Edumy Theme vs Edwiser RemUI: Comparison 2021

Edumy vs Edwiser RemUI

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While most moodlers may only focus on the look-and-feel aspect of a theme, better Moodling goes beyond aesthetics.

Honestly, altering the appearance of your Moodle™ site is simpler. I mean if you don’t like how it looks, just change it. There are many themes out there to do the job. 

Functionality vs. Aesthetics

But the question is – are you more interested in looks than performance? I know an attractive theme is what many seek. And it definitely makes a difference to your Moodle site appearance.

But is it really enough? Nope.

What about all those aspects that allow a teacher to run courses, teach and assess easily or a learner to navigate and learn properly, or an admin to have better control over configurations? 

That’s when parameters such as functionality, customization options, theme accessibility and speed, student-oriented design, compatibility with different devices and browsers, ease of use, and ultimately peace of mind for you and your students matter. 

Leading Themes for Moodle™ – COMPARED

The theme you choose needs to be an all-rounder that eventually helps you deliver better e-learning. You can’t have different themes for different purposes on your Moodle site, can you?

Since much has been discussed about the popular themes for Moodle.

Let’s try to understand and compare Edwiser RemUI with Edumy  – the two themes for Moodle currently at the top of their game.

#1 Layout

Edwiser RemUI

Edwiser RemUI is a professional theme for Moodle with a learner-friendly design. It was built with the idea to make Moodle super-simple to work with. 

With modern multiple page layouts that load at blazing speeds, the theme can drastically improve the overall learning experience. When it comes to course display and layouts the theme offers some unique features.

homepage remui
Moodle Homepage with Edwiser RemUI
dashboard remui
Moodle Dashboard with Edwiser RemUI
profile page boost
Moodle Profile Page with Edwiser RemUI

Some features worth mentioning are:

  • 150+ customization options
  • Page builder with 15+ ready-to-use custom Moodle blocks
  • Demo Importer
  • Multiple layouts for course archive and course enrollment pages
  • Unique course formats for better course presentation
  • Course progress reports, customizable footer & homepage silder
  • Homepage builder & 9 ready-made sections for the homepage
  • Focus mode for distraction-free learning
  • Compliant with WCAG standards for differently-abled learners

Someone with a student user role can easily navigate the layout completely using the keyboard (Login Page, Dashboard, Course Archive and Course Page). They can use the ‘tab’ button on the keyboard to navigate between different elements on the above-supported pages.

For students with full or partial blindness disability, the theme also features the text/element to voice on elements using screen reader tools.

Moreover, Edwiser RemUI enables you to use browser tools such as ChromeVox Classic Extension for effortless screen reading. 


Edumy is a contemporary theme with multiple page design options for a user-friendly Moodle experience. It boasts of a retina-ready design that works well on all resolutions including the iMac Retina 5K.

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edumy screenshot 2

Here are some of the key features to look out for:

  • 13 Homepage Layout Designs
  • 50+ Page Designs & Layouts
  • 8 header designs and multiple footer variants
  • Focus mode and night learning mode
  • Flexible Layout with 7 frontend regions: Full Width Top, Full Width Bottom, Sidebar Left, Sidebar Right, Above Content & Below Content
  • Video Hero slider support
  • 4+ Collapsible Topics Format Settings
  • Edumy custom maintenance page & plugin upgrade page
  • 2 theme options: default front-end theme and modern custom Dashboard theme for course content

#2 Navigation

Edwiser RemUI

Edwiser RemUI supports simple, learner-centric course creation. Course and course category management is also hassle-free. The theme allows custom course navigation for students – making the navigation smart, dynamic, and learner-oriented.

To make for quick information access, Edwiser RemUI also provides ready-to-use reporting blocks and simplified Moodle workflows.

You can enlist your things-to-do that align with your schedule and be always on track with the task management tool for efficiency in your Moodle dashboard itself.

You can portray your courses in an interesting way and make them more discoverable with the unique course formats packed in the theme. It simplifies navigation by enhancing the overall course presentation – a tried and tested way to increase learner engagement on your Moodle site.


Edumy provides a custom auto-smooth-scrolling messaging interface for users, teachers and admins. The theme also offers Drag & Drop page elements using custom blocks. There is even a custom dashboard design for learners, teachers, and admins for better navigation. 

You can use the News widget available in the user Dashboard for making important announcements. To further boost navigation, site-wide messaging drawer, user notifications, and user navigation & settings menus are also offered by the theme.

For quick and easy login, you can also use the Login popup in the navigation bar, or an optional direct link to your site’s login page

#3 Customization

Edwiser RemUI

Elegance is not the only thing the theme sports. It’s fully customizable with 10 multipurpose custom blocks, each built to serve a unique purpose. There are super-nifty modules for viewing course analytics, enrolled users, course progress and more

The theme is also very simple to use and suitable for use across moodlers with varying degrees of expertise (Teachers, admins, developers, students etc.). You can use it right out of the box or make minor tweaks if needed or completely customize it to your preferences or e-learning needs. Bend it the way you want! 

Edwiser RemUI also features an exhaustive colour palette and multiple custom logos and fonts for effective branding. Moodle admins can also customize the login page for better branding and user experience.

You can also create custom home pages with intuitive designs with a powerful home page builder module. 


Edumy also offers a wide range of customization options. The live customizer is a unique feature that can be used for creating dynamic, content-rich pages in Moodle.

You can also easily add custom Star Ratings & Reviews for courses to collect student feedback and improve engagement levels. 

The theme sports multiple logo images and settings, custom CSS, custom JS  and custom color pickers to help you create a more personalized experience. It even lets you set dynamic custom heights and widths for your brand logo.

The all-custom dashboard lets you browse courses, reports, and settings in a systematic way. It can also be customized easily with over 85 custom blocks for better control over your content, paid course enrolments made via PayPal & Stripe, and your Moodle site in general.

#4 Responsiveness

Both themes are 100% responsive and multi-resolution friendly. The content readability on different devices, browsers, and screen sizes is next to perfect. 

Regardless of the device, your learners will easily be able to access course content and continue learning seamlessly. Plus the designs offered by both themes are designed to look great on all resolutions. 

#5 Compatibility, Cost and Support

Edwiser RemUI

  • Compatible with Moodle version 3.0 to 3.11+
  • $99 USD for a year’s support and $299 USD for a lifetime license
  • Personalized support service via Email, Live Chat, Call Support or Forums (Support for Moodle versions 3.6 to 3.11+)
  • Demo importer and detailed documentation, knowledge base and video tutorials available for guiding how to use the product
  • Translation-ready and supports RTL languages
  • Compatible with all third-party plugins that work with Moodle’s standard theme – Boost


  • Compatible with Moodle 3.7, 3.8, 3.9 & 3.10, 3.11+
  • $99 for Regular license with 6 months support (Support can be extended to 12 months by paying an extra fee of $33.38)
  • Demo installation available with 45 pre-built pages
  • Installation guides for direct deployment into your existing Moodle site
  • Extensive documentation and prompt ticket-based support
  • Fully translatable and supports RTL languages


So, who’s the winner? 

Edwiser RemUI and Edumy both have some really useful, student-centric features. Both themes have great functionality for Moodle admins and teachers too.

Which is a better educational tool for your Moodle site depends on

  • Your budget
  • The type of learners who will be accessing your e-learning program
  • Your degree of expertise with Moodle
  • And the mother of all – your distinct e-Learning needs because no two needs can be the same

So, check out the free demos and decide for yourself. 

I’m sure, with this comparison article, it won’t take you much time to choose your go-to theme for Moodle.

All the Best!

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