8 benefits of EDWISER BRIDGE PRO

8 Benefits of Edwiser Bridge PRO – Automated e-Commerce Solution for Your Moodle

Ever since the introduction of Edwiser Bridge, it has become possible to integrate Moodle & WordPress easily.

As a WordPress-Moodle integration solution, Edwiser Bridge empowers you to have total control over your eLearning setup.

But is that all with Edwiser Bridge?

Not really!

If I were to ask you this, wouldn’t you like to automate the process of selling your courses and save time? Or maybe have a payments system that would be compatible with multiple currencies across the world?

*Drumrolls*, that’s exactly what Edwiser Bridge PRO does for your eLearning setup!

Over and above the  6 ways in which Edwiser Bridge PRO completely automates your course selling process, this premium version of Edwiser Bridge adds even more value to your e-commerce experience on Moodle.

How, you might wonder!

Edwiser Bridge PRO now enables you to manage multiple WordPress sites connected to a single Moodle. In simpler words, you can distribute your Moodle courses on multiple WordPress sites. And by making this possible, it opens up a plethora of possibilities for a more versatile WordPress-Moodle integration. Here’s how!

#1 Simplified Selling of Bulk Courses:

Worried if the number of your courses are one-too-many for your website to handle? By letting you integrate multiple WordPress sites with your Moodle site, Edwiser Bridge PRO opens up the scope of distributing your courses on multiple WordPress sites.

You can now segregate all courses based on the criteria you like. For instance, you might want to have a WordPress site dedicated to Science courses, or a WordPress site you want solely for selling physical copies of course content, and so on.

By doing so, you’ll be able to market as well as sell these courses separately, making it a more efficient process.

#2 Multiple Payment Gateways:

Edwiser Bridge PRO offers you a versatile experience when it comes to your users purchasing your courses.

With multiple WordPress sites in the mix, you can dedicate each WordPress site to a particular payment method or even payment currency.

You can manage the terms and settings for each payment gateway or currency independently. If you have separate tax rules or pricing based on currency, you can explain this on individual websites. This saves the students from the headache of making manual conversions.

#3 Region-Specific Websites:

With the possibility of integrating multiple WordPress sites with your Moodle, you can cater to a global audience.

This enables you to talk about your mission and also explain course content in a language the audience understands. By doing so, you help them to be in a better position to decide their future action.

Agreed, that all this can be achieved with a multilingual plugin too. However, most of these plugins make your WordPress site to load and function slow.

Adding to the above, trust is an important factor when it comes to dealing with clients online. Research states that 84% of Customers Trust Local Businesses More! Thanks to multiple websites catering to different regions/languages, this is taken care of.

#4 Category-Specific Shopfronts:

In some scenarios, a lack of categorization of courses can lead to an overloaded and mixed-up WordPress site.

An example I could personally think of was skill-based courses. You could have language courses, personality building courses, soft skills courses and so on. Wouldn’t it be a tough task for not just students to access, but even teachers to manage such a variety of courses, from a single site?

Edwiser Bridge PRO takes care of this challenge for you. With multiple WordPress sites in the picture, you can now dedicate different WordPress sites to different categories/types of courses. This will enable to manage the courses, students, as well as purchases much better!

Doing this helps in laser-focused marketing and helps you get targeted audience to your Moodle courses, via category-specific WordPress sites.

#5 Seamless Access between Multiple Shopfronts & Moodle Site:

We all know that the best learning happens with the least pain points & distractions.

Unsurprisingly then, any teacher would want seamless access for students to their courses, without much of a hassle. However, logging into WordPress and Moodle separately could end up being one.

Edwiser Bridge PRO enables your students to log in simultaneously to their Moodle as well as WordPress accounts, by entering credentials only at one place.  

#6 Smooth User Management Across Multiple Shopfronts & Moodle Site

You might wonder “What if I create a user on the Moodle site? Will I have to create a copy on the WordPress end manually?”.

Not to worry, Edwiser Bridge PRO comes with automatic 2-way sync. As a result, an account created on Moodle will automatically be synced to WordPress end as well, and vice versa.

The same would apply for User account deletion and other User Data too.

#7 Higher Rate of Returns

Goes without saying, having multiple shop fronts helps a lot at the finance front as well.

Edwiser Bridge PRO, by enabling you to integrate multiple WordPress sites with your Moodle, opens up the scope of multiple shop fronts.

What this means is that you now have multiple shop fronts where you can market your courses and sell more courses!

More the shop fronts, higher the returns!

#8 Shopfronts for Various Course Content Types

Having initially set up your Moodle & WordPress site for the sole intention of selling your courses online, you have had a change of mind.

Now you want to cater to not just students interested in courses, but also those who are interested in purchasing ebooks, physical copies of books, other physical products, and so on.

Thanks to the integration capability of your Moodle with multiple WordPress sites, you can now have one site dedicated for selling courses, another for selling ebooks, and so on.

Summing Up

As you can clearly see, Edwiser Bridge PRO not just automates your course selling process on Moodle but also offers an upgraded e-commerce experience on your Moodle.

But how does Edwiser Bridge PRO achieve this? What does this solution consist of?

The Edwiser Bridge PRO is a coming together of Woocommerce integration, Single Sign On, Selective Synchronization, Bulk Purchase, all of these being premium extensions to the popular free integration plugin – Edwiser Bridge.

Taking care of all your pain-points when it comes to selling courses on Moodle, the Edwiser Bridge PRO could very well be the difference between a standard, and a class-apart e-commerce experience on your Moodle.

They say good things come for a price, don’t they? Here’s what will blow your mind!

With a limited period offer running now, this one comes for an absolute steal!

So why wait? Get onboard an elite e-Commerce experience on Moodle today!

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