Set up your Online Course Selling Platform in Minutes – Moodle™ ecommerce made FASTER

Set up your Online Course Selling Platform in Minutes - Moodle™ ecommerce made FASTER

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Your Moodle™ courses are running strong and on top of that, your student base loves them. They are proactively engaged with them and happy to learn. What more can you possibly ask for? Happy students, happy teacher!

Well, it depends on you and your elearning goals!

Moodle™ ecommerce: Making Money off your Top Moodle™ Courses

But if you ask me, you can be happier 🙂 Why not take this up a notch higher by selling your best-performing or popular courses? 

Trust me it’s an attractive and sustainable source of income! Another benefit – it’s highly profitable to you and super-valuable for your customers. Also, expanding the reach of your Moodle™ courses to bigger training institutions and earning repeat business is quite a lucrative option. 

But..we have a problem here!!!

The problem with using Moodle™ for ecommerce

There is one hitch though that a fair chunk of Moodle™ users run into – The knack for selling your Moodle™ courses online. You need to know how to do it the right way. 

Because let’s face it, Moodle™ isn’t quite flexible when setting up an e-learning business or an e-commerce store of courses. So, first things first – you turn to WordPress and WooCommerce to sell your courses. This is a no-brainer since these two epic platforms are loaded with a great many benefits

Congratulations, you’ve won half the battle! 

But the execution process right from integrating Moodle™ and WordPress/WooCommerce to actually establishing a fully automated e-commerce store of your Moodle™ courses is far from over.

Don’t worry and throw that little can of worms in our direction!!

Here’s Edwiser Bridge to your rescue, out with its latest update – The Edwiser Bridge Setup Wizard

Moodle™ ecommerce Store Setup is easier and faster now 

With the NEW Edwiser Bridge Setup Wizard, you can now integrate WordPress and Moodle™ to set up your Moodle™ ecommerce site for selling courses in just 15 mins.⏰

This is a significant improvement as the wizard cuts down the setup time by almost an hour. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend hours reading that documentation – No extensive setup videos to watch either. 

Time saved is money earned, they say! They are right 🙂 This update is going to take you closer to your money-making goal sooner. And will also help you ditch the headache of tedious e-commerce store configuration. 

Say Goodbye to run-of-the-mill setups

To give you some background, the configuration process earlier took around 1-1:30 hrs. And if you were stuck at any point, you were required to wait until our team responded with help or you opted for your own developer assistance in the end. 

Well now, it doesn’t matter what your degree of Moodle™ expertise is! And no more waiting too. 

Thanks to the Edwiser Bridge Setup Wizard, anyone can single-handedly complete the entire configuration. The wizard “magically” handholds you through it in the most user-friendly way. 

And that’s not it! You don’t even have to be a PRO WordPress and Moodle™ user to use the Setup Wizard. No discrimination – We have taken care of this for all our users, both free and premium! 

TL;DR?? Here are the benefits of using the Setup Wizard, in a nutshell:

  • Quickly establish your Moodle™ course selling site in 15 mins
  • Available to both free and pro users
  • Easily saves 1 to 1.5 hours 
  • Eliminates the headache of going through documentation or watching setup videos
  • No going back and forth between tabs for help – just follow the wizard ?


So, try out the Edwiser Bridge Setup Wizard today! Set up your Moodle™ ecommerce store and see the payoff yourself. We’ve made sure the steps are easy to understand, and all the required information is included in one place.

We are with you at all times during the configuration, where we assist you with every step in the way from installation, integration, enabling mandatory settings, and synchronizing courses to finally setting up your dream Moodle™ e-commerce store of courses. 

Sounds interesting? Don’t forget to check out Edwiser Bridge and setup everything using the WIZARD ?. See the difference for yourself!

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