Moodle™ report builder Top Moodle™ reports and report builders

Moodle™ report builder: Top Moodle™ reports and report builders

Say goodbye to decade-old methods of reporting in Moodle™!!

Chasing efficiency in e-learning on your LMS should be your number one priority! So, setting up holistic reporting and analytics plays a critical role.

To help you with this, here’s a short compilation of popular questions asked about Moodle™ reports and report builders.

Moodle™ Report Builder in Moodle™ Workplace VS Core Moodle™

In Moodle™ Workplace:

The Moodle™ report builder is a dedicated graphical custom reporting tool for Moodle™™ Workplace. It creates advanced system reports and provides high-level customization options to Moodle™™ admins. 

This report builder is specifically designed for Moodle™ Workplace – a separate professional corporate training/learning platform with its own course format, theme, and individual functionalities. 

Report builder in core Moodle™:

It depends on your reporting needs! There are two options for you based on your budget as well as requirements. You could use Configurable Reports – the in-house, free Moodle™ block to create custom reports in Moodle™. 

What is custom report builder?

A custom report builder in Moodle™ allows you to prioritize your key metrics, organize them in one place for analysis and help you create insightful data aggregation as well as visualization.

There are two options for you based on your budget as well as requirements. You could use Configurable Reports – the in-house, free Moodle™ block to create custom reports in Moodle™. 

For deeper insights and to simplify your Moodle™ reporting process, you could even opt for a paid plugin like Edwiser Reports Pro. It helps you easily create both custom and ready-made reports without any SQL knowledge.

What are the reports for teachers in Moodle™?

In core Moodle™:

-> Log report, activity completion, course participation, Activity report etc. 

In Edwiser Reports Pro

-> Student engagement report, Number of visits to the LMS, Time tracking report for the overall LMS, time tracking report for activities, time tracking report for courses.

How can you get a report from Moodle™? What are the Top must-have Moodle™ reports?

You can retrieve all your reports on the Course Management Panel under “Reports”

Site-wide reports –  These are available under Site Administration for the Admin user role at both course and site levels. There are multiple reports in here to help you achieve a wide range of tasks such as regulating comments, site-based settings/configurations, an overview of key settings that can influence site performance, and more.

Configurable Reports – It helps you build custom reports from scratch, add Reports blocks anywhere you like, without SQL knowledge. You can pull Custom reports with key data about your courses’ performance that can be viewed on the screen, downloaded as an XLS file, or printed for further reference.

Engagement analytics block – This report helps you accurately gauge student success. Because it allows you to monitor student progress against a range of parameters. The block also provides feedback on the level of “engagement” of a student.

Log reports – Log reports (activity reports). They are activity reports available at both site & course levels. You can pick a certain activity by selected users within a specific set of items for a selected period, in the format of your choice.

Forum Graph report – It analyzes interactions in a single Forum activity and creates a force-directed graph using the D3.js Javascript library.

Overview Stats – Overview Statistics offers several site and course reports. The plugin is coded with the latest techniques and with the addition of a module can be used to show graphical reports. It is available in the Moodle repository and its code is open for evaluation on Git.

Course completion overview report – It’s an extension of the existing course completion report, for Moodle™ Admin and system-level Managers to give a broad level view of course completion tracking information from a centralized location rather than having to access each course individually

Course usage statistics – This report is available for admins to determine how different courses are used by learners – used as file repositories, URL repositories, activity repositories, or as forums. 

My Feedback report – This report allows students to see an overview of all their grades and feedback for assessment activities such as Moodle™ Assignments, Turnitin Assignments (v1 & v2), Workshops, and Quizzes. A Moodle™ Report that shows all student feedback on one page.

3 Best Premium Moodle™ reporting plugins:

Edwiser Reports Pro – This is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, dedicated dashboard-based custom Moodle™ reporting plugin that gives deeper e-learning insights through separate dashboards to learners, teachers, and admins and helps analyze LMS engagement and performance at a much higher level.

The plugin provides key insights via the active users,  inactive users, site access information, and daily activities reporting block FOR Teacher, Manager, and Admin user roles. For the students, a dedicated dashboard-based course progress report and time spent on the LMS are important reports available in Edwiser Reports Pro

LearnerScript – It has dashboards for different user roles – students, teachers, and admin – and offers 80+ ready-to-use reports to help you get started with reporting in Moodle™. The plugin is responsive, has a one-time purchase fee, and offers complete customization.

