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Manage Online Course Enrollments Better with Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase Plugin

Integrations like Edwiser Bridge make it possible for a user to get an integrated e-commerce experience on their Moodle site. What makes it even better is the added functionality provided by its extensions like the Bulk Purchase plugin

This plugin empowers you to purchase more than one Moodle course at the same time. In addition to that, it also helps you manage course enrollments on WordPress effortlessly

With everything that the Bulk Purchase plugin offers, it ensures a seamless e-commerce experience, while touching base with e-learning, Moodle specifically, as well.

Note: To ensure an even better and a complete Moodle e-commerce experience, this plugin is now a part of an all-in-one e-commerce solution – Edwiser Bridge PRO 

What’s New with Bulk Purchase

The latest update of Edwiser Bridge Bulk purchase plugin adds even more value in addition to the above-mentioned points. 

Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase v2.1.0 comes with the following upgrades – 

#1 Process Refunds Easily 

We know, and I’m sure you will agree to it, that money is a precious thing.

Now there are cases where a user purchase courses in bulk, but for some reason wants a refund. In such scenarios, money is obviously a point of concern. In addition to that, the admins also need to take care of the seat allocation accordingly. 

The latest update of Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase takes care of this for you. In this update, we have introduced Partial and Full Refund functionalities. 

Partial Refund is useful in scenarios, where for example, you have 10 seats, however, only 4 students get enrolled. The remaining 6 seats can then be refunded with the Partial Refund functionality. 

Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase - Partial Refund

Similarly, the Full Refund functionality refunds the full amount to the concerned users. In addition to that, all enrolled users are removed from the group, and the group is deleted. Doing so ensures the full refund and the cancellations are always in sync. 

Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase - Full Refund

#2 Inform Users of Successful Refund 

If there’s anything as significant as a refund, if not more, is getting notified about it. 

Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase v2.1.0 ensures you can now set up refund emails that will be sent to the user for whom the refund is processed. 

Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase - Refund Confirmation

#3 Manage Void Enrollments Better

Consider a scenario where a group manager removes users from a specific group, the same number of vacancies get created. 

Now in cases where the group manager would want to fill up these seats, he can do so now, with the newly added feature “Reuse Quantity” functionality, if enabled by the admin. 

This way, the group manager can reuse the vacant seats for other students. 

Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase - Manage Void Enrollments Better

#4 Notify Yourself of Deleted Group

In cases where you would need to delete the group, this update introduces a functionality of email notification.

As soon as you delete a group, you’ll be sent a notification on your email, about the same. 

Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase - Group Deleted Notification

#5 Remove Users from a Group

You can now delete a specific user from the group itself. 

Is that All? 

A No, for sure. Edwiser is always about giving you more than you thought. 

With this update, we have added some more exciting features for you. 

When a person purchases products, he can directly create a ‘Group’ in the ‘Checkout Page’ itself. In case you would like to change the group name later, you can do so easily as well. 

In addition to that, we also realized how tough it is at times, to find a specific product when there are a lot of products on your site. So in this update, we have introduced a ‘Product Search’ box using which you can easily search for products, and enroll your students.

If all this wasn’t enough, this update will also enable you to enroll multiple users by importing a .csv file. 

Can’t wait to try out the all-new and awesome features? Upgrade to Edwiser Bridge PRO right away!

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