How Edwiser Bridge Helps in Increasing Your Moodle™ Course Sales

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There’s no dearth of LMS platforms nowadays. The advancements in technology have led to the development of many innovative platforms for eLearning. However, Moodle™ is still one of the finest choices among all of them for building any kind of eLearning site. Why? Because it’s free of cost, yet it provides ample flexibility to adapt to your growing needs. 

However, even the best things have their own shortcomings, and Moodle is no different. While it’s a fantastic LMS solution, its e-commerce functionality is quite limited. So if you want to offer anything more than basic buying or selling of courses, you can’t do that. Obviously, it’s not a good thing to grow your Moodle course sales

That’s where Edwiser Bridge comes into the picture. Let’s explore how it can help you sell more of your courses by providing all the extra e-commerce features that are missing from Moodle. 

What is Edwiser Bridge?

Edwiser Bridge is a smart WordPress plugin that aims to help you integrate your Moodle site with a WordPress-based site for better e-commerce functionality. Like Moodle is a leader in the LMS space, WordPress is a leader in the CMS and web development space. Its e-commerce extension, WooCommerce, allows the development of a fully functional e-commerce site with all the modern features that one may want. 

Edwiser Bridge

By integrating your Moodle site with WordPress/WooCommerce using Edwiser Bridge, you can get all e-commerce features without the hassles of manually transferring data between two different sites (i.e., your Moodle site and WordPress site). Edwiser Bridge automatically ports your eLearning courses from the Moodle site to the WooCommerce site, and automatically creates a user account for course buyers on your Moodle site so they can access the courses after purchasing them.

How Does Edwiser Bridge Make WooCommerce Integration Easier?

In the absence of the Edwiser Bridge Plugin, you must manually create product pages for each of your courses on your WooCommerce site. This can be a tedious task (especially if you have a large number of courses). The learners would also have to manage two accounts—one on the WordPress site to purchase courses and another on the Moodle site to access their purchased courses. 

The integration of Edwiser Bridge eliminates these requirements. Whenever you publish a new course on your Moodle site, a product page is automatically published for it to the WordPress site as well. Moreover, the students are not required to make separate accounts on WordPress and Moodle sites, as account credentials of one site are synced to another site.

How Can Edwiser Bridge Boost Your Moodle™ Course Sales?

There are many ways how Edwiser Bridge can help you boost the sale of courses on your Moodle site. From providing a better user experience to adding advanced e-commerce features like upselling and cross-selling, the possibilities are endless. Here are the top seven ways how Edwiser Bridge can boost your Moodle course sales

#1. Providing a better course front

When it comes to user experience, WordPress is ahead of Moodle by leaps and bounds simply because it’s a CMS instead of an LMS. There are thousands of themes to provide you with unparalleled choices for designing your course front, which can ultimately improve the user experience (UX) for your learners when they’re looking to purchase your courses. And when the UX is better, it leads to fewer people abandoning the carts and more sales for your courses. 

#2. Connecting several WordPress sites

With the integration of Edwiser Bridge in WordPress, you can connect a single Moodle site to multiple WordPress sites. So if you have multiple WordPress sites related to a niche or sites targeting multiple subcategories within a niche, you can integrate all of them to your Moodle site. This can allow you to sell your courses through multiple channels, thus increasing your sales. 

#3. Multiple Payment Gateways

Moodle supports just one payment gateway—PayPal. If PayPal goes down (which is possible and happens sometimes), there’s no way your learners can purchase Moodle-hosted courses on your eLearning site. 

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WooCommerce, on the other hand, supports dozens of payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal,, Square, and much more. This variety of payment gateways can allow you to accept payments easily and securely while also offering your course buyers the payment methods of their choice. And when they have payment methods of their choice, they’re more likely to complete the transaction and purchase your courses. They’ll also have a backup payment processor in case PayPal doesn’t work. 

#4. Cross-selling of courses

Edwiser Bridge can also help you sell additional courses to the students who have already purchased any particular course. It can suggest the relevant courses to students once they’ve purchased a course. The purpose is to enhance the value of course sales, so the related course suggestions are made right after a learner purchases any course. That’s another way how Edwiser Bridge can help you boost your Moodle course sales.

#5. Bulk selling of courses

In addition to cross-selling, by integrating Edwiser Bridge, you can also sell a particular course in bulk to multiple users at a discounted rate. This can be useful for organizations or entities willing to purchase the courses for their employees/members, thus increasing your average order value. Bulk selling is emerging as a popular way to provide courses for companies, institutes, or universities, so offering this functionality can significantly boost your Moodle course sales

#6. Subscription-based selling of courses

Edwiser Bridge also works perfectly with the subscription features of WooCommerce, thus allowing your learners to purchase Moodle site’s courses on a subscription-based pricing model. When students buy a course on a subscription model, it’s renewed automatically at regular intervals. This saves their time while building a recurring revenue stream for your eLearning business. The students also get automatic alerts on their subscription renewals. 

#7. Course Bundling

Another way Edwiser Bridge can help increase the sales of your eLearning courses is through course bundles. Yes—it allows you to offer courses related to each other in a bundle. To sweeten the deal, you can even offer a discounted price on course bundles as compared to the combined value for the courses sold individually. This can encourage students to buy bundles rather than individual courses, thus boosting your course sales. 


There’s no doubt that WooCommerce has far superior e-commerce functionality than Moodle simply because it has been developed for the job. By integrating your WooCommerce site with Moodle site, Edwiser Bridge allows you to utilize every single e-commerce feature for the growth of your Moodle business. 

The automatic synchronization of data between both sites through Edwiser Bridge not only allows your students to access their courses easily but also helps you save a lot of time. Moreover, with e-commerce features like cross-selling, upselling, and subscription-based selling, it allows you to boost your course sales without any difficulty.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s free to get started, with the Pro variant costing $108 only.

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