edit or modify pages on the go, Moodle Login page customization as well as a custom page builder to quickly build & design custom any Moodle page on your LMS.

The theme has an all-inclusive dashboard with multiple custom blocks. The theme is equipped with a homepage builder with 10 custom elements to help you create your page with desired elements in a jiffy. 

There is H5P support for interactive content and emoji support for making learning a bit more fun.

New Learning

The New Learning theme does not come with custom dashboard blocks.  However, the theme’s front page can be customized using code. It is a great feature but needs technical understanding.

The theme has various shortcodes for adding accordions, buttons, box content, box image, slider carousel, YouTube or Vimeo web videos and more, to achieve a more engaging customized layout.

Both themes offer:

  • a customizable login page
  • compatibility with Bootstrap 4
  • color and font customization options
  • the possibility to add custom CSS
  • support for multiple languages and RTL languages

#6 Compatibility, Cost and Support

Edwiser RemUI

  • Compatible with Moodle version 3.0 to 3.11+
  • $99 USD for a year’s support and $299 USD for a lifetime license
  • Edwiser RemUI has a personalized support service via Email, Live Chat, Call Support or Forums. Further, there’s a detailed documentation and video tutorials guiding how to use the product.

New Learning

  • Compatible with Moodle versions 2.7 to 3.11+
  • $99 USD with 6 months of support
  • The New Learning theme has extensive documentation and video tutorials to guide you. The support service is accessible via email.

In Conclusion 

Edwiser RemUI theme is high on functionality and customization. You could opt for Edwiser RemUI for your dynamic requirements as the entire theme is truly customizable. 

Although a comparatively newer theme in the e-learning space, New Learning is a good theme to experiment with or start out with. 

For the final decision, it makes sense to check with your requirements and then take a call with the help of the information we provided in this article. Happy picking!

ParameterNew LearningEdwiser RemUI

Dynamic LayoutNoYes
Ready to use reporting blocksNoYes
Course Format SupportYesYes
Simplified Moodle WorkflowsNoYes
A-Z index present for course searchYesYes
Custom Dashboard BlocksNoYes
Custom Login PageYesYes
Bootstrap 4 compatibleYesYes
H5P and Emoji supportNoYes
Custom course navigationNoYes
One-click course creationNoYes
Homepage BuilderYesYes
Ability to add custom CSSYesYes
Color CustomizationYesYes
Font CustomizationYesYes
SupportLimited – EmailPersonalized Email, Live Chat Call Support Forums
Multi – -Language SupportYesYes
Dedicated Website for informationNoYes
CompatibilityCompatible with Moodle versions 2.7 to 3.11+Product compatible with Moodle version 3.0 to 3.11+
Extensive Documentation and Video TutorialsYesYes
Price$99 USD with 6 months support Extended license for $3000 USDAnnual License with year-long support and updates starts at $99 USD, Lifetime license for $299 USD

We understand if this is overwhelming. Don’t fret, we have created a table for you. Simply right-click and save it for future reference.

screenshot 2021.09.15 17 55 03

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