Edwiser RemUI vs Edumy: Which Theme Has Better Customer Support

Edumy Moodle Theme Vs Edwiser RemUI

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When people are looking for a theme to design their Moodle™ site, customer support is one of the most neglected aspects. We look for design, we look for functionality… but few of us bother to look into the quality of customer support offered by the theme developer. Yet, it’s one of the most important aspects of a Moodle theme and a reason why you may end up wasting a lot of time.

But don’t worry—we’ve got your back! In this article, we’re going to compare the customer support of two popular Moodle themes (i.e., Edwiser RemUI vs Edumy) to find out which one will be easy to fix in case you get stuck somewhere. Let’s find out!

#1. Documentation quality: Edwiser RemUI vs Edumy

While documentation does not technically count as customer support, it’s important to consider it because detailed documentation can help you troubleshoot things on your own, thus eliminating the need for customer support to a large extent. That’s why we decided to dig into the quality of documentation provided by both these themes, and here’s what we found:

Edwiser RemUI

Edwiser RemUI has one of the most detailed and thorough documentation when it comes to Moodle themes. It explains everything related to the theme in a proper manner through screenshots and videos wherever necessary. The information is also organized into various sections throughout the documentation, and there’s also a search bar, making it easy to find the relevant information.


Like Edwiser RemUI, the Edumy theme is also a very well-documented Moodle theme, and that’s not just our opinion but also the opinion of Envato Marketplace where it’s listed (the marketplace has marked it “well-documented”). There are detailed tutorials explaining everything with screenshots and videos in the theme documentation, so whenever you feel stuck somewhere, you can most probably find an answer over there. 


Both Edwiser RemUI and Edumy are very well-documented Moodle themes—no substantial difference between both on this criteria. 

#2. Customer support options offered: Edwiser RemUI vs Edumy

The number of channels or options offered to contact customer support in times of need and how convenient those channels are for a user is another factor that must be considered while evaluating the customer support of a theme. Here’s a brief overview of support options offered by Edwiser RemUI and Edumy and how they compare against each other:

Edwiser RemUI

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Edwiser RemUI customer support form

Edwiser RemUI offers two modes of customer support: either you can submit your query through a form on their contact page, or you can email them directly. In addition to that, they also have a chatbot on their site where you can drop your query, and they respond either instantly or within a few hours. And that’s it as far as support options offered by Edwiser RemUI are concerned!


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Login form of Edumy customer support portal

Edumy theme offers 3 support options to its customers: email, phone, or a form on its website. They also have a Messenger chatbot where anyone can contact them, which is another convenient way to connect with them as almost everybody has a Facebook account. 


In terms of the number of support options offered, Edumy seems slightly better than Edwiser RemUI.

#3. Response time: Edwiser RemUI vs Edumy

Finally, let’s talk about response time, which refers to the time in which you get a response from theme developers after notifying them of your issue. It’s the single most important aspect of customer support because if developers are not going to respond on time, then no amount of customer support channels available is going to be helpful. Let’s find out how Edwiser RemUI and Edumy compare on this criteria:

Edwiser RemUI

The Edwiser RemUI customer support team is very responsive to the needs of their customers. In our evaluation, we talked to dozens of its users, all of whom said that their support queries were answered within a day, with only some exceptions when it took 2 business days to respond. The majority of queries are responded to within a few hours, which is a very good response time for your sensitive customer support requirements. 


Edumy theme also responds to customer support requests, but a look at their user reviews reveals that many times, users have struggled to elicit a response from them. While overall, they have a good rating, there are hundreds of threads in their reviews where customers have complained of not getting a response in time. This obviously doesn’t seem a good thing for any situation where you might be stuck and looking for help while designing your Moodle site. 


Edwiser RemUI has a better track record when it comes to responding quickly to the support queries of its customers. In most cases, they respond within 24 hours. Edumy’s record, on the other hand, is slightly off the mark on this criteria despite its good ratings. 

Final Verdict: Edwiser RemUI vs Edumy

So, after evaluating the customer support of both these themes on the various criteria, let’s conclude what we observed and what it means. Here’s a tabular view of our findings to help with that:

Documentation qualityNo winner
Customer support optionsEdumy
Response timeEdwiser RemUI

Generally speaking, both Edwiser RemUI and Edumy by Cocoon are promising Moodle themes with great customer support options and a decent track record. However, when it comes to response time, things are slightly tilted in favor of Edwiser RemUI. 

Ultimately, which theme you choose is your choice—if you think Edumy supports your needs better, you can go with it, as overall, it’s a great theme with nice reviews. Our goal was to educate you on an important aspect of Moodle themes through this article, which we’ve done. Now it’s your call!



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