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Alpha vs. Edwiser RemUI: Which Moodle Theme is More Responsive?

If you were looking for an eye-catching and well-designed Moodle theme, there’s a good chance that your search might have ended at two names: Edwiser RemUI and Alpha. Both themes have a well-designed UI and UX, and both are feature-rich, so many Moodlers want to use them for their sites. 

However, if you’re wondering which of them is more responsive before choosing the one for your site, don’t worry. We’re going to provide you with the answer here by comparing the responsiveness of both themes side-by-side on different devices. Let’s begin!

Alpha vs. Edwsier RemUI: A Showdown of Responsiveness

There are 5 most important parts of any eLearning site: the homepage, course list page, course page, navigation menus, and login page. We’ll compare the responsiveness of how those pages look using Alpha and Edwiser RemUI themes. Let’s begin!

#1. Homepages

The homepage of any site is, as its name says, the home to all content. Whatever goes on a site is shown and accessible from this particular page, and it’s also the default page that anyone sees when they open your URL directly from the address bar or through a search on your brand name. Therefore, the responsiveness of this page is most important not just for eLearning sites but for any site in general. Let’s see how Alpha and Edwiser RemUI have worked on it:

On computers

The homepages of Alpha and Edwiser RemUI theme are quite well-designed and polished, as you can see in the graphics below. But they’re not just well-designed and polished — they also work properly with all elements showing without any overlap and the content arranged professionally. Here’s what they look like:

GynbviH9BXInxcj442i9GE9prf7FJ1g3PAmbkE0p9U2jA5buPu9yUun ueD9sMm27VeYmzV4jVt5oNBAo4q8KmyeqmKIWhpjgY2 vloHqYtO0bfnSnokhvfCpmZnSriPBlllFaeYUbVztM87oX WdqY

Alpha theme homepage on computer

AdTZcvAYHTUZpaEdQVp1mQqhiwQM oSzQWwlhKhe6nowPqqoZKSi3RehDH0aUhVs b4IIIMdaFPW7e0 SNW2KVzzwv Q DST6ortcUVocvQcv9XYCYJNiWCMeEVWP3MIt uqAgXKMKnjv947LFfTi7E

Edwiser RemUI homepage on computers

On tablets

Tablet optimization is an area that is often neglected by many Moodle themes, but thankfully, Alpha and Edwiser RemUI have done a terrific job at it. The homepages of both themes adjust the content quite nicely according to the size of tablet screens and provide an awesome user experience. Here’s the view:

QGYCdYJRudOS7wXu3n0sTFEDw1YKAbe4Uj3B2og9N6i8yyrmyDjjdAuH1ce6QgfDM5yoCkWfrZudaYwiriZR7UyzKrzj M gb4bzadl2NA6xOd 8dnAxOQEb1 7Wgqv wOOw0PZf4z7MGfL47heMoaUAlpha theme homepage on Apple iPad 11 Pro WI5G3ZV79yYBhvAOw4MPUj28OXf6Rboc7oyHRHlyV6Mad547zRvVwBRGxjbRsnJV9Edwiser RemUI homepage on Apple iPad 11 Pro

On smartphones

Enough has been said about the importance of good web design for smartphones, and all of that applies to eLearning sites as well. A majority of learners today enjoy learning on the go, so it’s important for eLearning sites to work properly on mobile devices as well. Fortunately, Edwiser RemUI and Alpha themes provide an uncluttered and fully responsive design for mobile screens also. Here’s how it works:

ydVxdIy79mysNc1t7CkveVTTuIf7czfxe3HoVfV7xsizkikrvcZ5psLtvzLlTSUc1 RWCWbYudbYi5B2P3fJ QXdMASu2o0J69UGXZpT Njv2ybaUXSv8DqhkG3Q9AXeE8B tL7VZ0te7Y6bifawnl0Homepage of Alpha theme on iPhone 12 Pro Homepage of Edwiser RemUI on iPhone 12 Pro


Overall, homepage designs provided by both Alpha and Edwiser RemUI themes are completely responsive as they adjust properly according to different screen sizes. So no clear winner here. 

#2. Login page

The login page is where it all starts. Before a user can access any course and start learning, they must log in to a user account. So it’s important for the login page of an eLearning site to provide a good user experience across devices by utilizing the capabilities of responsive design. Let’s find out what Alpha and Edwiser RemUI offer for the responsiveness of their login pages!

On computers

As you can see below, the stylish login page of the Alpha theme loads quite nicely on a computer screen. Everything shows up above the fold (i.e., right in front of the eyes, without any need to scroll down), and everything also works properly.

Alpha theme login page on computer

The login page of Edwiser RemUI is also responsive and loads nicely on computer screens, as you can see below. 

