We have what you’ve been waiting patiently for…RemUI 3.2.3!

We recently launched the Student-Centric version of RemUI 3.3.3, announced a brand-new RemUI 3.4 to keep up with Moodle 3.4…

…Why should RemUI 3.2 be left behind?



RemUI version 3.2.3

The latest version has subtle changes from the last, but they’re totally worth a look.


  • The Dashboard contains a Course Overview block which displays every enrolled course with necessary details like Course description and a Progress bar
  • You will receive instant notifications from activities that happen on the forum
  • Assessment by professors can now be saved as a draft- something which was not possible in the previous version.
  • The UI for Site Admin has been refurbished to suit the convenience of an administrator


What are you waiting for? Update to v3.2.3 right now!

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