With Edwiser bundle, you get Edwiser Bridge extensions (WooCommerce Integration for $61, Single Sign On for $61, Selective Synchronization for $61, Bulk purchase for $61) adding up to $244 worth of extensions for only $108.


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Use the power of WooCommerce to sell your Moodle courses from a WooCommerce store with the WooCommerce Integration Extension for Edwiser Bridge.


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The Single Sign On extension for Edwiser Bridge facilitates simultaneous login to your WordPress LMS and Moodle by entering login credentials only once.


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Selectively synchronize Moodle courses or courses belonging to a particular category using the Selective Synchronization extension for Edwiser Bridge.


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The Bulk Purchase plugin lets you buy more than one Moodle course through WooCommerce at one go and enroll each student of your class.

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