Two-Way Synchronization

Enable Two-way Synchronization

Edwiser Bridge now also provides Two-way Synchronization which enables the actions to reflect on either side, even when you change it at one end only. The connection works WordPress to Moodle and even vice-versa.

  • Go to ‘Site Administration’ -> Plugins -> Edwiser Bridge -> Edwiser Bridge settings. The Moodle Web Service Token generated in the previous steps will be used in the Edwiser Bridge settings on your Moodle website.
  • Under the ‘connection settings’ tab in Edwiser Bridge settings in Moodle, Paste the Site name, WordPress URL (WordPress site which you want to connect) and the token which was generated above.
  • Under the ‘Synchronization settings’ tab, you can decide user enrollment, un-enrollment, User creation and user deletion which will enable the two-way synchronization to work as per your need.
  • Under the ‘Service Settings’, you will find the token which you created recently. You can select the webservice which you created for Edwiser bridge and click on ‘Link’. If there are any missing functions from the webservice, they will get automatically added when you press ‘Link’. (This feature is only for Edwiser Bridge v1.4.3 only)
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