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RemUI Page Builder: How it Makes Designing Your Moodle Site An Easy Game

Designing a webpage can be tough for any non-coder. And when it comes to designing pages for an eLearning site, things become even more difficult and tricky because user experience matters much more on these sites. That’s also why many of us hesitate to take our eLearning business online.

While Moodle makes it easy to set up an eLearning website by providing a feature-rich LMS solution, many of its templates often leave a lot to be desired.

Fortunately, now there’s a way for non-coders to develop Moodle sites with web page designs of their choice. The RemUI Page Builder makes it possible.


Let’s find out!

The Various Problems of Building A Moodle Site

There are many issues that make building a Moodle site a tricky affair, even after choosing a Moodle template. Some of them include:

  • Lack of customization features: The majority of templates available for Moodle sites lack robust customization features that can allow customizing all aspects of the site. In such a situation, many times, it requires at least some level of coding knowledge if someone wants to achieve a site design that’s completely in line with their expectations. 
  • Lack of live preview: While many of the leading CMS platforms nowadays provide the functionality to see a live preview of webpages while changing their design (sometimes also known as WYSIWYG editor), this feature is missing from Moodle templates. So, whether a design change will look good or not can be known only after the change has been applied. If it doesn’t look good, the designer needs to undo the change and apply a new one instead. 
  • Lack of page layouts: There’s also a lack of page layouts in many of the templates that are available for Moodle, which often requires Moodlers to create a layout from scratch. Obviously, it’s not an easy feat for someone who might not have coded a web page ever before. 

These issues make designing a Moodle site tricky and difficult for most Moodlers. Now, let’s see how RemUI Page Builder can change that. 

How RemUI Page Builder Makes Life Easy for Moodlers?

RemUI Page Builder aims to fix all three issues explained above by providing the following two functionalities:

#1. Drag-and-drop page building

1drag and drop page builder 2

The first thing RemUI Page Builder does to make a Moodler’s life easy is eliminating the need to code. 

When you are working with RemUI Page Builder, you can easily add any of your desired elements to the webpage of your choice in a drag-and-drop manner. You just need to drag the desired element from the sidebar on your left-hand side into the main webpage on the right side, and wherever you drop it, the element is added right there. 

Once the element has been added, you can change its content or styling as per the settings provided with it. 

This allows you to not only design your web pages without writing a single line of code but also makes it possible for you to see how your webpage is taking shape in real-time (i.e., like a WYSIWYG editor). It’s similar to what page builders like Elementor and Beaver do at WordPress, but we’ve brought that functionality to Moodle so you can design your pages easily. 

#2. Pre-designed templates to save time

4Pre build layouts 1

The brilliance of the RemUI page builder doesn’t end there. It has also got your back if you want to design a page from scratch but feel stuck over the layout of your page. With more than 80 pre-designed templates that can be used for different pages, it can quickly provide you with a design to get started with, which can be tweaked as per your needs and preferences using the settings and widgets included in the page builder. 

So that’s how RemUI Page Builder makes life easy for Moodlers in two simple steps!

What type of pages can be designed with RemUI Page Builder?

2feature rich unlimited customization 2

All sorts of web pages that you may need on your Moodle site can be designed or revamped using RemUI Page Builder. Whether it’s your homepage, course list page, individual course pages, or course enrollment page—all of them can be designed as per your preferences or enhanced on the basis of a pre-existing template with the help of RemUI Page Builder. 


Designing an appealing Moodle site has never been easy, but with RemUI Page Builder, it can be a piece of cake! Its pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop functionality can allow anyone to build their desired pages from scratch on their Moodle site. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try, and share your feedback in the comments. Also, share this post on your social media so other Moodlers can also come to know about RemUI Page Builder. 

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