Edwiser Bridge vs Zapier: The Best Moodle™ WordPress Integration Plugins Compared

Moodle™ is open-source, popular, and has all the capabilities that a good LMS should have.

What it doesn’t have is enough native functionality for selling Moodle™ courses or setting up an e-commerce store. That is, the availability of Moodle™ WordPress integration plugins in its exhaustive directory. Fair enough because the LMS is not built for e-commerce!

The future of e-learning

Anyway, coming back to the point! The global elearning market is going strong and the boom seems unstoppable ? Here’s why ?


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Wow, that’s a considerable jump though! So, if you’re in two minds about starting a Moodle™ course selling business on WordPress. 

Don’t be, just go ahead!

Suppose you have plans to sell your Moodle™ courses on WordPress. You could go for a custom solution and hook it together with Moodle™. But the easiest and the most cost-effective way to go about this is to integrate Moodle™ and WordPress using a readymade Moodle™ e-commerce package. Something that also supports WooCommerce plugins. 

This article will help you compare the two leading plugins specially designed to integrate Moodle™ and WordPress for selling courses online – Edwiser Bridge and Zapier WordPress Moodle™ Integration.

Let’s begin

Edwiser Bridge and Zapier WordPress Moodle™ Integration – Comparison

#1 What do these plugins do?

Edwiser Bridge

Edwiser Bridge is a dedicated plugin designed to integrate WordPress and Moodle™ for selling Moodle™ courses on an automated e-commerce WordPress-based platform, powered by WooCommerce. 

The base plugin is free and the premium version includes 4 Moodle™ e-commerce extensions that help you grow your business and expand your opportunities to earn better profits from your e-learning business. 

It is based on web services wherein if someone buys a course on the e-commerce shopfront on WordPress, then a corresponding user gets created and enrolled in the course on Moodle™.

Zapier WordPress Moodle™ Integration

Zapier WordPress Moodle™ Integration can connect 4000+ apps and connect Moodle™ & WordPress to transfer information to and fro without any code. 

It helps you create custom workflows between Moodle™ to WordPress/ WordPress to Moodle™

The tool primarily functions on Triggers and Actions. This means that there are a fixed number of triggers and action sets available, each set creates a specific workflow and is called a Zap. 

For eg: You can set up a workflow wherein if you create a new user on WordPress, a new user gets automatically created on Moodle™ and vice versa

#2 Process of Moodle™ WordPress integration

Edwiser Bridge

Step 1: Install WordPress and Moodle™ plugins

Step 2: Configure WordPress and Moodle™ as per the documentation

Step 3: Synchronize Courses from Moodle™ to WordPress

Step 4: Set your price for the course and start selling

Zapier WordPress Moodle™ Integration

Step 1: Authenticate Moodle™ and WordPress

Step 2: Pick one of the platforms, either Moodle™ or WordPress as a trigger. This launches your automation and the system gets ready for integration of Moodle™-WordPress

Step 3: Choose a resulting action that you would like to execute from the other platform

Step 4: Select the data or information you wish to send from one platform to the other

#3 Ease of course and user creation

Edwiser Bridge

User creation from Moodle™ to WordPress – YES, when a user is created in Moodle™, a user gets automatically created on WordPress

User creation from WordPress to Moodle™ – YES, you can even sync user creation from WordPress to Moodle™

Does it create a course in WordPress when created on Moodle™ – YES

Zapier WordPress Moodle™ Integration

User creation from Moodle™ to WordPress – YES, you can create a user on WordPress when a new user is enrolled in any of your courses on your Moodle™ LMS

User creation from WordPress to Moodle™ – NO

Does it create a course in WordPress when created on Moodle™ – NO

#4 Pricing

Edwiser Bridge

The Edwiser Bridge pricing starts from $9/month ($108 annually). But the base plugin is available for free that you can try out before buying the premium version.

Zapier WordPress Moodle™ Integration

The pricing for Zapier starts from $20.5/month. It also has a free version that you can try out before opting for its paid plans categorized as Starter, Professional, Team, and Company, based on your requirements. The monthly cost is determined by the number of tasks you want to automate which is 100 tasks in the free plan. There are demos available for the Professional, Team, and the Company packages. 

#5 Triggers and Actions

Edwiser Bridge

Edwiser Bridge doesn’t work on Triggers and Actions. The way it works is easier for the users to understand. Your users/customers/learners could simply purchase the required course from WordPress. And the no-code integration of WordPress-Moodle™ will auto-create users in Moodle™ to quickly enroll them in the course. 

This way, you can get rid of the overhead of course, and user management without having to code at all. 

Edwiser Bridge also comes with four additional add-ons to help you set up a holistic e-commerce store of your Moodle™ courses on WordPress and WooCommerce. Here are the extensions included in the premium version of the plugin, Edwiser Bridge PRO.

WooCommerce Integration – This handy add-on lets you sell your Moodle™ courses worldwide via multiple payment gateways, not just PayPal. Using the world’s most popular open-source e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce, you can pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay, and so on

The extension also helps you boost your earning potential by selling courses as subscriptions and memberships. 

