How Customer Support for Moodle Plugins and Themes Can Impact Your Business

How Customer Support for Moodle Plugins and Themes Can Impact Your Business

Customer support is one of the most neglected things regarding Moodle themes and plugins. While buying a plugin or a theme for our Moodle site, most of us put too much emphasis on the features and appearance but little to no impetus on the quality of customer support offered by the theme or plugin developer. All of us have either been guilty of this or still are!

However, this oft-ignored aspect of Moodle plugins and themes can leave a significant impact on the growth of your Moodle business. How? That’s what we’re going to explore in this article. Let’s check!

8 Ways How Customer Support of Moodle Plugins and Themes Can Impact Your Business

There are several ways in which high-quality customer support for your Moodle theme and plugin can make life easier for you and your learners. However, we’ll take a look at 8 major ones among them. Here they are:

#1. Bug fixes

In case you don’t know, bugs are issues with the code of a theme or plugin that can’t be resolved until the code is altered. If your Moodle theme or plugin developers provide robust customer support, their development team can quickly spot and fix any bugs that you encounter in their products. Responsive customer service is important to notify the developers of any bugs quickly so the development teams can try to fix them as soon as possible to provide a great customer experience. 

#2. Fixing technical issues

Tehcnical error

What’s true for fixing bugs is also true for fixing technical issues other than bugs that are specific to your individual case instead of theme/plugin code. If the customer support team behind your Moodle theme or plugin is responsive, they’ll help you ascertain the cause of a technical issue that you or your users may be facing while working with it. They can then suggest a solution to fix the issue or fix it on your behalf if it’s not in your capacity to implement the required steps. 

#3. Time spent on site management

Running into technical issues or bugs and not finding any solution for them from theme/plugin developers often leads to a lot of time being wasted in fixing them. But when theme developers or a customer support team is available at your disposal to assist in such situations, it can help you save a good part of that time. The time that would have been wasted in looking for bug fixes or solutions to technical issues can be deployed elsewhere to improve your Moodle business and grow it further. 

#4. Reliability of features

When issues with your theme or plugin are fixed in time, the features you offer as part of your eLearning site become instantly more reliable. If users face any issues with the features on your site, you know that they’ll be fixed in time. This makes you offer the relevant features with confidence to all your students at any point in time. 

#5. Cybersecurity

Security of Moodle Business


Cyberattacks are a major nuisance for any online business, and eLearning businesses are no different. Most cyberattacks are executed by exploiting some sort of vulnerability in the code of a website, so responsive customer service is important to help you deal with that challenge, too. Great customer support teams respond quickly to the discovery of any security vulnerability in their Moodle plugins or themes and help you fix them on your site through an update. That can improve your Moodle business’ security and make it more resilient to cyberattacks. 

#6. Site downtime

When your site is free from bugs and security vulnerabilities and has a team available to assist in situations of technical issues, it will lead to reduced downtime. First of all, you won’t face any major issues with themes and plugins that offer high-quality customer support, but even if you do, the site downtime will be lower because of the support team’s agility and responsiveness. 

#7. Site customization capability

If you know that there’s a support team with your back, you can be more free with the customization of your site and its features. You can edit code files or integrate other Moodle plugins without being too concerned because you’ll know that if something breaks down, someone will help you fix it. This can help you differentiate your Moodle site from your competitors. 

#8. Overall learning experience and revenue

Ultimately, all the abovementioned effects can lead to an improved learning experience and higher revenue from your eLearning business. The increased earnings can then be reinvested into your Moodle business to grow it further, thus generating even more revenue and profit. 

Don’t Let Customer Support Become A Hindrance in Your Growth…

importance of customer service

The importance of great customer support can’t be underestimated for anything, and products designed for eLearning businesses are no different. Whether it’s the theme installed on your Moodle site or the plugins, you’ll encounter far fewer issues, and everything will be resolved much faster if the customer support offered by developers is great. 

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Therefore, you should always pay attention to the reliability of developers and their track record in providing customer support before buying a Moodle theme or plugin. This will save you from a lot of headaches later on and allow you to maximize your revenue. 


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