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14 Best Moodle Plugins of 2020 You Can’t Afford to Miss

Over the years, eLearning has become synonymous to Moodle. And why not!

After all, Moodle’s modular structure opens up a huge scope of customizations and enhancements. Add to that a common desire of reflecting their uniqueness via branding, more & more corporates, schools, institutions and individuals are going all-out exploring various plugins!

Here, we at Edwiser, have tried to make the search process easier for you. Let’s look at plugins that are a must-have for you, covering various aspects of Moodle.

List of Best Moodle Plugins 

Enhanced User Experience

#01 Edwiser RemUI

Edwiser RemUI

Well-known for its user-friendly design and loved by its patrons, Edwiser RemUI is a Moodle theme that brings to you a completely transformed user experience on Moodle.   

With an intuitive dashboard, collapsible sidebars, branding customizations & a lot more in the mix, Edwiser RemUI has everything you need, for a premium Moodle experience.

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#02 Adaptable

Adaptable Theme

Boasting of more than 19k downloads, Adaptable is a theme that’s a go-to choice, especially for someone who is new to Moodle.

Why you might ask. One major factor that plays in Adaptable’s favor is the fact that Adaptable is free-to-use. Based on the popular BCU theme, Adaptable’s responsive and customizable nature makes it suitable for both corporates as well as universities.

Smooth Management of your Moodle site

#03 Connect-2-Moodle (Adobe Connect)

Adobe Connect-2-Moodle

You can integrate Adobe Connect with Moodle using the Connect-2-Moodle module.

Using this solution, you can enter Adobe® Connect meetings, launch Presenter and Captivate presentations. You can also watch event recordings with just a single click inside Moodle.

Connect-2-Moodle offers a Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality to allow information flow effortlessly in both directions.

#04 Edwiser Site Monitor

Edwiser Site Monitor

More often than not, students complain that the Moodle site is loading slow. There are also those instances when admins are unaware of a possible crashing of their sites, and only come to know of it once the damage has happened.

Edwiser Site Monitor comes as a major sigh of relief for admins, for they can now keep track of important performance parameters of their Moodle sites.

By being updated of the functioning status of their site, admins can take necessary steps and precautions to ensure their site is up & running always!

#05 Edwiser Bridge PRO – Automated Moodle e-Commerce Solution

Moodle, by default, doesn’t come with any provisions of selling courses online. Tapping into this unexplored mine, solutions like Stripe integration with Moodle, and Paypal have played a significant role in monetizing Moodle courses.

However, when it comes to a comprehensive automated eCommerce Moodle plugin, Edwiser Bridge PRO solution takes the gold. From acting as a digital shopfront to sell courses, automated user enrollment to effortless student user management, Edwiser Bridge PRO checks all the boxes. Add to that the assured safety and security of your data at your end, given that this solution is completely self-hosted.

Gamification & Assessment

#06 Level up! – Gamification

Level Up!

Motivating and engaging learners over the years, gamification has managed to grab the attention of a lot of people, for all the right reasons.

Popular plugin Level up! enables you to engage your learners much better! Using this solution, you can increase engagement and participation by rewarding learners for their performance.

Other than proving to be a motivating factor for learners, gamification with Level Up! also encourages a healthy competitive spirit amongst learners.

#07 Completion Progress

Completion Progress bar in block - teacher view

While learning, tracking course progress is something one can’t do without. The Completion Progress block visually displays the activities & resources a student needs to interact with, within a course.

With color-coding in the mix, your students can quickly see what they have and have not completed or viewed.

In addition to the above, an Overview page allows teachers to track the progress of all students in a class, helping identify students needing attention.

#08 Configurable Reports

Reports help a teacher understand and identify not just top-performing students, but even students that might need an extra push.

Using Configurable Reports, you can create custom reports of your students, and also select which users can view it. This solution also lets you export the reports for further analysis and understanding.

The types of reports you can create include course reports with information regarding courses, category reports, Users reports, and timeline reports.

Collaborative Learning

#09 Google Apps for Moodle

Moodle ensures that the dependency of students on Google apps doesn’t break, with active integration for Google Hangouts, YouTube, Picasa, Google Drive & Gmail.

Using Google Apps for Moodle, you can do it all, be it sending emails or even let your students watch YouTube videos from their courses.

#10 Zoom

Zoom Meetings for Moodle

Over the years, Blended learning has made its mark in the online learning ecosystem.

Zoom, a video and web conferencing platform, enables teachers to host online meetings & sessions with up to 50 participants. By doing so, teachers are able to deliver their lectures not just in the classroom, but even online via video.

Zoom plugin offers tight integration with Moodle, supporting meeting creation, synchronization, grading, and backup/restore.

Effective Content Delivery

#11 H5P

H5P for Moodle

You can create and add rich content to your Moodle site for free. Using H5P, teachers & course creators can create and edit interactive videos, presentations, games, advertisements and more.

With interactive content in the picture, you can ensure higher levels of engagement for your students.

H5P content is responsive and mobile friendly, As a result, users get to experience the same rich, interactive content on computers, smartphones and tablets alike.

#12 Edwiser Course Formats

Edwiser Course Formats Plugin FREE

The way your course content is displayed largely influences the engagement levels of your students. If they find the course page to be cluttered, or boring, they’d lose interest and might also drop out.

Edwiser Course Formats, a free-to-use plugin, comes with two intuitive course layouts, thereby ensuring your students engage well enough with the learning material.

Seamless Communication

#13 BigBlueButton

An open source web conferencing system for online learning, BigBlueButton enables instructors to conduct LIVE online classes, virtual office hours, and group collaboration with students remotely.

You can create multiple activity links to online sessions within any course and even restrict students from joining a session until a teacher/moderator joins the session.

The BigBlueButtonBN plugin also enables you to record a session, as well as access and manage recordings.

#14 Edwiser Forms

Edwiser Forms

The first step before a student can access and begin his course is course enrollment. By default, enrolling a student to a course is a tedious process. Same goes with taking feedback from your students, be it on the quality of course, or quality of their mentors.

Edwiser Forms, as a free-to-use forms solution for Moodle, lets you create course enrollment and feedback forms, amongst various other types of forms, easy and quick.

You can also create forms where certain fields are shown only for specific answers given/options selected by the user. Further, Edwiser Forms also lets you create lengthy forms without endless scrolling, with its multipage forms feature.

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Summing Up

Moodle, being open source with a modular structure, opens up the scope of being customized as per someone’s needs. With a plethora of plugins available to you for free, in addition to premium plugins, you can create a personalized e-learning website easily on Moodle.

The above list of 14 Best Moodle Plugins of 2020 covers various aspects of a complete Moodle site. Hope that was a good read for you! 🙂

Are there any plugins that you’d like to recommend? Let me know in the comments section below!


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