Edwiser Bridge: The Easiest Way to Sell Your Moodle Courses With Full E-Commerce Functionality


Moodle is hands down the best LMS platform available for eLearning businesses today. Its flexibility and scalability allow anyone to start an eLearning site easily. However, there are some areas where it falls short, and e-commerce functionality is one of them. While Moodle allows you to sell your courses, the functionality is not very extensive and many crucial e-commerce features are missing. 

So is there a way to get those missing features into your Moodle site? Of course, there is. It’s to integrate your Moodle site with WooCommerce and sell your courses on a WooCommerce store. And fortunately, with our Edwiser Bridge plugin it’s easier than it sounds. Let’s learn more about it!

The Issue With Selling Courses on Moodle 

While Moodle is a fantastic LMS platform with enough flexibility to publish and sell any kind of course, there are a few shortcomings in it that are often encountered by users. Here are some of the most critical ones among them:

  1. SEO: WooCommerce generally has better SEO features for e-commerce products than any other LMS. If you use WooCommerce, there’s a good chance of your products appearing not only in normal search results but also in Google shopping results. 
  2. Checkout Options: WooCommerce also offers more flexibility when it comes to checkout. There are dozens of payment gateways available to integrate with WooCommerce, from PayPal to Stripe to RazorPay to A2Checkout. These checkout options will allow your users to be able to buy any course without facing payment issues. Moodle, conversely, has just PayPal checkout integration.
  3. 3rd party integrations: WooCommerce also has hundreds of third-party integrations to help you collect data about your products and manage them better in comparison to Moodle. 
  4. Lack of e-commerce functionality: In addition to the reasons given above, Moodle also lacks several critical e-commerce features necessary to boost your revenue. It lacks features needed to cross-sell, upsell, and sell your courses on discount or in bundles. 

These are the top 4 reasons why selling your courses on WooCommerce is a better choice than selling them on Moodle itself. 

But it doesn’t end there—there’s one more reason why it may make more sense for someone to sell their courses on WooCommerce! 

Why Moodle and WooCommerce Integration Makes Sense

In addition to the issues highlighted above, for some educators, it may also make more sense to sell their courses through WooCommerce if they already have a website based on WordPress. And the thing is, it’s just like that for many educators because WordPress is the largest content management system (CMS) on the planet right now. Its flexibility, extensive documentation, availability of developer support, and huge plugin library have allowed people to build almost any kind of site on it—including sites of educational institutions.

So, if you already have a site based on the WordPress platform, in that case also it may make absolute sense for you to sell your courses on WooCommerce instead of Moodle. And that’s where Moodle and WooCommerce integration can make life much easier. 

How Edwiser Bridge Helps You Sell Your Moodle Courses on WooCommerce

Fortunately, integrating Moodle and WooCommerce isn’t difficult because of the Edwiser Bridge plugin. Developers at Edwiser saw the potential of integrating Moodle and WooCommerce early on, so they devised this robust plugin that allows you to sync your courses between WooCommerce and Moodle. Once they are synced, you can start selling them easily from your WooCommerce store. 

Here are some major highlights of the plugin:

  1. One-click integration: First of all, the integration is really easy. Once you install the plugin on your WordPress site, you just need to enter your Moodle site URL and access token to get started—no complicated setup process. 
  2. Easy refunds: The plugin also automates your refund process. You can set up automatic refunds to be processed if certain conditions are met, and the plugin can process them automatically. Your money is also kept secure during the whole process. Once refunded, it can also send an email to the customer. 
  1. Effective and efficient synchronization: The plugin automatically synchronizes your course categories, content, and other details, so you don’t need to change anything manually. That way, your customers can easily filter courses based on categories and purchase the ones they want to buy. Once they buy, the order information is also synced back to your Moodle site so it can enroll the student into the course. 
  2. Shortcode support: Thanks to WordPress shortcode support, you can fetch a lot of information from your Moodle site and easily display it in your desired place without any issues. Things like user account info, courses they’ve purchased, and a lot more can be inserted easily into your desired WordPress pages with the help of shortcodes provided by Edwiser Bridge, even by a non-coder. 
  1. Free of cost: Last but not least, the plugin is completely free to get started. Although it has a Pro version that offers much more sophisticated functionality, if you want to get started with a free version, then you can do so. 

These things collectively make Edwiser Bridge Pro the easiest way to sell Moodle courses. However, it doesn’t end there. If you can invest in the Pro version of Edwiser Bridge, then you can make selling your courses even easier!

Edwiser Bridge Pro Features

Edwiser Bridge Pro combines the best of WooCommerce, WordPress, and Moodle to provide an unparalleled e-commerce experience for your eLearning site. Here are some of its major features:

  1. Multiple payment gateways: Work with all 150+ WooCommerce-supported payment gateways to accept payments on your site. 
  2. Support for discounts and coupons: Edwiser Bridge Pro also adds WooCommerce support for discount codes, coupons, and bundles so you can cross-sell and upsell your courses to boost your revenue.
  1. Sell subscription-based courses: Sell courses on a subscription-based model to further increase your revenue with support for the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension. 
  2. Cross-sync of user credentials: Your Moodle credentials and WordPress credentials are also synchronized to provide your learners with a seamless user experience. No matter where they log in—on your Moodle site or your WooCommerce store, they’ll be logged in automatically to the other site as well. The same cross-synchronization also works for course data and user data. 
  1. Sell memberships: Make your courses even better with the power of memberships! Edwiser Bridge Pro integrates with WooCommerce memberships to help you sell your Moodle courses with additional perks on a membership-based business model. You can start a Loyalty program or members-only club with its help to reward your learners for their loyalty.
  2. Bulk student enrollment and synchronization: Edwiser Bridge Pro also allows you to add students to your courses in bulk, and syncs their data easily to and from your Moodle site.


The bottom line is that selling your Moodle courses on WooCommerce is a far better choice than selling them on your Moodle site. It can help you significantly increase your revenue while also providing a superior user experience to your learners. 

Fortunately, Edwiser Bridge allows you to sell your Moodle courses easily on a WooCommerce store by synchronizing the user data and course information between your Moodle site and the WooCommerce store. That’s what makes it not only the easiest but also the best tool to sell your Moodle courses.

Give it a try!

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