Edwiser RemUI Update-Live Customizer

Edwiser RemUI Update: Customize Moodle in Real-Time [NO CODING]

94 percent of users rejected a website and entirely blamed the website design before dropping off.  

Horror stories like these make you think that having learner-friendly, clean, professionally designed websites are a must. 

So, it makes sense to customize your Moodle site to make it appealing and easy-to-use. Now, as all websites go, there are three ways to do this.

Ways to Design a Perfect Moodle Site

#1 The CLASSIC time-consuming way:

Create custom code for every element to be tweaked→ Make the changes you want, not knowing how they would actually work or look on your Moodle site → Conduct a super time-intensive round of testing the changes → Go back to re-editing what you don’t like → Load the new changes and test them yet again

And the vicious cycle goes on! It’s like being stuck on a hamster wheel. 

And it also sounds like too much work! I’m not even counting the number of times you approached a developer to get all of this done.

#2 The blow-your-budget option

Hire a developer → Explain your Moodle customization requirements and the overall vision/purpose to him/her→ Go through the headache of multiple back-and-forths when you don’t get the desired results → The developer then charges you a bomb for the project (including the hours spent, the changes made and the number of iterations taken) → End up being satisfied that comes at a huge cost or roll with the new design even if you don’t want to, (since you’ve already spent a fortune and can’t afford more money)

To be honest, just reading this makes my head spin. If this option works out for you, great. But if it fails, it could be a costly mistake. But you could easily avoid this if you pick the next option.

#3 The SMARTER way that saves your time and effort:

Make the changes you want without any coding–>See them LIVE as you make them → Preview all the edits right there once done→ Save or reset depending on how happy you’re with the changes

This one is way simpler! In fact, it’s the best way to take the guesswork out of your Moodle customization. (More on this in the article below). How do you achieve the above? Read on to know.

Introducing the Edwiser Live Customizer 

Now, Moodle has a bit of a clunky design that not many moodlers would be comfortable with. Only a few can argue that Moodle is simple to modify

Not to forget that the customization as mentioned in #1 and #2 above can take up a lot of time and effort. 

I know how annoying it can get tweaking your Moodle site to absolute perfection. 

So, do you want to modify your Moodle site [NO CODING] while previewing live how the changes will look like? 

I have a solution for you offered right in our updated Edwiser RemUI theme.

The Back Story – 6 Reasons Why?

The pandemic last year gave us some thoughts to ponder about – thoughts about taking Moodle customization to the next level. We kept getting questions from several moodlers to further simplify the customization process. 

And as we moved into 2021, our thoughts materialized, the questions bothering so many moodlers were finally resolved!

Here are 6 prime reasons why we came up with the live customizer feature in Edwiser RemUI:

1) A lot of users didn’t have a developer to design and customize their Moodle site as per their requirements
2) They were not aware of any coding/CSS
3) It took a lot of time for them to set up the theme as required since it either involved developer assistance or help from product support
4) Lack of ability to change colors on the Left sidebar, links on the Moodle site, hover effect, page background-color 
5) Some of them had reported that the theme lacks customization options/settings
6) It was difficult to maintain CSS code for every major release of the theme or the version of Moodle

Key Takeaway

The more personalized, and usable your website is, the longer your students will stay, and more likely come back later. 

So, you need to add that personal touch with beyond-ordinary modifications to your Moodle site. And preferably without bugging your developers. 

Our team figured that these personalized tweaks not only take time but also demand CSS and coding knowledge.

And that’s when we thought of updating our theme with the handiest customization solution.

Woohoo! Edwiser RemUI Updated

Customizing Moodle can be tricky! 

But not when you have the latest version of Edwiser RemUI.

If you want to get out of the coding rut and make quick modifications to your Moodle site in real-time, Edwiser Live Customizer is your go-to tool. 

To keep things simple and more convenient, the Edwiser RemUI theme has been updated with the live customizer feature

You may wonder! What’s so special about this?

Let’s dive into the details to answer that!

Customizing Moodle on the go [CODE-FREE]

The theme is ready-to-use for kickass customizations to your Moodle site. You can easily modify all the elements – the header, footer layout, color scheme, typography, hover colors, background, and more in a matter of minutes. 

Just click and tweak whatever you want to! 

For starters, let me highlight some key benefits for you:

  • Saves time with real-time customization
  • Tweaking your site as per the learning needs and branding made simpler and faster
  • Requires zero coding and CSS knowledge which means zero developer assistance in setup
  • Offers 100+ customization options

Now, here’s how our new update can help you in better and faster customization of your Moodle site:

#1 Simple Real-time customization

You can now customize your theme for Moodle on the fly. 

As you make quick design edits, you’ll be able to see the changes reflected on the right-hand screen.

You can tweak everything that matters for a simple user interface and a superior user experience – fonts, buttons, colours, favicon and more.

#2 No-nonsense settings

All customizer settings are available in Global Settings. You can easily tweak almost any aspect of your Moodle design with no coding at all. 

If you don’t like how your theme looks, just change it! – be it the header, footer, font, buttons, colours or the sidebars. Speed up your editing and enhance the learning experience!

#3 Easy site-wide modifications

The Global settings let you easily customize the Favicon (the icon for your Moodle site in the address bar), font and text color for both body and headings, set colors or images as page background, design buttons with padding, borders and colors of your choice etc.

#4 Tweak the font to your liking

You can customize text settings for the body as well as headings. You can easily change the font size for the entire site by picking the one that works for you.

#5  Seamlessly modify the main body

You can effortlessly style and design the page body as you please. Here you get to choose the font family, the font size and weight, the text color, and a lot more. Similarly, you can also style your headings the way you want.

#6 Preview the changes upfront

You can quickly preview the changes right there on your screen as you work and edit your theme without navigating elsewhere.

#7 Testing and implementing changes in a SNAP

In case you mess up and want to start customizing again, just reset all your settings. Once you’re happy with the final changes, you can hit save and apply all the design changes in a jiffy. 


Time for the best news now! 

Our updated Edwiser RemUI theme includes the Live Customizer at NO EXTRA COST for you. PLUS it’s included in all the packages of Edwiser RemUI ( Starter Suite, PRO & Course Creator Suite)

Needless to say, it’s a simple yet absolutely bang for your buck option in the Moodle ecosystem right now. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the good stuff ASAP. It’s already drawing moodlers from around the world.

Check out the theme right away. And upgrade to quick and easy LIVE customization at your fingertips!

Note: The update is available for all Moodle 3.9 and Moodle 3.10 users

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