JL4MGH67Cg c9RCAkguiddcV5w8YeN b0RvHPntbWK3S8hup2EucI8azZUtFzVoZ5mAS2EQp8R1UYKDaVwusCoMUg LdCwzSfuqh5GUtxEwcLhX

Edwiser RemUI login page on computer

In a nutshell, both themes have done a good job at designing their login pages properly for the computer screens. But the real test of web design is less on computers and more on smaller screens, so let’s check how these pages look on tablets and smartphones!

On tablets

The login pages of both Alpha and Edwiser RemUI load properly on tablets as well. Here’s what they look like:

pVWPDftqkWMDZ6gMhbLWCYrqqtnhM qId1AsdMKTJIWFFH jfBU5vAE6VkaiKHfZ1sfeSXUpE e9hcYs71NmDrfUm2Wz2vY6I iXHcVmw oOQ Mp11PifG8OBv0IibAv FXGWuJ 7yZ1gPW7f2oqNcAlpha theme login page on Apple iPad 11 Pro pyAGHZLlrs3YSlVHkQubF8WBurViLbB5iuT4kzpR6JEtneMZpp9ki BW3nda3s56wC1WH6okJEem1MXTkHLITSAAQUKvUOoVQE qfb2Zn8WrENVpT4XVC5U1Wp5YlOf6IlR4F4kYL2larF4ezWmVERsEdwiser RemUI login page on Apple iPad 11 Pro

We’ve included the screenshots of only iPad to keep things simple in this article, but they look almost similar on other tablets as well. 

On smartphones

The smartphone appearance of login pages in both these themes is also no less than awesome, as you can see in the screenshots given below. While the Alpha theme makes space for the login form by completely eliminating the background design on smartphones, Edwiser RemUI manages to squeeze both the login form as well as the background image in the design to give a better appearance. 

uPu3if1rVlBLVTvYZBuXTDckJ8o 6milS85K2kLUkEPojPyLuyFY Y 55qFMBtLdrSk6fR3Ir6 FCJmrgcZ29acFWqQZ03 9HhGemG0YdPnYhIJT9mCpsaQs9X7 dVKptKVY4NI4 6JCsXqR3k419ykAlpha theme login page on iPhone 12 Pro f9sCNiGqnG 4VQ0z3QrkWDyV4yd7pVnhszku66 qX1dp60ecqxsoiGIOINoXV3rFENXHsM6y Ww9jqVxUq3H1hyq1901sEdwiser RemUI login page on iPhone 12 Pro


In a nutshell, both Alpha and Edwiser RemUI are on-par with each other when it comes to the functionality of their login pages across the various screen sizes. Edwiser RemUI, however, arranges everything slightly better on smartphones as it provides some space for background image as well as login form without affecting the functionality in any way. 

#3. Navigation menus

The navigation menu of any site helps users navigate between the various pages on the site. Therefore, it’s important for them to function properly across screen sizes if the site has to provide a good user experience. Let’s see how navigation menus work in Edwiser RemUI and Alpha!

On computers

On the computer, both Edwiser RemUI and Alpha have horizontal menus that are shown in the header, right next to the logo. Both of them work fine and open only when they are clicked upon instead of uncomfortable hover menus that may open unnecessarily even if the mouse pointer lands on them mistakenly. This is awesome!

UIKm8Uj7VvKbJ0RcMjgl9 PoumyfSocUZZxKSeEyGAel4c p2DVW4p BiRiWDdnY4n2Q W4Ww01tPtF tmRfSVQMbwpfz

Alpha theme navigation menu

EpzKAnBYittXnmHVeZInxG5u1vBRFjVtRMhcIfZ6uR6mbbylo 0zBP45kVM flbCPO1TLt4EjixQYIVs6JGmHX8Oe3AsURT 2U5dRwma NN4wao6YX 0pKA8u6PuY2AUKFJFgGr qat57md1PPASjQA

Edwiser RemUI navigation menu

However, the area where navigation menus often suffer is not on computers but on tablets and smartphones. So let’s see how things are on those devices!