 Zoola – Zoola simplifies complex Moodle™ reports. You can get deep e-learning insights to help you increase learning effectiveness and engagement. Zoola offers ready-to-use reports as well as custom dashboards. And the plugin even has templates for student progress reports, course completion data, login activity, grades, feedback, competency, enrollment, etc.

In Conclusion

Hope this was useful. And we’ve successfully answered some of your doubts or questions about Moodle™ reports and report builders.

Comment down below with your reporting concerns in Moodle™ and we’ll try our best to answer them in our next blog post.


The course completion report shows the completion status for all learners and can be viewed for all enrolled users, for a specific user, or per group as well.

How to get a course completion report in Moodle?

The Course completion overview report is an easy-to-use plugin that generates course completion reports. You can see information such as the number of course enrollments, course completions as well as the number of courses left incomplete. This report helps you understand how your course content is performing and whether or not your students are enjoying them by proactively taking them up.

You can even understand the start date as well as the end date of a particular course for all your students individually.

How to get a course completion report in Moodle using Edwiser Reports Pro?

For learners – There is a dedicated dashboard that the learners can view to understand their course progress in their enrolled courses. This dashboard also gives them the ability to track time spent on the courses they’ve enrolled in.

For teachers, managers & admins – These user roles also have a separate dashboard for them to get a full understanding of how their learners are moving through the enrolled courses. This way they can get a complete picture of course completion and how their courses are performing in general.

Try these 4 steps given below using the subcourse plugin
1. Create a course page
– Hide it and enable Completion Tracking on it
2. Add a subcourse
– This will be one of the courses you teach/offer on your LMS
– Set it to report on Course Completion status
– Set this subcourse to be complete when “Student must complete the referenced course to complete this activity
– Repeat for each of the courses you provide on your Moodle LMS
3. Run the cron job for “Check referenced courses completion
4. Now go to the Activity Completion report, and you will have the report you need

Yes! Moodle can track student activity. There are several reports available that can help you track student activity.
You can use the Activity completion block using which you can set specific conditions. For example, there are multiple options like students can manually mark the activity as completed or you can set a criterion after which the activity gets automatically completed.

Certain activities in Moodle record or make entries in the Gradebook, such as Assignment, Quiz, H5P, Workshop, Lesson.

There are many other reports too available in the Moodle plugins directory for student activity tracking such as Logs, Activity Report, Activity Participation Report and Statistics.

Activity reports are available only if the “Enable Completion Tracking” option is set to “Yes” in your course

You can check student logs on your Moodle page to track student activity and even view their participation. Go to the “Actions” menu on the upper right corner of your course page, click on the last link called “More”. You’ll be taken to the main course administration and once you’re inside it, navigate to the “Reports” tab where you’ll see multiple reports. Click on “Logs”.

This report helps you understand everything that has happened on your course click-by-click. You can further go ahead and make the data more granular by filtering it by participants, days, or activities.

For example, you can pick and choose any activity that needs to be monitored. And you can check how your learners have interacted with it. Every student’s click-by-click interaction with the course activity is recorded. Also, you can easily download this data as .CSV file, convert it to Excel for additional filtering or analysis, to drill down to what your students have been able to accomplish or where they faced roadblocks.

In Moodle using plugins from the directory

Grade reports can help you alter the look of your gradebook to your users and there are several options for you to tinker with.

You can also explore the Grader report. It’s a view inside the Moodle gradebook to view and edit student grades for your class. There are 3 types of views available – The full view, the aggregate view and the grades-only view. You can also easily access the single view for grades as well as user reports. The Grader report gets updated automatically when your learners complete a particular activity such as a quiz. Scores also get auto-updated when you manually evalaute and enter grades for activities such as an Assignment or a Forum.

In Moodle using Edwiser Reports Pro

The Edwiser Reports Pro plugin offers grade reports at the course level. This reports gives you a detailed breakdown of student grade performace.

You get a neat and clean, percentage-wise split of how many students scored between a particular range of percentage. For example, how many students scored between 80-100%, 60-80% so on and so forth.

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