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Bulk Purchase – This extension simplifies bulk course selling for you. You can bundle several different courses or even sell multiple course copies of a specific course at a time to bigger learning centers, corporates, and institutions from a single WordPress site.


Single Sign-On – Signing in multiple times can be frustrating. But with the Single-Sign-On add-on packed in Edwiser Bridge PRO, you just have to enter your WordPress account credentials once and get automatically logged in on your Moodle™ site. And you wouldn’t have to do this constantly so that your workflow isn’t disturbed. 

So, when your learners log in to WordPress and buy a course, they don’t have to separately log in again to Moodle™. And are automatically taken to the Moodle™ courses page or you can even set whichever page you want them to be taken to on Moodle™. 

Selective Synchronization – With Selective Synchronization, you can easily pick and choose Moodle™ courses and course categories to be instantly synchronized with WordPress. And synchronizing the existing Moodle™ users or crucial user data with WordPress is also a breeze. 

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Zapier WordPress Moodle™ Integration

In the Zapier WordPress Moodle™ Integration tool, you can use a dedicated Zap editor to create a custom workflow in sync with your integration needs.

Since it majorly focuses on automation and not on the course selling feature, it follows a process of triggers and actions called zaps to set up and run workflows. Once a zap is created, it takes care of automating repetitive tasks. 

The trigger causes the Zap to start and then perform the relevant actions, pre-assigned accordingly based on your custom workflow. You can configure a single zap to perform a maximum of 100 actions. And all of this can be set up on the Zap editor for end-to-end process automation without any coding. 

Here are the triggers and actions. You could create your own zaps (Trigger- Action pairs or combos) to achieve an automated workflow of your choice. This way you won’t have to keep tracking every event like user enrollment in a course, the addition of a new course or comments, etc. 

New Course – Moodle™Triggers when a new course is createdFind a Course – Moodle™Search for a course by the name
New Enrolled Student in a Course – Moodle™Triggers when a student enrolls in a courseCreate Post – WordPressCreates a new post
New Media – WordPressTriggers when a new media is uploadedUpdate Post – WordPress updates a post
New Comment – WordPressTriggers when a new comment is addedCreate User – WordPressCreates a new user
New Post – WordPressTriggers when a new post is createdFind Post – WordPressFinds a post
Updated Post – WordPressTriggers when a post is updated
New User – WordPressTriggers when a new user is created
Upload Media – WordPressUpload a new media file, which can be used as featured media

For example, If you want to search for a post that has been updated, the Updated Post trigger is generated and you can pair it with an action such as Find Post to help you look for the newly updated post. So, every time a post gets updated, the set action in response to the trigger, automatically assists you in searching for the post. 

#6 Ease of selling courses

Edwiser Bridge

YES, you can not only sell Moodle™ courses using the Edwiser Bridge FREE plugin. But also fully automate your course-selling business by setting up a full-fledged e-commerce store supported by WooCommerce. 

WooCommerce Integration, Single Sign-On, Selective Synchronization, and Bulk Purchase – these premium extensions cover all aspects of an automated e-commerce solution for your Moodle™.

Zapier WordPress Moodle™ Integration

NO. Even the WooCommerce – Moodle™ integration tool of Zapier does not allow you to sell Moodle™ courses

#7 Supported integrations

Edwiser Bridge

Edwiser Bridge integrates with WooCommerce and also connects WordPress and Moodle™. It means it integrates a trio of three highly powerful and flexible open-source platforms – an LMS, a feature-rich CMS, and a WordPress-based e-commerce plugin.

Zapier WordPress Moodle™ Integration

Zapier provides integrations with 4000+ apps. Some of the popular business examples include Moodle™-WordPress, PayPal-Slack, Shopify-Gmail, etc

#8 Data synchronization

Edwiser Bridge

Data synchronization is quick and easy. It takes place in a snap and there are no individual pricing plans based on the time needed for data synchronization, unlike Zapier.

Zapier WordPress Moodle™ Integration

Data sync is a time-intensive process. It also depends on the plan that you choose. The quicker the data synchronization, the more expensive your Zaps would be. 

To achieve data sync in 1 minute, you will have to go for the costliest plan whereas it takes around 15 mins for data synchronization to complete successfully if you are subscribed to the free plan.  

#9 Customer Support

Edwiser Bridge

Dedicated support via Email and live chat with all plans and additional support from Resources/Community of 2000+ Moodle™rs. An exhaustive knowledge base consisting of FAQs, blogs, guides, and documentation is also available. 

Zapier WordPress Moodle™ Integration

Zapier too has detailed resources on the website in the form of FAQs, informative links, guides, and articles. In case you have any questions, you could sign up and write to them about it


Although, it would be good if Moodle™ had better e-commerce abilities given how widely it is used for commercial purposes and large-scale corporate training. 

Don’t fret! We have already compared the best WordPress-Moodle™ Integration plugins for you now, to make the right choice.

So, which tool have you decided to go ahead with – Edwiser Bridge or Zapier WordPress Moodle™ Integration??

Breathe in-breathe out, think and pick the one that best suits your e-learning business needs. And start raking in the moolah real quick.

All hail profits!