On tablets

When it comes to tablets, Alpha and Edwiser RemUI take a different approach. While both of them hide the menus by default under a hamburger icon in the header, Alpha still opens the menu horizontally while Edwiser RemUI opens it vertically from a sidebar. You can see the difference below:

xUXSAql4VNrxeQ4CVkOx3VJ0 SGrMcxl46K1w415T7TvsiRUc4smO6xTKjdM3CO7UjHs4eAjWDlm6Uxs XdgoR WElzt9YNOCulTIwlkNoazPrARKjmw8Auwd pXOiP UrlMR1uJU34X8Dzy aPE4E0Alpha theme navigation menu on Apple iPad 11 Pro (highlighted in Red) 9BnzBOy9TkZQpY4UhP5N23XLcy9 gECl7kmFuLEn7Wu0zNNvfTl4BnR99Y4 aGwsUlQTpO8uuDJ rmnYbsXe31YN7zlvhiXcfYV8ZMN6W4DDcjGIqXJFWn6FU5f Y8arovNE9K0u66FrXIuKVAihfX8Edwiser RemUI theme navigation menu on Apple iPad 11 Pro

Functionally both menu styles work fine, and your users won’t face any issues. But we prefer Edwiser RemUI’s menu more because it’s quite practical for sites with many menu options. So we think Edwiser RemUI has a better menu design than Alpha.

On smartphones

As far as smartphones are concerned, both Edwiser RemUI and Alpha have a nice menu design that doesn’t overlap any options and also allows plenty of space between items to touch precisely. But the approach still remains similar to the tablet: Alpha’s menu opens from the top, while Edwiser RemUI’s menu opens as a sidebar. 

iEkTvpEf670MLbCnmVXFqWs6PLv7Jvr q0FGo5I BwyB wRUwrqkQIhwj9zkepbOGH7XLAr6AZ KoK1oHERSIPMjaKRfYN7slPImkxwcvkMmJA Myl737uOzZIYqV5rWLULkU0tQNHYvQzAlpha theme navigation menu on iPhone 12 Pro Z4Kyr2R 8Z57kUkSZia1xSqD xLxTEbyn 00E5Y1GX1EnEkckp7rmrE05ysGua7nyD3BecvvFP972sEdwiser RemUI navigation menu on iPhone 12 Pro

Regardless of the approach adopted by both themes, the navigation menus work fine on both devices and there’s not much of a difference. 


The navigation menus offered by both themes are responsive, but Edwiser RemUI has a slight edge when it comes to the menu design on tablets. 

#4. Course List Pages

The course list page of any eLearning site displays all available courses on the site. It’s the single most important page on any eLearning site as it allows the learners to switch between various courses, and therefore, it’s important for this page to load properly across the various screen sizes. Let’s see what we found when we compared its appearance and functionality on various devices.

On computers

The Alpha theme Course List page loads properly on all popular desktop and laptop screen sizes. The courses are divided into multiple sections, as you can see below, and the courses of section selected from the dropdown menu are shown in cards format. 

ZySq99kJ7De2tfISYi OFHNbYxeAbQTH739WsXlV1sDFyellvkD7wJmTQ09eghAoiXPCESozBqGvd lxlBmpL4R0pwb bsLGlnmCO4gGLJWVy

Course list page of Edwiser RemUI

Edwiser RemUI course list page, on the other hand, provides multiple views of the course list page. There’s a cards view, a list view, and a summary view, and all of them load perfectly fine in popular desktop and laptop screen resolutions. 

1 O49U437y0bOa8XeDflb8aEPH1Uz0AmYAiLus3tgCcuDZyinECgVdMj9ZbpIEjyAhCL97bpsFEJQPhs llnqv3IrJ rrIX FDKPDLKA 6ENJYlEE6bIf9RXID tRqby9onKFS7JqS2BjJe6ARKl84Y

Course list page of Edwiser RemUI

On tablets

The course list pages of both Alpha and Edwiser RemUI look nearly perfect on all popular tablet screens as well. We arrived at this conclusion after comparing the functionality of both themes on several popular tablet devices in our testing. Here’s a comparison of how they appear on tablets (Apple iPad 11 Pro in this case, but it’s nearly similar on most Android tablets and other iPads also):

yJigVmuBNbCH6EPxnExVmUI f8s5K0Dfrm6zL3fnbVKnWkEODjXwjFpY0t2XBIHZ6llznF xVaNACvkCyC0CEDsmcSytghuJ91KSd59RxheAlpha theme course list page on iPad Pro K3pCPBVHuuJm8ppTdz3hgtXplwiiVBNn5VLoJd60s GueErPl7GT vrXVJYGTHGLRqs9jC5fQRAerwl2Ft6tohH2CM9Ct3OtQ7iLEdwiser RemUI course list page on iPad 11 Pro

On smartphones

While the course list pages of both themes work fine on smartphones as well, we’d say that Alpha is slightly better than Edwiser RemUI in this area because it shows course cards above the fold. In Edwiser RemUI, you can’t find course cards until you scroll down a bit. So Alpha is slightly better when it comes to responsiveness and overall UX on smartphones. 

