Announcing Dark Mode To Further Improve the Learning Experience in Edwiser RemUI

The user experience (UX) of an eLearning site plays a huge role in affecting how much your students can learn from it. Sites with bugs, performance issues, or uninviting UX significantly reduce a learner’s desire and ability to learn from it. At Edwiser, we’ve always known this from firsthand experience. That’s why we created the Edwiser RemUI Theme and numerous other extensions (i.e. Edwiser Bridge, Edwiser Course Formats, etc.) to provide the best possible eLearning experience on Moodle-based sites. 

In line with that commitment, today we announce the addition of another new feature to improve the Edwiser RemUI front-end experience: Dark Mode.

The feature can allow students to spend more time learning from their favorite courses on your site by switching to a dark-themed UX. It’s super easy to use with a simple toggle button, and it can come in handy to reduce strain on a learner’s eyes during extended periods of learning. Other situations where it can be useful include learning during night-time or in environments with poor lighting conditions. 

In addition to that, users who simply prefer darker skins and backgrounds over traditional white ones will also find it appealing. The bottom line is that it can improve the eLearning experience of your Moodle and Edwiser RemUI-powered site in multiple ways. 

The feature requires no additional setup as it comes directly integrated with Edwiser RemUI. You just install the theme on your site (or update it if it’s installed already) and your students can start using it right away. The toggle switch to turn it on or off is shown in the site header. 

So what are you waiting for? Install the latest Edwiser RemUI theme today and see your user engagement shoot up.