7 Ways to be Smarter while Choosing a Hosting Service


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Have you made up your mind about getting a shared hosting service for your website? Are you still kind of sceptical about its drawbacks?

Well then, read How You can be Smart while Choosing a Hosting Service!




#1 Do not make an uninformed decision

Always read reviews before fixing on a shared hosting service.

You can depend on what experts in the domain have to say, question previous users of the service and check testimonials on the site. If you make a rash decision based on the website or lucrative offers, then you might stepping blindly into a risky deal.

#2 Beware of ‘Free’ Hosts

Check out the terms and conditions thoroughly before ticking on “I Agree”.

The problem with free hosts is, it is slightly hard to trust. You may get caught in a web of slow loading pages, bad service, endless advertising pop-ups and poor SEO value.

#3 Avoid Nasty Surprises

Carefully read what exactly your service claims to provide.

If they are promising things like “Unlimited Data Storage”, do not fall right into the trap. The offer seems lucrative but the truth may be another picture altogether. Read user comments, disclaimers and find out the service’s limitations if possible.

#4 Know Your Requirements

Analysing your website requirements well beforehand is highly advised.

Jot down how much server space and bandwidth you are going to require for the website. If your site is going to generate heavy traffic, RAM is an important factor to keep in mind. Based on this knowledge you can dedicatedly look for a hosting service that fits the bill perfectly.

#5 Customer Service

Make sure all the communication lines are open and available for use.

You should try to contact the host providers via different lines of communication with queries and see if their response satisfies your doubts. Lest something go wrong with your site, you need to make sure that the customer service will be available to resolve your issues.

#6 Be Acquainted with all the Policies

Never overlook what the policy document says.

For a situation where you are dissatisfied with the hosting service, make sure there is a refund policy that you can fall back on. If you are thorough with the policy document you can avoid any latent costs that you were not made aware of before buying.

#7 Believe in Comparison

Research, make notes and compare.

One hosting provider won’t necessarily be the solution to all your needs. Study all the services and plans within a specific range and contact the one with maximum ‘yes’s. If it does not turn out well, approach the second best option as the backup. This way, you will not be clueless if plan-A fails.

Do you feel confident, now that you have learnt how to make a well-informed decision? 

For any queries about shared hosting, VPS or dedicated hosting, use the comments section below. Our experts will talk directly to you!

Thank-you, for being a patient reader.

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