Edwiser Bridge Now with Seamless Two-way Sync

Edwiser Bridge Now with Seamless Two-way Sync

Edwiser Bridge, as an integration solution, goes a long way in integrating your Moodle & WordPress sites. This plugin provides an easy way to import Moodle courses to WordPress and Sell Moodle Courses using PayPal.

Using this plugin, you can also ensure automatic registration of WordPress users on the Moodle website along with single login credentials for both the systems.

Edwiser Bridge also opens up the scope of an automated e-commerce solution for your Moodle site. From simultaneous login to Moodle & WordPress to selectively syncing your Moodle courses to WordPress, this e-commerce solution has you covered.

What’s New in Edwiser Bridge?

Your go-to WordPress-Moodle integration solution, Edwiser Bridge is now bigger and better, all thanks to a recent update.

Presenting Edwiser Bridge v1.4.0.

But what’s so special about this update? What makes this update standout for you?

Let me quickly take you through how Edwiser Bridge has been tweaked to further enhance and simplify your course syncing and selling experience across WordPress & Moodle.

#1 Synced Enrollment & Unenrollment

When you manually enroll users in Moodle, Edwiser Bridge automatically enrolls these users in the course on the WordPress site as well. Similarly, if you unenroll a particular user from a course on the Moodle site, Edwiser Bridge will automatically unenroll the user from the course on WordPress site as well. The same process happens vice-versa as well, that is, if you manually enroll/unenroll users in WordPress.

#2 Synced User Creation & Deletion

When you create a user account on the Moodle site, Edwiser Bridge creates the same user account on the WordPress site as well. Likewise, if you delete a user from the Moodle site, Edwiser Bridge deletes the corresponding user account on the WordPress end. The same process happens vice-versa as well, that is, if you create/delete users in WordPress.

#3 Setting Default User Role

You can now set default user role for the newly created users if they are created from Edwiser Bridge user-account page or through any of its functionality.

#4 Refunds Made Easier

You can give refunds to your students/clients easily from the Orders section under Edwiser Bridge. You can also make sure that, as an admin, people other than you are notified whenever a refund is given.

Whenever a refund is processed, the student or client will be notified by email. As an admin, you can customize the email template that is sent to a student/client.

#5 Notification for Enrollment and Unenrollment

We have added two new templates for enrollment and unenrollment. Using these templates, you can now notify users whenever they’re enrolled/unenrolled to/from courses on Moodle.

#6 Notification for User Account Deletion

Using User Account Deletion template, you can now notify users whenever their account is deleted in Moodle.

#7 Course Completion & Progress Tracking

Your students can view their course progress on the Edwiser Bridge – My Courses page.

This helps your students keep track of their progress in a course from WordPress itself, without logging into Moodle. They can do so with the help of a progress bar which depicts their progress in the course.

Summing Up

With more than 3000 happy patrons, Edwiser Bridge is by far the most simple and efficient way of integrating your Moodle & WordPress sites. And with this update, it has been made a lot easier. Other than letting you Sell Moodle Courses via WordPress using PayPal, Edwiser Bridge also lets you enroll/unenroll users across WordPress & Moodle ends, at the same time.

How to Update?

1. Install and Update Edwiser Bridge – WordPress plugin (either from WordPress.org or your admin dashboard).
2. Install Moodle plugin for Edwiser Bridge from here in local.
3. Go through Moodle Website Configuration section & Two-Way Synchronization section in Edwiser Bridge documentation. And reconfigure Edwiser Bridge Moodle plugin on your Moodle site.

Not tried out Edwiser Bridge yet?

With so much packed in a single plugin, Edwiser Bridge could be the WordPress-Moodle integration & e-commerce solution that your Moodle needs.

So why wait! Sign Up for the Edwiser Bridge experience today, and start to Sell Moodle Courses for Free!

Get Edwiser Bridge Now!

7 thoughts on “Edwiser Bridge Now with Seamless Two-way Sync”

  1. Avatar of Dave Newgass

    Sounds like this plugin keeps getting better and better! If we create a user and password in WordPress, can they log directly into Moodle using the same username and password and vice-versa?

    1. Avatar of Adarsh Singh

      Thanks, Dave! We do try and consistently bring in updates for Edwiser Bridge, to make sure it offers a seamless WordPress-Moodle integration experience.

      You will need to use Edwiser Bridge’s user account page so that when users register to the WordPress site they are automatically created in the Moodle site. They will have same username and password at WordPress and Moodle site.


    Hello there!
    Is there any action hook when a Course is set as completed?


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