7z LKmBLoXSpyj9WRObfNt6XEzexKQ40fcmORqSgOobAossHNM9iorb Bhh0kTlGJB58HWOfJ1bg TYmb9t3uM2TItwZb76E7nA2 RD 5JlVUEu EPoksXw2zLFbNVIjazBNF4DJuPo0GsI317fdvWUAlpha theme course list on iPhone 12 Pro wLbVaENjFilz y0 MaElCko qLr8bIRmGYlMTQfD5DEYP0sdeP0TEprXLEQG2b5PY9VuGoecqK anthdyX2XpGrJ5OwKytUL0GEHitfbgfj0j62oTrP8srKy8lHD6BO oA 2qQKRt8lybNTlt8EP5nIEdwiser RemUI theme course list on iPhone 12 Pro


Overall, both Alpha and Edwiser RemUI have well-designed and properly responsive course list pages. The only device where one of them exceeds another is a smartphone, where Alpha turns out slightly better in its appearance and design.

#5. Course pages

The course page is where all the magic happens. It shows the content of your courses, and all the learning happens on this particular page, so its responsiveness is more important than anything else. Let’s see how Alpha and Edwiser RemUI compare on this front: 

On computers

The course page of the Alpha theme shows all course content properly on any laptop or desktop screen. It includes a menu in the sidebar that can be used to jump between various lessons or activities in the course quickly or can be closed if you don’t want to switch and want to focus on your course content only. Everything works just fine!

mvv9sKKwM4ofMDEuMj7bqnJiZW5 GAIL6HI94cvOXg3CAsVIMbpMZVolTgQqmeANFehbK5ORCj7IshFPF Uz8LspfyPChQPC8O3jcG0T8p4AijR oFfYNOj9v cFe RXmWrLqgcIdXKp YzIoeMNKRw

Alpha theme course page on a laptop

The course page of Edwiser RemUI also shows course content very well on desktop and laptop screens. It has multiple layouts for course pages, and all of them work fine. Some layouts include a sidebar that includes options to navigate between various lessons or activities of the course, while some layouts don’t have that feature. Regardless, all layouts load properly on computers, as we found in our testing. 

MeJyztq5nayFwWUJSmTmTZzhM0Eie qAsYyXT1blNi1 WkCj3sbYb0D32BCycH6WQoF9hBprYWuOCl1h9pO4OKjZ7MXkUGNeBNAcIPjwfoTmXwY807wYQcQW O7ri1 QogaQDuKs Ad

Edwiser RemUI theme course page on a laptop

On tablets

Again, the course pages of both themes load properly and look well-designed on tablet devices as well. Here’s a quick look at what course content looks like with these themes:

ZT hLoi7kKU4fPf99Il6Y0qGODAbAYnvU0zrFUxBzxrh8wru7sJNvLXJnOWX z3OtCkx5u5IRHh4R6uA3Cn hJMiBj5R0HWdDwH R9tuzMOjPzXb6T sAZNCVIya3VMk yBFyB cXF1LV8ec9chWlXcAlpha theme course page on iPad 11 Pro Edwiser RemUI course page on iPad 11 Pro

As you can see for yourself, there’s not much of a difference, and both themes are on par with each other when it comes to the responsiveness of course pages. 

On smartphones

The course pages of both Alpha and Edwiser RemUI load properly and look well-designed on smartphones as well. Here’s what we got when we tested the course pages of both themes on smartphones:

Ud6cu34tFD5sbPw9BtHRK9mf4AHizCourse page of Alpha theme on iPhone 12 Pro KDpfFHC2J6f5UuT82yBjrTIPcuNJ50FyNiyU4nEtsYEMA1kKa YI7mKvlNZ5ibCGCourse page of Edwiser RemUI on iPhone 12 Pro

We didn’t encounter any sort of issues with reading the course content or switching between different lessons in both themes. So again, no differences really. 


Overall, we can say that as far as course pages are concerned, both Edwiser RemUI and Alpha are once again on par with each other. The course content loads properly on all devices, and there’s literally no nuisance for your learners, regardless of which theme you choose among the two. 

Final Verdict

So finally, it’s conclusion time. Here’s a quick look at the findings of our responsiveness testing for both Alpha and Edwiser RemUI:

Pages Verdict
Homepages Equally responsive
Login pages Equally responsive, but Edwiser RemUI has a slightly better design
Navigation menus Equally responsive, but Edwiser RemUI has better menu design on tablets
Course List Pages Equally responsive, but Alpha’s smartphone design is slightly better
Course Pages Equally responsive

What our comparison essentially reveals is that both themes are almost on par with each other with minimal differences when it comes to responsiveness. While Edwiser RemUI has a slightly better-designed login page that shows all elements including the background, the Alpha theme is slightly better when it comes to the Course list page. 

This essentially means that you won’t face any major issues with either of them — at least not in terms of responsive design. So you can choose whichever theme you like more based on your own criteria. All the best!

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