How to sell variable products in your digital course store

How to Sell Variable Products Effectively in your e-commerce Course store with Edwiser Bridge and WooCommerce

We all know that Moodle is a great platform for running your e-learning courses. But when it comes to monetizing them, there can be no better solution than WordPress, given that it has a plethora of plugins to simplify, automate, and expedite a huge number of complex activities. One such plugin is Edwiser Bridge. 

How Edwiser Bridge Can Help?

Edwiser Bridge is a Moodle-WordPress (WooCommerce) integration plugin. It effortlessly connects your Moodle site with WordPress and enables seamless selling of your Moodle courses on a full-fledged WooCommerce powered digital course store. 

But, what if you want to sell a bundle of multiple course copies all at once and also enroll multiple users? 

This brings us to one of the Edwiser Bridge extensions – the Bulk Purchase plugin, now a part of Edwiser Bridge PRO.

For starters, this plugin lets you buy more than one Moodle course through WooCommerce in one go. Be it selling multiple copies of the same course or bulk selling a package of multiple different courses – this add-on does it all without any hassles.

However, there’s more to this! So, without further ado, let’s dive straight in

Ways to Increase Course Sales

If you’re running an e-commerce shopfront of your e-learning courses powered by WooCommerce, you might be already aware that your product can be sold as four different product types

  • Simple Product
  • Variable Product
  • Grouped Product
  • External Product

In this article, we bring to you another awesome update that will further expand the abilities of your e-commerce course store.

Before you tell you more about the update, let’s understand how a variable product works.

How does a variable product work?

If you set a Woocommerce Product type as – Variable Product, you can set variations to how that product could be sold. For instance, there’s a product with three different variations that include a 3-month course, a 6-month course, and a 12-month course.

Now, setting the same price for all the courses would not be fair as each course duration is different. The longer duration courses possibly offer more content and material inside it. 

With the Variable product extension, we can set different prices to those course variations. Meaning, the primary product ‘ABC’ remains the same but the variations (3,6,12 months) will be priced differently. Whenever the user chooses the 3-month course, a price will be displayed accordingly (say 10 USD). If he chooses the 12-month course, the price will automatically change and will be displayed (say 30 USD). The admin can set these prices.

Similarly, discounts offered by you can be varied too. The user buys the 12-month course which costs USD 30 but the admin has set a discounted price to it of USD 25. This discounted price will be displayed to the users.

Benefits of having variable products

It makes sense to create variations of your products in your e-commerce store of courses. 

Here’s why in a nutshell

  • Provides flexibility with multiple buying options for the same product in one place
  • Simpflies the process of finding products
  • Eases comparison of different offerings available for the same product
  • Customers find variations appealing as they have a strong desire for more options
  • Improves the overall customer experience

With your Moodle and WordPress held together firmly by Edwiser Bridge, this extension can help you maximize your product sales and take your sales game to the next level. 

With complete compatibility of Edwiser Bridge Bulk purchase with the WooCommerce Variable Product extension, you can get rid of tedious and complex course selling processes. This also makes the lives of your users a bit easier as they get a wide range of options to choose from. They can purchase multiple copies of the same course or they can buy a bunch of different courses as per their needs.

To add to this, things have got even better with the Variable Product extension where your users get the freedom to browse through different variations of the same product without being overwhelmed. The aim is to encourage product purchases that carefully satisfy individual preferences. Users having a better understanding of their options can make better purchase decisions, even the complex ones as well. This extension intends to achieve exactly this. 

Once you have your Moodle-WordPress integrated and synchronized by Edwiser Bridge and a full-fledged digital WooCommerce-based course e-store up and running, you can provide your users with a better and a more targeted choosing product experience

In Closing

Customer satisfaction is everything. There’s no one size fits all solution as every customer is unique and has a unique set of requirements. It is important to understand that no two customers see things the same. Therefore, offering them a choice to choose from various versions of a single product helps us cater to their preferences. This can prove really instrumental in gaining customer loyalty too. 

Try out the extension right away by upgrading to the premium version of Edwiser Bridge, check out Edwiser Bridge PRO

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