The Curtain Unveils, finally- Presenting RemUI 3.4!


remui 3.4

We know very well that when Moodle updates, the most favoured theme for Moodle can not be far behind. Yes, RemUI 3.4 has been launched with exciting new features that you won’t be able to resist!

To begin with:

What’s Fixed?

Reduced Load Time

With a cleaner and robust code, the page load time with RemUI 3.4 has reduced by a great percent. Happy learning to all- no more frustrated students!

Bugs, bugs, bugs

  • Moodle 3.4 changed the calendar template, sidebar visibility and User Enrollment link- RemUI 3.4 has made the respective changes for you to sail smoothly with us.
  • The description of a course was earlier limited to 300 characters; this limitation has been removed.
  • The margin problem with the “Level Up” plugin has been fixed for good.

What’s Improved?

Course Archive Page

The new Course Archive page has a “Sort” option that lets you list courses in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order.

sort courses grid list view


‘Sort’ option and courses displayed in tile mode

What’s more? You can toggle between ‘List view’ and ‘Grid view’ and add courses directly with the new “Add a New Course” button on the archive page.

add new course button


‘Add a new course’ button on archive page

My Courses Page

All the course displays on the My Courses page now have a clickable image.



Tile layout in my courses page


Dashboard Improvements

The sleek new slider will blow your mind away with coloured text boxes, progress shown in angular percent circles and a focused view when you hover on it.

improved dashboard 1


Improved Dashboard page


Saving the best for the last:

What’s New?


RemUI 3.4 is completely compatible with Moodle 3.4

Teacher-Centric Dashboard

RemUI specializes in making user-centric dashboard to make the user experience simpler by a hundred times.

Following the Student-Centric dashboard introduced in RemUI 3.3, we are now introducing the Teacher-Centric dashboard with RemUI 3.4!

Course Progress

See every course with an in-depth information on the enrolled students and their individual progress in that course.

overall course progress

Overall Course progress block


Quick Message and Last Access Information

A tiny message icon will let you quickly message an enrollee if you see an alarming fact about their progress status or if you just want to notify them about something. The new dashboard shows the date on which the enrolled student last accessed that course.

in depth course progress


Wait No More!

We have so many exciting features to look forward to… hit the download button and see for yourself!

~Download RemUI 3.4~


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4 thoughts on “The Curtain Unveils, finally- Presenting RemUI 3.4!”

    1. Avatar of Rucha Gotarkar

      Erwin, you can not use RemUI 3.4 for Moodle 3.3x because it is only compatible with Moodle 3.4. However, RemUI 3.3.4 has the same features as RemUI 3.4, so you can update to RemUI 3.3.4 using ‘My Account’ login details!

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