Edwiser RemUI: Admin View

The Edwiser RemUI – user experience theme for Moodle – ameliorates the basic Moodle LMS interface.

The Settings Experience

The theme activation, guides you through a series of personalization settings:

  • Dashboard Settings: Allows you to set the preferred color scheme, choose a suitable layout, and style the sidebar
  • General Settings: Allows you to set the logo, sitename, favicon, font, add custom CSS
  • Slider Settings: This page contains settings for the slider on the frontpage. You can set the images, text and button links here
  • Home Page Settings: The homepage contains sections to display custom content about your business. You can fine-tune the content using the Home Page Settings options
  • Footer Settings: Allows you to set content in the three column footer layout, along with social media sharing links and copyright text
  • Login Page Settings: Allows you to upload a custom image on the login page and personalize the login panel


The Edwiser RemUI documentation has you covered here.

Theme Options Overview

Once you activate the Edwiser RemUI theme, you should be able to notice a stark difference between Edwiser RemUI elements and Moodle’s default interface.

Edwiser RemUI takes care of highlighting sections of the layout and making actionable items clearly visible; thus enhancing your content creation experience.


The ‘quick links’ in the top menu and the right sidebar make it easy for you – the LMS admin- to easily access content, settings and create courses, events and activities.

Exploring the Top Navigation Menu

The top navigation menu contains several easy access options.

  • The left (≡) & right () sidebar toggle options allow you to hide or show the sidebar panels. Hiding the sidebar panels allows for distraction free reading
  • The ‘Mail‘ option allows you to check your recent messages with a link to your inbox
  • The ‘Notifications‘ option maintains a list of recent activities
  • An ‘Upcoming Events‘ option allows you to view scheduled events


User Shortcuts

Upon clicking your username, you should uncover options to:

  • View the LMS Dashboard,
  • View ‘Courses‘ page (pretty useful on pages where right sidebar is not present),
  • Site news‘ page,
  • and the ‘User Profile‘ page


Edwiser RemUI ‘Quick Links’ in Sidebar

Quick Links are the highlight of Edwiser RemUI. The Right Sidebar is an LMS administrator’s arsenal.


The options present allow for:

  • Dashboard Settings access for the theme
  • A quick option to create a new course (time-saver for content creators)
  • Link to ‘Courses‘ page
  • Link to ‘Blog‘ page


Dissecting the ‘Courses’ Page

The course archive page, or the all courses page on Moodle has been completely revamped in Edwiser RemUI.

It’s more functional and has a cool design! 🙂


On every course listed on the course archive page, the LMS administrator, course manager or course teacher has the following options:

  • Enrol User: An option to instantly enrol a new user to the course (Booyah! 😀 )
  • Grade Report: A shortcut to view student grades for the course
  • Activity Report: A quick link to activity notifications for the course
  • Edit Course: An option to edit course settings
  • View Course: Takes you to the course details page

Edwiser RemUI Custom Widgets

Apart from the above navigation improvements, Edwiser RemUI introduces a set of custom widgets. These include:

  • Deadlines: To view assignment, quiz, lesson, course dealines
  • Quick Notes: An option to shoot a short message to any Moodle user on the site
  • Upcoming Events: A list of scheduled events
  • Course overview: Summary of enrolled courses
  • Live Stats: A view of active users, new members and total storage available


For a first-hand experience of the theme, we highly recommend taking a look at the demo! And any pre-sale questions or doubts you might have could be directed to us using the support form on our site!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts 🙂