Creating Forms in Moodle

Creating Forms in Moodle – Database Activity vs Edwiser Forms

Moodle, as an LMS, has been designed in an extremely comprehensive manner.

It comes packed with anything and everything that you would need, for a complete e-learning website. 

One such feature that Moodle provides is the database activity. Let’s briefly look at what this activity is, and what it has to offer.

What is the Database Activity? 

The Database activity is essentially an activity that lets you add, modify, view and search entries.

What’s a major plus of the database activity is that there is no such restriction on the format of entries. The format of these entries covers an almost unlimited range, be it images, files, URLs, numbers, and text amongst other things. 

The Database activity is an all-inclusive activity, letting teachers, as well as students, post entries. You can decide who can post entries to the database directly, and if students need approval before their entries go live. You can also decide if students can modify their entries once approved, and so on. 

How does it fare against Edwiser Forms?

Edwiser Forms is a forms solution for Moodle, designed keeping admins as well as teachers in mind.

Using Edwiser Forms, you can create a range of forms, be it for whatever purpose in Moodle. The ready-to-use form templates and the auto-filled user fields only add more value to the user experience. 

In what ways is it similar to the Database activity? 

You can use both the database activity & Edwiser Forms to create a database of students, with multiple user fields. Once recorded, you can then use this data for a wide variety of purposes. 

However, when we talk about a dedicated forms solution for Moodle, Edwiser Forms is the more preferred choice. 

What makes me say that? Let’s quickly skim through the comparison of Database Activity & Edwiser Forms below!

Database Activity vs Edwiser Forms

Designing & User Convenience

  • Database Activity – It doesn’t offer a user the scope of designing the forms. Also when it comes to user convenience, it is a time-consuming and tiring process to create even the simplest of forms.
  • Edwiser Forms – Edwiser Forms comes with amazing form designs, also letting you edit the background, and choosing a picture of your choice. Further, you can easily create forms using the Drag & Drop functionality of Edwiser Forms.

Data Collection

  • Database Activity – Database Activity collects data in a paginated form. This involves a lot of scrolling to view the entries.
  • Edwiser Forms – Edwiser Forms collects your data in a tabular form, with an added option to export the data in .csv format (future plans to include exporting in excel format as well).

Fields & Design

  • Database Activity – You first need to add the fields, and then set the manner in which the fields will be displayed to the end-user.
  • Edwiser Forms – With Edwiser Forms, you can directly drag & drop the fields that you need. Edwiser Forms also comes with ready-to-use form templates (designs). 

Scope of Use

  • Database Activity – The Database Activity can be used only inside the courses.
  • Edwiser Forms – You can use and embed forms created using Edwiser Forms anywhere on your Moodle site, be it inside your course, or be it on your site home.

Custom Fields & Auto-Fill User Data

  • Database Activity – This activity doesn’t come with any custom fields. Also, User data can’t be auto-filled with Database Activity. 
  • Edwiser Forms – Edwiser Forms offers you the scope of having auto-filled form fields. Edwiser Forms lets you add custom and advanced fields like First name, Last name, Country, etc to your form.

Rating Entries

  • Database Activity – The database activity lets users give ratings to each other’s entries.
  • Edwiser Forms – Edwiser Forms doesn’t come with the scope of rating user entries. 

Too much for you to take away, at one time? You can right-click on the image below, and save it for your reference.


So, Who’s the Winner?

On one hand, the database activity module gives a user the freedom to add various types of entries, but it also lags behind when it comes to user convenience.

In contrast, Edwiser Forms comes as a sigh of relief for admins & teachers, looking for an easy and quick way of creating forms in Moodle.

Edwiser Forms does miss out on the facility to rate entries like database activity. However, the added value it provides in terms of convenience and speed makes it a more comprehensive solution for your Moodle. 

What are your thoughts on how Edwiser Forms fares against Database activity? Or do you have anything to share? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂 

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