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Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale 2023 is here!!

You know what this means – OFFERS OFFERS OFFERS!!?

Most of the learning and training institutions globally had a tough time choosing the right plugins, themes and e-learning became a way of life and that is why Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale 2023 is here!!

We’ve decided to go all out and early with our never-seen-before Deals on all our premium Moodle™ products!!!

This is your chance to SAVE BIG!!! And drive your Moodle™ e-learning site’s success – something that you’ve always dreamt of! 

Ditch the indecisiveness and grab your hands on the BEST DEALS available on our Plugins, Theme, and Bundles. 

It is now the ime to get in on the deals!! We’ve cherry-picked the best ones for your Moodle™ TRANSFORMATION 🙂

2023 Moodle™ Plugins Black Friday Deals

We, at Edwiser, have a bunch of awesome products that can add great value to your courses and take your  Moodle™ site to the next level.

Final outcome?? 

A beautifully transformed Moodle™ site, highly – focused on learner engagement with a stunningly modern interface & navigation. 

Yes! Isn’t this what you’ve been waiting for? And wanted all along – a sleek-looking Moodle™ with great functionality.

This Black Friday-Cyber Monday season, get your hands on the following offers. And make your dream come true!!

Best Moodle™ Plugin Offers for Black Friday 2023

Edwiser Giveaway

On this Black Friday – Cyber Monday occasion, we are give heavy discounts of up to 80% OFF! on Edwiser Bundles, Theme and Plugins.

And that’s not it. 

The best part is, that you are even eligible to win extra discounts during our Black Friday Sale. 

Yes, and that too, over and above our giveaway discounts. Now that’s an offer you can’t refuse! 🙂

Edwiser Bundle

Here’s a superstar offer on our superstar bundle!!

This all-in-one Moodle™ kit packages all your essential plugins and has been our bestselling bundle so far. You can not only simplify your everyday Moodle™ tasks but also ramp up your course-selling business on WordPress. 

Normally, you’d get the complete menu of 10 Edwiser plugins bundled, with dedicated Support for Only $307! 

But Thanks to Black Friday Cyber Monday, it becomes even more cost-effective for you to easily escape your Moodle™ mess and SAVE more than $400.

This is your go-to solution for tackling all your Moodle™ activities like a PRO – including selling your courses around the world. 

Edwiser RemUI Course Creator Suite

If you aren’t much into selling your Moodle™ courses or have no plans to do so yet. 

Simply because you want to focus more on building a more professional  Moodle™ site with easy functionality, fewer settings, and engaging course presentation. 

Well, in that case, the Edwiser RemUI Course Creator Suite is the ideal solution.

This powerful bundle not only gives a great look to your e-learning site but also takes care of your regular  Moodle™ activities all at once.

This BFCM sale, the Edwiser RemUI Course Creator Suite is available at a 30% discount

Edwiser RemUI

This Moodletheme brings your e-learning site to life. 

You can easily simplify the interface and course navigation. And make your Moodle™ site look more modern with Edwiser RemUI.

Over 4k moodlers worldwide have successfully converted their basic-looking Moodle™ into something that can be called every moodler’s dream – a super-professional & fast-loading site.

Also, don’t forget to check out our new RemUI theme layouts. We’ll be releasing the new theme soon and already have a little sneak preview for you. So, do not miss this!!

Edwiser Bridge PRO

Don’t let too many configurations be a hurdle in your course-selling business.

Connecting your Moodle™ to WordPress and setting up an automated e-commerce site for selling your courses demand a lot of time and effort. 

Time to stop hassling and take control of it single-handedly with the Edwiser Bridge PRO.

Another handy bundle to ace your Moodle™ course selling business. 

We mean it when we say you can ace your e-learning business as Edwiser Bridge PRO supports more than 160 popular payment gateways globally. Cuz nobody wants to take the risk of online payment fraud.

This ensures a smooth shopping experience overall and reduces the chances of cart abandonment too. And your payments are SORTED! 🙂

Moreover, Edwiser Bridge PRO gives you multiple course selling options, eases coupon processing handles user management, and much more. 

Looking for the perfect tool to drive more revenue from your Moodle™ courses ?? 

Try out Edwiser Bridge PRO!

Edwiser Forms PRO

Are you facing learner engagement issues on your Moodle™ site? You’d probably need to collect some additional information from your students to understand the situation better. 

First things first – check your forms set up on your Moodle™ site!!! Are they good enough??

If you’re going through a bout of “Messy-Moodle-Form-Creation” syndrome!

Stop right there cuz it’s not worth it. The Edwiser Forms plugin lets you build and embed great-looking forms anywhere on your Moodle™ site, without any code. 

It’s the perfect form-building plugin for Moodle™!

You need to try it to know how quick and efficient it is

Edwiser RapidGrader

Grading quizzes in Moodle™ is far from being simple – You know it, we know it, every Moodler knows it!!

Edwiser RapidGrader helps you with faster and more efficient grading.

No new tab is needed to display every quiz question! Quizzes having a few text-type questions, requiring comparative assessment, can easily be graded in much less time and effort. 

Edwiser RapidGrader offers a fluid interface that displays the answers to one common question, for all students in a flow.

Edwiser Reports PRO

The best way to keep track of your students and learner engagement is to create reports with deeper insights.

If you want to understand your learners’ needs and e-learning patterns better, a good Moodle™ reporting plugin could be a game-changer!

In case you’re not paying attention to your LMS reporting, you probably should. But if you’re not confident enough about how to implement it on your LMS. No worries!

Edwiser Reports can help you to easily get started with Moodle™ reporting. 

You could check out the free version to see how the plugin works. 

Go On and Get Ready!!!

So, there you have it! The complete list of our Black Friday – Cyber Monday Steal-Deals for 2023.

What are you waiting for? Christmas? 😛 

Now go get your hands on our amazing Black Friday offers. Our Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale has begun so keep your eyes peeled for some of the best discounts of 2023!!

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