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Edwiser RemUI vs Lambda: Design, Features, and Support COMPARED

Moodle themes have evolved over time.

Recent themes are more functional, change the look and feel of both the frontpage and the dashboard; they are customizable, and leaner.

And with themes getting more and more equipped, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pick the best Moodle theme for the job. However, out of the many options out there, leading two Moodle themes that feature on most recommended lists are – Edwiser RemUI and Lambda

Edwiser RemUI

A theme that caught the attention of the Moodle community as revolutionary – Edwiser RemUI is a favorite of many Moodlers. It offers a unique set of features, can be thoroughly customized and can be used to completely change the look and feel of your Moodle website.

Edwiser RemUI supports RTL languages, is responsive, and is lightning-fast to offer quick navigation and an elevated learning experience.

Theme Reviews:

“Edwiser RemUI rises above other Moodle themes because they not only provide a brilliant user experience for the front end, but they also have an amazing user interface for the back-end. Its USP is what sets it above any other Moodle theme.”


“The Edwiser homepage builder that comes with RemUI has made it easy to create a unique landing page for our LMS making it possible to easily change the design and present learning content in a very interactive manner with the course formats plugin.”

– Emmanuel Abba, Learning Developer

Highlighted Features:

  • Homepage builder
  • Custom course formats
  • Dashboard customization options using blocks 
  • Optimized navigation
  • Customizable login page


Starts at $99 – Get Edwiser RemUI with 1 year of support and updates


A popular Moodle theme – Lambda adds functionality and a fresh new look to the LMS. It’s got multiple customization options for font, color, header, footer, and the front page. It offers an easy-to-access login form, and comes with two layout options (box and full-width).

Lambda, like all good Moodle themes, has a collapsible sidebar and supports RTL languages. It’s fresh, engaging, and offers a modern look and feel.

Theme Reviews:

“The “Lambda” theme is probably one of the most recommended themes by Moodle users, both institutional and corporate alike. While commercial clients enjoy its portal-like front-end with marketing capabilities, educational institutions relish in its user-friendly customizable layout.”

  • Moonami

“I can’t really choose my one main reason for rating this theme 5/5. There are several reasons: customizability, features, excellent support, exhaustive documentation, etc. Highly recommended!”

  • Anonymous (ThemeForest)

Highlighted features:

  • Slider support
  • Customizable font, icons, colors
  • Box and full-width layout
  • Customizable front page
  • Social login


Starting from $59 with 6 months of support

How does Edwiser RemUI compare to Lambda


The design of the theme gives your Moodle LMS a unique look. It decides layouts, navigation, ease of use, reader friendliness, course display, and a whole lot more.

Edwiser RemUI offers a sophisticated and elegant interface. Along with the option to completely customize the homepage, dashboard blocks, and login page it also has custom course formats. You can choose to use Moodle course formats or the custom ones to best display your course content.

(Edwiser RemUI – layouts)

The Lambda theme is fresh and modern. It’s stand-out yellow color makes it suitable for colleges and universities. The colors of the theme can be completely customized for any learning environment.

(Lambda – layouts)

Both themes are responsive and can be used to seamlessly display your courses and lessons across popular devices and browsers.

LambdaEdwiser RemUI

Collapsible sidebarCollapsible sidebar

Font Awesome IconsFont Awesome Icons


Color Customisations Color Customisations 

2 Custom Course Formats

10 Custom Dashboard Blocks

Brand New ‘My courses’ page

Enhanced Profile page


Most Moodle themes stop at simply changing the front page. While Lambda offers settings to further customize the homepage, Edwiser RemUI has a full-fledged homepage builder to help you design the front page like a pro without the need to code.

Edwiser RemUI also has a custom login page that can be personalized. Lambda sports a quick-access login form right in the theme header.

LambdaEdwiser RemUI
FeaturesLogin FormDedicated Login Page

Social Login (Google, Facebook, etc.)Social Login (Google, Facebook, etc.)

Front-page settings (Basic)Front-page Builder (Homepage Builder)

Ease of Use

Moodle themes offer more than simply changing the look and feel of your LMS. They offer enhanced interactivity making it easier to teach and learn.

While both themes are extremely easy to set up, Lambda offers a fairly easy-to-use interface with basic options. Edwiser RemUI can be overwhelming for those looking for a basic theme – given its advanced functionality. 

What stands out though is the ease with which you can navigate and quickly access content using Edwiser RemUI. With shortcuts, distraction-free learning mode, a customizable dashboard, and dedicated courses page, the theme simplifies interaction on your Moodle LMS.

LambdaEdwiser RemUI
Ease of UseStandard set up and useAdvanced capabilities simplified usage

Quick links

– Dedicated courses page for easy access

– Distraction-free mode


The Lambda theme and Edwiser RemUI come with support licenses which have to be renewed on a timely basis. Support is prompt and responsive. Both themes offer detailed documentation to help you use them to the best of their capabilities.

Lambda offers support through ThemeForest, whereas Edwiser RemUI support is available via email and chat.

The Edwiser team also offers a professional customization service to help you tailor the Edwiser RemUI theme for your organization.

LambdaEdwiser RemUI
SupportInitially 6 months, extendableInitially 1 year, Lifetime option available

Picking the One for You

Both the themes – Edwiser RemUI and Lambda – score highly when it comes to leveling up your Moodle website. They’re customizable, easy to use, and offer in-built functionality to make your life as an LMS admin a whole lot easier.

The choice to pick one over the other is completely yours. Go for Edwiser RemUI if you want comprehensive design customization, lightning-fast interaction, and unique course formats. Go for Lambda if you want simple settings and a lightweight theme.

What factors do you look for when picking a theme? Have we helped you choose between Lambda and Edwiser RemUI? The comments section is open for discussion.

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