How to Customize Your Moodle Homepage The Way You Like It

Before I address the above scenario, let me start off with a question. How important is a website homepage for you, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most important?

If your answer is anywhere between 5 to 10, I’ve news for you!

You’ve already won half the race, being miles ahead of the rest! Your homepage, as the starting point of your site, sets your first impression, for your students as well as site visitors. Hence, the appearance of your site home is extremely important for the success and efficiency of your e-Learning venture. 

What A Traditional Moodle Site Offers You:

  • Basic Appearance.
  • A limited number of elements to display.
  • Unstructured layout.
  • Limited customization options.

Now if your plans are to go one-above, which you ideally should after looking at how important the homepage is, even you’d know a traditional moodle site would never be enough!

So what can you do about it? Let me walk you through the process of turning your basic Moodle Homepage into a spectacular one:

The 1st Fold

The 1st fold should consist of ‘Header’ which will be the first thing your users will see when they land on your website.

Now, here I have introduced ‘Sliders’ in the header section adding content over it which gives out a description of my website. Using the Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder, I included this in the section along with some modifications like changing adding an image in the slider, changing the color of the description and adding a button to it.

Let me show how it is done…

Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder

This is how it will look after editing the ‘Slider section’:

Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder

The 2nd Fold

The next fold introduces the ‘About Us’ section that conveys what your site is about and what you are ready to offer to your users.

I designed this ‘About Us’ section giving it a completely different look. From section padding to add images in the background, I did my experiments and results were pretty impressive. First, let’s see what and how you can edit it…

Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder

Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder

This is how the section will look like on your homepage:

Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder

The 3rd Fold

According to research, a course overview section should be present in a Moodle homepage as it gives a fair idea of what courses your Moodle website is going to offer. Along with the courses, you can even add the extra features which you will be providing to your users.

This comprises the 3rd fold of developing an awesome homepage with Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder. I’ve added a ‘Course Section’ and a ‘Feature section’ customizing it in every possible way and giving it a completely different look. Let me show how I did it…

Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder

Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder

Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder

This is how your final ‘Feature Section’ will look like:

Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder

The 4th Fold

This is the last fold of designing a Moodle Homepage with Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder. There are some things which might not seem important, but trust me they are. Small things like talking about the team/teachers behind your Moodle site, Testimonials and how other users can contact you, need to be displayed on a homepage.

I too felt the need to have them, and guess what? The page really looks complete after adding everything.

I have added a ‘Team Section’, ‘Testimonial Section’ and a ‘Contact us’ section and taking the liberty of doing all kinds of modifications to make it look good. Wanna see what I have done? Take a look…

Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder

Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder

Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder

Summing Up

Apart from the predefined sections, we have also introduced an ‘HTML Section’ which lets you design whatever and however you like it. It is a completely blank section which can be used to create designer blocks and can be used in different ways.

With this homepage builder, we’ve made it possible for you to go beyond ordinary homepages in Moodle. Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder, being World’s 1st Homepage Builder for Moodle, empowers you to design your dream homepage, in a Snap!

Note: The Moodle 3.7 Compatible Update of Edwiser RemUI is out now! This update onwards, Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder will come as a part of the theme. For a smooth experience, please update your Moodle to 3.7 only after Edwiser RemUI 3.7 Update Release.

Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder

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