7 Best Moodle 3.10 Themes

7 Best Moodle 3.10 Themes in 2021

Every Moodle update brings with it a new set of features. Moodle 3.10 focuses on improved analytics, support for H5P content, and better search and filtering for courses. It’s a step ahead from previous versions and a move towards progressive change.

The question is, does your Moodle website reflect this newfound development? Is it contemporary and appealing to users? An update you’d like to adopt in this new year is also a new theme!

Here’s a list of the top Moodle 3.10 themes that you’d want to look at to bring in 2020 in style.

Best Moodle Themes for Moodle 3.10

#1 Edwiser RemUI

Often described as the best professional Moodle 3.10 theme – Edwiser RemUI is certainly one-of-a-kind. With lightning-fast interactions, multi-language support, and layouts optimized for search engines, this theme is the perfect facelift for your Moodle website.

The best part about the theme has to certainly be the customization options. The theme offers a homepage builder to help you design the front page of your website. Along with this, you can change the header, footer, font, colors. Edwiser RemUI also supports all of Moodle 3.10 features like focus mode or H5P content.

1st fold dashboard

USP:- Outstanding user-experience, the homepage builder and other customization options


  • Easy setup and prompt support
  • Inbuilt color customization options
  • 2 custom course formats included
  • Shortcuts for simplified user navigation


  • Might be an overload of options for those looking for a simple theme

Price:- Starting from $99

Get Edwiser RemUI Theme

#2 Academic

Academic is a responsive, multi-language Moodle 3.10 theme that’s modern. It provides multiple color customization options, settings to add a custom menu, and sliders. For new users, Academic comes packaged with preset demo content to help you get your site off the ground with ease.

With Academic, you can add a slider, photo gallery, customize the font, menu, and a whole lot more. Academic is an ideal theme to transform your university, school, or learning institute website in the coming year.


USP:- Color customization options


  • Quick setup
  • Login page customization options
  • Simple theme settings


  • Limited layout customization options

Price:- $59

Get Academic Theme

#3 Fordson

Fordson extends Boost to offer you a clean and modern-looking Moodle 3.10 theme. The theme has a razor-sharp focus on making the learning process smooth. Right from login to learning, Fordson helps with navigation and usability, creating an intuitive interaction experience.

Fordson along with its ecosystem of plugins for enrollment and course format gives way to a better teaching platform. The theme also includes several preset styles, layouts, and course listing styles to customize your LMS. 

screenshot moodle.org 2020.01.23 19 01 36

USP:- Easy access to navigation and functionality


  • 160+ layout and style combinations
  • Course activity customization options
  • Updated course management panel


  • Overload of settings can be overwhelming for new users

Price:- Free

Get Fordson Theme

#4 Adaptable 

Adaptable is another highly customizable Moodle 3.10 theme that’s based on Boost. As the name suggests the theme has been built to make branding super easy. You can change the font, colors, menu, icons, buttons, and even create custom layouts using a drag-and-drop page builder for the front or course page.

Adaptable is a responsive two-column theme developed and maintained by the Moodle community and is pretty popular.


USP:- Customization options


  • Numerous settings to customize every aspect of the theme
  • No coding knowledge required for modifications
  • Personalization options for individual users


  • Complex for new users
  • Steep learning curve

Price:- Free

Get Adaptable Theme

#5 Klassroom

A Moodle 3.10 theme based on Bootstrap, Klassroom is fully responsive and comes packaged with multiple color schemes for easy customization and branding. The theme offers unique course category page layouts and teacher profiles.

Like most Moodle themes, Klassroom offers front-page customization with ease. The theme also provides support for Font Awesome icons and RTL languages.

04 previewUSP:- Simple settings


  • Easy to use
  • Slider options


  • Slow loading
  • Limited customization options

Price:- $59

Get Klassroom Theme

#6 Moove

A Moodle 3.10 theme that’s focused on reading, Moove offers options to allow maximum space to course content. The intuitive layouts are optimized for online learning and supported with accessibility features – such as font and contrast options – to make the theme inclusive.

Moove offers a special dashboard for site admins to track site and space usage. It also has a custom calendar and a uniquely designed student profile page.


USP:- Clean and simple layouts


  • Single screen login on front-page
  • Easy to use


  • Limited customization options

Price:- Free

Get Moove Theme

#7 Academi

A popular Moodle 3.10 theme, Academi is responsive, multi-browser, and multi-language compatible. It offers a simple look that’s minimalistic yet classic. Academi offers few but adequate customization options to edit the homepage images and footer.

Academi supports an image slider on the front-page, a video block, and comes with all necessary features to build your academy website on Moodle.

home page

USP:- Minimalistic layouts


  • Simple settings
  • Easy to use


  • Limited customization options

Price:- Free

Get Academi Theme

Moving Ahead

As you welcome the new year, it’s time to upgrade the look of your e-learning website with an interesting Moodle 3.10 theme. While you can pick anyone out of the above options, we’d recommend going with:-

  • Edwiser RemUI – comprehensive, highly customizable Moodle 3.10 theme
  • Fordson – navigation friendly theme focused on learning
  • Moove – simple theme for budding Moodle websites

What are your thoughts on the above themes we’ve suggested? Is there any other Moodle 3.10 theme that’s your favorite? Let us know.


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